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Way back in January, as their very first act after taking full control of Congress, they showed their hand: House Republicans passed a rule explicitly to force a crisis for Social Security as a means to force benefit cuts that are both unwanted and unneeded.

Now they are starting to make their move: Mainstream media outlets are echoing the Wall Street talking points, falsely saying that Social Security is going broke and pitting the young, old, and people with disabilities against each other. The New York Times ran an op-ed claiming, “Rising national debt levels may threaten the ability of millennials to collect on promised Social Security and Medicare benefits.”

They continue to use this outrageous talking point – thought-up by Third Way, Fix The Debt and other Wall Street front groups – even though Social Security has never contributed one penny to the deficit, has a $2.8 trillion surplus, can pay out every benefit owed to every eligible American for the next 19 years and approximately 80% of benefits owed after that if no action is taken.

And this is just the beginning: A think tank called the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget is using this week to offer their own so-called compromise solutions, nearly all of which will cut the earned benefits of millions of Americans in exchange for allowing our Social Security system to continue to function as promised.

We’ve beaten back these attacks before, but we need your help again. Please donate to Social Security Works today to fight the united Republican attack on Social Security.

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Republicans claim they are the ones willing to make tough decisions. But forcing some of our country’s most vulnerable off of Social Security while millionaires and billionaires only pay into the program on a fraction of their income isn’t a tough decision, it’s outrageous.

Republicans are offering Americans a false choice between cuts and privatization. You and I know that all it really takes to extend the life of the Social Security trust fund is to ask the wealthy to start paying their fair share of taxes. And when they do, we can afford to expand benefits for millions of Americans.

Stand with Social Security Works in our fight to expand, not cut Social Security! Please donate today.

Thank you for your generous support as we fight these Republican attacks and continue to grow the movement for Social Security expansion.
Michael Phelan

The Reasons We’re All Here

Bernie Sanders summed it all up, succinctly and to the point, "This Country does in fact have a serious deficit problem. But the reality is that the deficit was caused by two wars—upaid for. It was caused by huge tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this country. It was caused by a recession as result of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street.

Bernie Sanders summed it all up, succinctly and to the point, “This Country does in fact have a serious deficit problem. But the reality is that the deficit was caused by two wars—upaid for. It was caused by huge tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this country. It was caused by a recession as result of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street.

And if those are the causes of the deficit, I will be damned if we’re going to balance the budget on backs of the elderly, the sick, the children and the poor. That’s wrong." Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Senate Budget Committee, 11-18-2011.

"Nuff said." Ed.

“Of the Rich, By the Rich, for the Rich”

Koch Brothers

Several months ago, Bernie and Congressman Ted Deutch introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn the disastrous Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. The importance of that amendment and other efforts to overturn Citizens United or to diminish its impact is becoming more and more apparent.
In his famous speech at Gettysburg during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln talked about America as a country “of the people, by the people and for the people.” Today, as a result of Citizens United, we are rapidly moving toward a nation of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Despite having the most unequal distribution of wealth and income of any major country on earth, millionaires and billionaires want more, more and more.

In recent weeks, multi-billionaires such as the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson have made it clear that, as a result of the Citizens United decision, they intend to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy this election for candidates who support the super-wealthy.

We must overturn Citizens United if we are serious about maintaining the foundations of American democracy. We need to pass the Disclose Act, which will come to the floor of the Senate in a few weeks, if we want to diminish the decision’s horrendous impacts.
Read more about the Koch brothers in Politico »

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Strengthen Social Security

At a time when all Republicans and some Democrats are supporting cuts in Social Security, Bernie has a different approach. Raising the Social Security payroll tax cap on incomes above $250,000 would make Social Security strong for the next 75 years while affecting only 1.4 percent of the wealthiest workers in the United States. That’s what the Center for Economic and Policy Research concluded in an analysis of a bill Bernie introduced. “The report makes clear that if we simply asked the top 1.4 percent of Americans to pay their fair share into the Social Security Trust Fund, Social Security would be solvent for the next 75 years,” Bernie said.
Watch Bernie at a rally on Tuesday »

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Bankers and Bank Regulators

Dollar Bill

Bernie introduced legislation
to prohibit banking industry officials from serving as directors of the 12 Federal Reserve regional banks. “If this is not a clear example of the fox guarding the henhouse, I don’t know what is,” he said.He released a report on Tuesday showing that 18 bankers, including Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, are sitting or have sat as members of the Fed while their banks received huge bailouts. “You think there`s a conflict of interest there? You think we should deal with that?” Bernie asked during an interview on MSNBC.

Letter to Editor: Bernie Sanders

Friends of Bernie Sanders

I want to alert you to a very important issue which needs your immediate response.
As we speak, members of the so-called “Super Committee” are proposing a plan that would call for major cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Please join me in doing everything we can to defeat this terrible idea
In negotiation after negotiation, the Democrats continue to give the Republicans almost everything they want.  Despite the fact that our deficit problems were caused by the greed on Wall Street which led to the current horrendous recession, huge tax breaks for the rich and two un-paid for wars, the President and the Democrats have gone along with trillions of dollars in cuts in programs for the elderly, the sick, children and the poor.  Meanwhile, the wealthiest people in this country, who are doing phenomenally well, have not been asked to pay one penny more in taxes.  Further, we have not closed one corporate loophole or cut military spending.
Enough is enough!

Ever since its inception, the Republicans have wanted to destroy Social Security.  We must not allow them to succeed.  Social Security is the most successful and popular federal program in existence.  For 76 years it has paid out every penny owed to every eligible American and has played a major role in reducing poverty among seniors.  Today, Social Security has a 2.5 trillion dollar surplus and can pay out all benefits for the next 25 years.  Importantly, because it is funded by the payroll tax and not the U.S. Treasury, Social Security has played no role in causing the deficit.
We must also defend Medicare and Medicaid.  Today, 50 million Americans are uninsured and many more are under-insured.  Some 45,000 Americans die every year because they do not get to a doctor on time.  Now is not the time to cut benefits for Medicare or throw children or lower-income Americans off of their health insurance.
Poll after poll shows that the American people are very clear about these issues.  They want the wealthy and large corporations to begin paying their fair share of taxes.  They want to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  And that’s exactly what the “Super Committee” should do.

Please sign the enclosed petition demanding no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

.  Please contact your Senator or member of Congress with the same message.
I look forward to working with you.
Thank you for your continued support.
Senator Bernie Sanders

The Raw Deal?

Dennis Kucinich - www.Kucinich.us

"A Big Deal."

That’s what the White House has been fighting for the past few weeks in negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. It was a search for a "compromise."
And so yesterday, President Obama applauded the gang of six "compromise" based on, as he explains, "shared sacrifice and everybody … giving up something."
The only thing being compromised is the Administration’s values. This deal cuts Social Security and threatens Medicare and Medicaid, selling out those who need help the most, America’s children, poor and elderly – all while taxes are being cut.
Our message is simple: cutting Social Security which has nothing to do with the debt ceiling is not a "big deal" we can accept, it is a bad deal we must reject. Please sign my petition now, and forward it to 10 of your friends:

Do not let them disingenuously fold the issue of Social Security – which is solvent through 2036 – into raising the debt limit. Do not let them move the ball so far down the field that a "compromise" has become a politically friendly term for caving in on the very cornerstone of our Party and – more importantly – on well established principles of economic and social justice in America.
The more details that emerge, the worse the picture gets. While our unemployment remains perilously high and families are suffering, instead of a roadmap for recovery we are receiving directions towards another depression. Any "deal" that ignores the massive economic challenges of this country and balances the budget on the backs of children, seniors and the poor is not moral. In a lifetime, will our party have journeyed from the New Deal to the Raw Deal?
I hope you can help me through insisting that Congress find a more fair and just compromise. It would be helpful if you
sign the petition and circulate it to your contacts

With respect,

Dennis Kucinich

Senators Lieberman and Coburn WAR ON SENIORS/LETTERS

Last week, Senators Lieberman and Coburn introduced a new front in the war on senior citizens: unprecedented cuts to the Medicare program that raise the eligibility age to 67 and force seniors to pay more for prescription drugs.

We’re fighting back by expanding our campaign to protect Social Security to include Medicare and other social safety net programs — and refusing to support to ANY politician in favor of cutting these programs. Will you join us?

Sign our pledge to protect the social safety net and refuse to support ANY politician in favor of making cuts.

Click here to add your name: http://action.firedoglake.com/page/s/medicare-cuts

Thanks so much of your support of our campaign so far. We won’t rest until cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other critical safety net programs are off the table.

Deepest thanks,

Brian Sonenstein
Digital Strategy Director

PS: You can read more about Lieberman/Coburn in the email I sent to supporters last week, copied below.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Brian Sonenstein, Firedoglake.com (

Lieberman is ginning up "bipartisan support" for cutting Medicare.

Pledge to unconditionally oppose cuts to the social safety net.

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A major announcement

Roosevelt Signs The Social Security Act: Presi...

Dear Eye On Citrus

Rand Paul, the Tea Party leader running against me for Senate in Kentucky, thinks Social Security is unconstitutional. Other Republicans across the nation are also campaigning on privatization and Social Security cuts.

With a Tea Party deep on the fringe, the way for Democrats to win in 2010 is to have a spine — and go on offense.

That’s why today, I am proud to announce with my friends at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee that over 200 congressional candidates and members of Congress are promising to oppose any cuts to Social Security.

We’re saying no privatization, no raising the retirement age, no messing with the best program for seniors and workers in American history — and no mincing words about it.

Can you show your support for Democrats who stand on principle and go “on offense” by signing a statement of support for today’s big move by 200 candidates? Click here.

We’ll make sure the political insiders and the media take notice of where the grassroots want Democratic leaders to be.

The PCCC has done a great job working with me and other Democratic candidates to go on offense on Social Security — and I’ve been taking the Social Security fight directly to Rand Paul in debates, speeches, and media events.

The 200 others include:

  • Senate candidates Scott McAdams (AK), Roxanne Conlin (IA), Lee Fisher (OH), Alexi Giannoulias (IL), Kendrick Meek (FL), Paul Hodes (NH), Elaine Marshall (NC), and others
  • House candidates Ann McLane Kuster (NH), Joe Garcia (FL), Bill Hedrick (CA), Rob Miller (SC), Julia Lassa (WI), Manan Trivedi (PA), Ed Potosnak (NJ), Michael Oliverio (WV), and others
  • Members of Congress Raul Grijalva (AZ), Mary Jo Kilroy (OH), Alan Grayson (FL), Michael Acuri (NY), Carol Shea-Porter (NH), Ed Potosnak (NJ), Bill Owens (NY), John Boccieri (OH), and others
  • The full list is at SocialSecurityProtectors.com

As Rachel Maddow would say, “This is what it looks like when Democrats go on offense.”

Can you support Democrats who stand on principle and go “on offense” by signing a statement of support for today’s big move by 200 candidates? Click here.

Then, please pass this email to your friends who want bold Democrats. Thanks for being a bold progressive.

Jack Conway

Phase out Medicare and Social Security?


Insane Clown Posse 2
Image by bobster855 via Flickr


Image by bobster855 via Flickr

Some truly frightening Republicans are poised to take over the House—and maybe even the Senate. We can’t let that happen. Can you take 20 minutes to call MoveOn members and ask them to volunteer for the key campaigns that will determine control of Congress? Click here to sign up: 

button_red_clickhere.gifClick Here


Have you heard about these far-right Republicans running for office this year? These people are truly frightening. Check out these quotes:

“We need to phase Medicare and Social Security out.”—Sharron Angle, Republican Senate candidate in Nevada1

“There should not be [a federal minimum wage]. That is not within the scope or the powers that are given to the federal government.”—Joe Miller, Republican Senate candidate in Alaska2

“I am pro-life. I don’t believe in the exceptions for rape or incest.”—Ken Buck, Republican Senate candidate in Colorado3

We cannot let people like this run the country.

And to make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve identified the closest races around the country that will determine who controls Congress next year. You can help win these crucial races by spending just 15 or 20 minutes calling other MoveOn members who live nearby and asking them to volunteer. You can call right from home. Click to sign up:


Our handy online calling tool makes it super-easy to recruit volunteers on these key races. We’ll give you everything you need: the phone numbers, calling script, everything. You don’t need to have experience or special expertise. All you need is a phone and a computer (that can be on the Internet at the same time that you’re calling).

The crucial part that’s missing is you. Without the help of MoveOn members, our Progressive Heroes and other brave Democrats are at serious risk of losing their seats to the far-right wing of the Republican Party—and we could lose the House AND Senate.

We can’t risk the future of the country on Republicans who think we should get rid of the minimum wage and Social Security. Can you help out by calling MoveOn members in key areas to recruit them to volunteer with the most important campaigns? Click here now to sign up to get started calling:


Thanks for all you do.

–Steven, Adam, Lenore, Duncan, and the rest of the team


1. “Sharron Angle says eliminate Social Security,” Progress Now Nevada, June 8, 2010

2. “Joe Miller: ‘There should not be’ a federal minimum wage,” The Washington Post, October 4, 2010

3. “Ken Buck: No abortions, even in cases of rape and incest,” YouTube, August 3, 2010

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