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Gov. Ventura probes Pentagon attack, unreleased 9/11 video and missing trillions

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Aaron Dykes

December 17, 2010

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory will continue to dole out groundbreaking information tonight on TruTV at 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST with the “9/11 Pentagon” Episode, yet another in a line of subjects that have, until this point, been too controversial to cover at all on television. Tonight’s episode features the unknowns about the dozens of suppressed video angles, the lack of physical or photographic evidence that a plane hit the building and the impossibility of an unskilled pilot circling around his target or hitting at ground-level without even scorching the earth beneath him.

From TruTV:

Pentagon – NEW!
Airs: Fri, December 17 at 10P
The idea that a missile or explosives—not a hijacked jetliner—damaged the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 seems the most unlikely of 9/11 theories. That is, until you look at all the factors, which include eyewitness testimony, crime scene video, expert analysis and the question why, with 85 cameras trained on the building, have only five frames of crash footage have ever been released? Jesse Ventura leads a serious investigation into a tangled web of clues that some say are too sacred to even touch.

Ventura appeared on the Alex Jones Show today, in part to discuss the episode. He attests thatConspiracy Theory tracked down and talked to the real sources– survivors and eye witnesses.

Perhaps as significant as what is unknown about the Pentagon attack is what has been forgotten. Just prior to the September 11 attacks in 2001, it was announced that the Department of Defense could not account for more than $2.3 trillion dollars. Donald Rumsfeld was questioned about it the day before by Rep. Cynthia McKinney, with little to say in accounting for the astonishing sum of money. But all the evidence of this accounting fraud, or error, was destroyed in the 9/11 attack during which the Pentagon was fortuitously struck in the very area where some of this evidence was being held for investigation. Oddly, a great deal of important financial & investigative information was also destroyed in the collapse of WTC7 on the same day.

Former Gov. Ventura & co. follow up on the reports about the training ofalleged hijacker Hani Hanjour who scored very poorly during flight instruction. Though the official story seems to ignore this smoking gun– roughly equivalent to Lee Harvey Oswald’s poor shooting ability– Hanjour’s one-time instructor was dumbfounded by his complete lack of ability. He couldn’t successfully fly a single-engine Cessna plane during training– casting serious doubt that he could ever wield a commercial jet aircraft like Flight 77 at all, much less execute an expert turn circling into a direct hit without even disturbing the lawn beneath it. Expert pilots have attested that such a maneuver is almost impossible.

Researchers and skeptics alike have all pondered the inconsistent evidence at the Pentagon. In attempt to find out more, Jesse speaks with a former NASA engineer who investigates the incident, concluding that the damage at the Pentagon was NOT the result from a plane strike. But the best way to confirm whether or not a plane caused this damage would be to consult the many security camera angles at the Pentagon which either filmed the incident or the surrounding area at the time of the incident; yet only two of those angles have ever been released. The show consults with the FBI who confirm that in fact there were 84 security cameras filming on 9/11; but without seeing those angles none of the outstanding questions can be answered.

We can honor the 189 people killed at the Pentagon only by pursuing the truth about their deaths. Simply waving American flags and standing by as our nation continues to go to war against shadowy enemies will not bring us any closer to justice. Victims’ family members of the World Trade Center attacks, the Pentagon and Flight 93 that went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania demanded the 9/11 Commission be formed, but were left with more questions than answers after the official government investigation that its own members described as a “cover-up.”

With this in mind, Gov. Ventura tracked down a lawyer for the 9/11 Commission, who admitted to the television program that, “Government has a penchant for secrecy.” That’s an understatement.

Ventura previously spoke with Alex Jones about Jonathan Farmer, senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, and his warning to the country. Farmer’s own 2009 book, The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11, strongly critiqued the way the commission was carried out, blasting that the truth was not allowed to come out. Ventura commented that the 9/11 Commission was little different from the Warren Commission, which quite evidently covered-up the truth about the JFK assassination.

Gov. Jesse Ventura & Alex Jones October 2009 Discuss 9/11 Commission Lawyer Jonathan Farmer and other issues


No Statute of Limitation on Murder

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A day of RECKONING will come.

End this ENDLESS War

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Current Chair, Barbara Lee

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In the days following the attacks of September 11, 2001, Congress rushed to provide the Bush administration with the tools to wage a “war on terror.” One piece of legislation, that you can help repeal, remains the law of the land today.  Since its passing, it has been used to authorize:

  • U.S. military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan;
  • U.S. unmanned drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen;
  • torture;
  • indefinite detentions;
  • significant increases in military spending; and
  • extravagant and ineffective spending of tens of billions of tax dollars on so-called intelligence.

That legislation, the Authorization for the Use of Military Force, was signed into law on September 18, 2001. Nine years later, the evidence is in:  War is (still) not the answer. Yet, the Obama administration continues to use that congressional authorization to justify drone attacks, and it could provide the legal basis for new wars in the future.

Repealing the Authorization

Congress should repeal this law. Rep. Barbara Lee (CA) has introduced legislation that would do just that. Her bill, H.R. 6282, states:

“Congress finds that the Authorization for Use of Military Force…signed into law on September 18, 2001, has been used to justify a broad and open-ended authorization for the use of military force andsuch an interpretation is inconsistent with the authority of Congress to declare war and make all laws for executing powers vested by the Constitutionin the Government of the United States.”

You can help to persuade 100 members of Congress to cosponsorRep. Lee’s repeal of the authorization for the use of force for the “war on terror.”  A hundred cosponsors will increase the chances that the next Congress will act to stop the “endless war.”

Asking your congressperson to cosponsor Rep. Lee’s repeal also provides you with an opening to speak with your representative about why providing the president – any president – with a blank check for war is a bad idea and how the evidence of the past nine years makes a compelling case that war is not the answer.

Take Action

Please urge your representative to cosponsor Barbara Lee’s legislation to repeal the 2001 Authorization for the use of military force.

Ask five friends to do the same.


Read Barbara Lee’s full statement on this legislation.

Read a statement from Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) supporting this initiative.

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