Malaysian Flight 370 and Air Traffic Control audio released tampered with.. click here

The recently released audio recording of the communication between Malaysian Flight 370 and Air Traffic Control has been determined to have been edited, for what reasons, remains unclear at this point. The NSA has refused requests for the release of all its information on this missing aircraft under the Freedom of Information Act per executive order. Sources, as yet to be confirmed, have stated that a U.S. operation is under way in Yeman with the possibility that it may have to do with this missing aircraft. Listen to the tampered audio recording in the YouTube video below!

Click here for the analysis of the tampered audio recording……

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UFO over the skies of London CLICK HERE!

UFO over the city of London England June 13 2013  EYEONCITRUS.COM

While the YouTube channel of Russia Today was filming  a segment of their Keiser Report on the state of the economy in the city of London on June 12, 2013, a UFO suddenly crossed the sky behind and above one of the reporters at such a speed that most did not see the event, even on the video, if your not alert you’ll miss it. However, EYEONCITRUS.COM has taken that portion of the video and played it in slow motion, so check it out below!

UFO over the city of LONDON, ENGLAND!

Fighting Foreclosure Fraud


Stop the banks from
taking our homes!

Sign my letter telling law enforcement officials:
It’s time for handcuffs

The banks have gone wild.

Over the last three months, I’ve been bombarded with stories of banks committing foreclosure fraud to take people’s homes. Foreclosure fraud happens when a bank decides that it wants to take someone’s house, but it doesn’t have legal title to do so. So it forges paperwork to show the court that it can take a home. Judges often agree to a foreclosure, because most of them can’t believe a bank would simply falsify paperwork. Since the foreclosure fraud story was exposed, however, Bank of America and JP Morgan-Chase have suspended foreclosures in 23 states, including Florida. Judges are getting more skeptical and demanding paperwork.

But this isn’t stopping the problem fast enough. JP Morgan Chase was just caught hiring a contractor to break into a woman’s home and change the locks, while she cowered in a bathroom and called 911. Then the bank claimed it was a simple mistake, as she wasn’t even in foreclosure.

Last month, I called for the Florida Supreme Court to halt these illegal foreclosures. The Florida Supreme Court declined, saying it had no authority to do so. I also asked Fannie Mae to stop working with law firms under investigation for falsifying paperwork. They have not responded. I recently sent a letter to the Treasury Secretary and our national bank regulators asking for a national moratorium on foreclosures while authorities assess the scope of the problem. I have also taped a 7-minute YouTube video explaining the whole situation.

But that’s not enough. We need to stop these “banks gone wild.”

I need your help. I’m sending a letter to the Director of the FBI and to Central Florida’s U.S. Attorney asking them to prosecute banks that foreclose illegally on homeowners.

Will you add your name to this letter? I will send this letter, along with all of the cosigners and your comments, to law enforcement officials.

You can sign it here, at


Congressman Alan Grayson