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Production Trike in Publix Parking Lot Homosassa

In EYEONCITRUS.COM, Homosassa FL, Production Trike on kp35 at 301105

A unique 3 wheel motorcycle, well, really it’s not a motorcycle, it’s more of a customized car? O.K., Actually I am not sure what you would call it, it definitely is a Trike, meaning it has three wheels, it has handle bars like a bike with brake and throttle hand controls, but it also has a Chevy block 350 V8. So here’s a few pictures of it for you and you can decide.

2011-06-05 TRIKE 001

2011-06-05 TRIKE 002

2011-06-05 TRIKE 003

2011-06-05 TRIKE 004

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