This Young American was one of the Victims on the Malaysia Flight shot down over the Ukraine

Quinn Lucas Schansman perished with the other 297 victims of the Malaysian Flight 17 over the Ukraine Thursday, July 17, 2014.


Cor Pan, a young Dutchman, posted this picture before he boarded the ill-fated flight.

Lies that led to WAR

by Jeff Dolittle

The brave souls that have a lifetime to look forward to, a lifetime of pain, suffering, stares, not fitting in, never to be accepted except out of pity, their torture goes on seemingly forever, after a time, they realize the lucky ones, are the ones who didn't come back.

Over a hundred years of falsehoods to take the Nation to war for so many times. Some may say that in certain instances it is necessary but they are not the ones that send and lose their love ones in these bloodbaths of greed. The video below documents all the times that our elected officials have lied to us to bring the Nation into war. In most of the cases, the bottom line was the reason. The corporate greed of the Monolith that now controls the Nation and is striving for the complete one world order that some of you may have heard about is a work in progress. Every time one of the elected stooges for this order professes their reasons for marching our kids off to war is another step taken toward achieving this goal. Watch the video below, it’s documents all those times, going back to the Spanish-American War and Remember the Maine!

February 15: USS Maine explodes

No more shall we  be the pawns of the elitists and their stooges.
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What the US-backed Regime is Planning for Ukrainian Workers



IMF Headquarters, Washington, DC.


Behind incessant rhetorical invocations of a “democratic revolution,” Ukraine’s newly-installed government of former bankers, fascists and oligarchs is preparing draconian austerity measures.


The plans being drawn up are openly described as the “Greek model,” i.e., the program of savage cuts imposed on Greece by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Union (EU) that has caused Greece’s economy to collapse by nearly 25 percent in five years and produced a massive growth in unemployment and poverty.


In the case of Ukraine, however, this social devastation is to be unleashed against a country that has already been subjected to the scorched earth economics of capitalist restoration. Even before the latest events, Ukraine was the 80th poorest country in the world based on gross domestic product per capita, behind Iraq, Tonga and Bosnia-Herzegovina.


More than one quarter of its population—11 million people—live below the official poverty line, which is set at a meagre 1,176 UAH ($127) per month. The situation is far worse than official figures indicate, however. With an average monthly wage of only 1,218 UAH ($131), or 79 US cents per hour, millions more survive barely above subsistence level.


The official unemployment rate of 7.5 percent masks large numbers of unregistered and underemployed workers. It is, moreover, held down by high emigration, with tens of thousands fleeing the country in search of jobs. The equivalent of 15 percent of Ukraine’s population has left the country, giving it one of the largest diasporas in the world. Between 1991, when the Soviet Union was dissolved, and 2010, Ukraine’s population shrank from 51.7 million to 45.9 million

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The Ukrainian crisis – my story

Dear Editor

I’m currently in Hong Kong but my thoughts and heart goes out to my beloved family and friends thousands of miles away in the Ukraine.
Read my story if you want to hear the perspective of those who are directly involved in the crisis:
We urgently need to raise awareness to help the people of Ukraine, so please share this story with your friends.

Thank you,

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Connection: Strange Sounds+Rocky Mountain=Earthquake East Coast

Reports have been coming in that the earthquake that hit the east coast of the United States, Aug. 23, 2011, was preceding by strange sounds in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Take a look at the video that was taken by hikers that day and listen to the sounds they captured. There has been no definitive answer as to what may have caused this strange noise, although, there is plenty of speculation, with one that is circulating being, a major explosion, or series of explosions, that occurred in the massive underground defense, shelter tunnels, built by the government over the last 40 years. Apparently these types sound, or noise, have preceded catastrophic events world-wide.


One of the huge machine that was used to burrow the tunnels and shelters

The video below is a father and daughter in their backyard, before the quake hit.


Earlier, August 11, 2011, these strange sounds emancipated from the city of Kiev in the Ukraine.

In Florida, March 2011, another occurrence, see the video below.

And here’s the kicker, the Rays Baseball game in Tampa/St.Pete, the evening of the day the earthquake hit across the East Coast of the United States, the sound is similar to the others.

Strange Sounds at the Rays Ballgame, Evening following the Earthquake that day