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JFK was trying to take back the government from the shadow government of the Corporate Monolith and the Military-Industrial Complex, where War is the normal state of being, rather than the last resort. He was making progress, they couldn’t have any of that, so they blew his head off, in this video the higher echelons and lackeys to this shadow government gathered in Dallas to tie up the loose ends and go over the plan. The witnesses all tell the same story. The reason this is important is because this same shadow government exists today, albeit, with different players but with the same blatant manipulations, after all, if you get away with a coup d’etat in 1963, what’s to stop you with bringing down the twin towers in 2011?

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EOC News Alert Warning

EOC News alert WARNING brings you an update: the ABC news series, THE LAST RESORT premiered on Thursday evening, September 27, 2012. This is a high drama series, depicting a conflict within the government of the United States. High military people resign, there’s talk of Presidential impeachment and different segments, albeit small break off, in an attempt to cause a major conflict involving Nuclear weapons in the Middle East, with Pakistan being the victim of this subterfuge. In the opener, the Nuclear Sub, Colorado, gets encrypted orders to attack Pakistan with nuclear missiles, when the Captain of the sub tries to get confirmation through a normal, not last resort channel, it does not come, the sub is then attacked by a US  sub Illinois, which fires a tomahawk missile at it and nearly sinks it. The United States media has a special news report stating that the USS Ohio Class Nuclear Sub Colorado was attacked by Pakistan and sunk, losing all 150 crewmen! After some time passes, the Colorado, is able to get off the bottom of the Ocean and is subsequently setup for an attack by B1 Bombers, the captain proves he is crazy enough to stand up for his men, sub and the legitimate government of the United States by firing off a Nuclear Missile toward Washington D.C. in an effort to get the bombers to turn around. This action pack episode can be seen on ABC site which you’ll find here

The Last Resort-everybody gets this screen, whether your in the U.S. or NOT!, at least it’s suppose to be seeable here, as long as you live in the United States, but it’s not. Several people have left comments stating that they live in the U.S. but the site prohibits them from seeing it by a pop-up message that appears stating you can’t see it because you do not live in the states. This series will not last long because it’s too close to reality and the powers that be aren’t about to let the public get close to anything that depicts a false flag operation reminiscent of 911, but with a nuclear twist. The choice of attack is Pakistan rather than Iran and Israel gets the ball rolling by sending two missiles into Pakistan (Iran), all too close to the real scheduled plan in all probability. There is a link on ABC where you can still see the episode, at least so far, and here that is, CLICK HERE!

The spin-off of the X-files premiered March 4, 2001, The Lone Gunmen, it depicted a plot to crash a jet into the Twin Towers, March 4, 2001, a little over 7 months before the date of the attack. A disillusioned company man aided the screen writers, no doubt. That pilot episode can be seen here….


The Republicans have knowingly halted progress in this country in an attempt to make people angry at President Obama. They have put pressure on the American People to try and force us to vote their way so they can then do more damage once they are in power. Purposely hurting people in an effort to force them to do what you want is the DEFINITION OF TERRORISM. I REFUSE to give in to the Republican's TERROR.

The GOP has gotten away with terrorism in allowing and orchestrating the events of 911. With such success they have built upon that framework for terrorism so that any opposition or differing points of view are chastised and ridiculed. As each day that passes they become more embolden and suggest the most repugnant ideas that Americans have ever had to experience and ARE are now too timid and afraid to raise their voices of opposition against. The dismantling of our Constitution, via The Patriot Act, because of the excuse of 911 is just one of the many brazen steps that they have taken to gain complete control of our Republic. More and more know the truth, become one of them, by spreading the word with the numbers grow and with each new epiphany we will be that much closer to regaining our Nation, our Country.

NORAD  North American Aerospace Defense Command

An Op-Ed Contributor to the New York Times published yesterday, Sept 10, 2012, this article, The Deafness Before the Storm by Kurt Eichenwald. Mr. Eichenwald shows how the Bush administration ignored the warnings of an imminent al-Qaeda attack! The reason, the al-Qaeda attack was to be the perfect cover for their intention of bringing down the Twin Towers and building 7. Dick Cheney had been put in charge of Norad, the first time that position was ever held by a non-military individual. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I am not going to outline all the volumes of evidence here, but I will ask just a couple of common sense questions. The REAL al-Qaeda terrorists and the other terrorists with their different affiliations, we’ve seen how well they accomplish their goals, in fact, a real terrorist (they are all terrorists, domestic or foreign)  set off a bomb in one of the twin towers in 1993, the story is here, the explosives were made with chemical fertilizer, although there was about five floors damaged, the tower did not fall. Then you have the bumbling terrorists with the bombs in the underwear, shoes and the like. This is the type of expertise people from that part of the world possess. They live in caves, antiquated houses, electricity is a luxury, do you really think that these people are capable of orchestrating an elaborate attack such as occurred on the Twin Towers? The second questioned is, how many times can you clap your hands together in ten seconds? The approximate length of time it took the Towers to free fall to the ground. Unless you can clap them together 110 times in ten seconds you can’t prove anything else other than a controlled demolition brought down the towers. It’s the law of physics.

Our, wait, no it’s NOT our government, it’s their government, would have you believe the most preposterous of all claims.

God Bless all the innocents who have died and may the real culprits of this terrible deed, one day, be punished.