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Ron Kitchen switches District 2014

Dennis Damato, Ron Kitchen and Renee Mcpheeters for a District 1 Primary Election in the past, Damato won and Ron tried another District in 2014.

Having lost the primary election against Dennis Damato, Ron Kitchen changed locations and tried again in 2014 winning the County Commission District 2 seat and now being up for reelection he finds himself challenge by 3 Republicans with just 7 days to go before the Primary Election Aug 28, 2018.

Ron Kitchen decides to let the other 3 Republican Candidates compete among themselves being confident in the outcome of the Primary election without meaningful effort yet some voters feel compelled to send us information about Ron Kitchen’s  history in Citrus County and whether he can be trusted not to leave Citrus overburden and debt ridden, as the Commissioner’s  Dennis Damato, Elizabeth Bays,  Joe Meeks and JJ Kelly did! In the following days leading to the Primary Election, Aug 28, EyeOnCitrus.Com will be adding a new item each day for your contemplation, a informed voter is a wise voter and remember power corrupts and absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY!

Below is the summary Notice of Sale for Citrus County, FL Water and Wastewater System Revenue and Revenue Refunding Bonds and as you can see it’s a “Refunding Bonds”, Series comparable to refinancing your home.  This was in 2016 and doesn’t take into account the Commissioners buying a water utility plant from SWIFTMUD, a utility that Citrus County, Sugarmill Woods residents were already using. Now with plans on putting the entire county on public water and sewer and uniform billing of all the water utilities (the elite locations, (Black Diamond and others), the middle class subdivisions (Sugarmill Woods and others) and low income areas, such as Homosassa will all have uniform billing which fundamentally means, once again the middle class and the poor will be subsidizing the elite by reducing their water bill totals while everybody else’s go up!


1-5-27-16-Citrus Bond Sale

An Ad-Hoc Committee of the Sugarmill Woods Civic Association article from the Chronicle:

click here for the .PDF version

4-SMW Incorporation


Click here for .PDF version

As of Aug 8 2018

3-USGS-2018-Water Levels

Supreme Court prolongs Georgia-Florida water dispute

Jun 27, 2018 – ATLANTA – The U.S. Supreme Court has sent a water dispute pitting Georgia against Florida back for “further findings” over whether a water cap on Georgia’s consumption could significantly help Florida. The 5-to-4 decision is a setback for Georgia officials who had hoped the high court would agree with a special master’s view last year that Florida had not proven its case. “We’re preparing for additional litigation, unfortunately,” Richard Dunn, who heads the state’s Environmental Protection Division, told members of the Department of Natural Resources Board shortly after the opinion was released Wednesday morning.

Dunn noted the court did not rule on the merits of the case. The division’s attorney, Laura Williams, also noted that the court’s dissent is nearly as lengthy as the majority’s opinion. As of midday, state officials, environmentalists and others continued to pore over the 79-page document to understand the meaning of the decision. Gov. Nathan Deal said in a statement that he remained optimistic in spite of the court’s decision. “Though the Court remanded this case back to the special master following a five-week trial, during which the ineffectiveness of draconian caps placed on Georgia’s water use as a solution was demonstrated, I remain confident in the state’s legal position,” Deal said.

Florida officials have argued that Georgia’s use of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin has gone unchecked, preventing enough water from flowing south to the Apalachicola Bay and nearly wiping out Florida’s once-thriving oyster industry. The Sunshine State wants the court to impose a water cap on its neighbor’s water consumption, something Georgia’s agricultural industry claimed would hurt farmers who rely on the Flint River in southwest Georgia to irrigate their crops.

The court had appointed a special master, Ralph Lancaster, to make recommendations in the case. Lancaster concluded last year that while Georgia’s water consumption – particularly its agricultural water usage – was “largely unrestrained,” Florida had not proven that a cap would help anything. It was widely believed that the court could have done one of three things: Agree with Lancaster’s findings and rule in Georgia’s favor; reject the recommendations and impose a cap on Georgia’s water consumption; or send the case back to the special master for further study. In a close decision, the court chose the latter. “Today’s decision illustrates just how complicated these interstate water battles can be, particularly when there are key decision-makers missing from the table,” said Gil Rogers, director of the Southern Environmental Law Center’s Georgia and Alabama offices. “By allowing for additional time to brief the issues, we hope this will provide an opportunity to forge a better, long-term solution for the river system overall,” Rogers said.

August 18, 2018                                             OP-ED



. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a child sitting in a Sugarmill Woods sand box.

. Imagine playing in your sand box, and Ronnie, the new kid from Crystal River, and

            Ronnie’s four cousins and girlfriend Jeri Swift, watch as you shovel sand into a pail.

. Ronnie kicks your sand pail, scattering the sand all over, and everyone jumps for joy!





. Since the Honorable Ronald Kitchen was elected Citrus County Commissioner for the Sugarmill Woods (SW) District … five Commissioners either lives, had lived, works, had worked, have ties, or had ties to Crystal River.

. Since Mr. Kitchen was elected, a Crystal River Mayor (i) for eight years, it is a matter of public record that SW homeowners were bullied into giving up their equity interests in their water and sewer plants, and street pipes and pumps in the ‘Greenbelt’, to lower the water and sewer bills for other Citrus County users.

. Since Mr. Kitchen was elected, unlike the folks living in Crystal River, it is public knowledge that SW residents paid egregiously high water and sewer bills that we allege, were raised 3 years in a row to pay greater dividends to investors around the world.

. Since Mr. Kitchen was elected, 95% of whose 2014 campaign dollars came from SW outsiders, and 70% from Crystal River and Inverness, the Swiftmud and Chronicle storytellers accelerated spreading the excessive Sugarmill Woods water usage fairytale.

. Since Mr. Kitchen was elected, a Crystal River dominated BOCC said nothing, and did nothing to stop investors and bankers from amassing profits off the backs of Citrus County’s residents … coerced into paying for the Levy County phantom power plant, the incompetently repaired, then self-demolished Crystal River nuclear power plant, and the new Crystal River gas plant … at little cost to the shareholders.


Sugarmill Woods … Incorporate … End Crystal River’s Reign Of Terror!

/s/ George E. Borchers

George E. Borchers

17 Balsam Street, Homosassa, FL 34446

T: 352-287-6458; E: FMOC@tampabay.rr.com


(i) Mr. Kitchen and Mr. Carnahan can be labeled ‘Carpetbaggers’ … they are political candidates who sought election in an area where they had no local connections.

  1. […] With voters contacting EyeOnCitrus.Com with various complaints and concerns regarding the incumbent Ron Kitchen and what they see as possible ill advised moves as he and the other commissioners steer the county’s future! We have put up a dedicated page for the process of revelation: The Ron Kitchen Chronicles […]

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