Ron Paul Defeats Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney and Herman Cain

In what would be another giant step forward for Ron Paul, Republican candidate for President, in that, he defeated Mitt Romney and Herman Cain in the Iowa Republican caucus coming in second, is certainly a giant step forward that will get little, if no coverage, from the national media. A media that is controlled by the corporate monolith which has filters on what is acceptable and what is not. The logical assumption, you would think, is that the corporate monolith would love Ron Paul because he most certainly would remove many government hindrances to big business, if he were to be elected. But you see, the opposite is true, the Corporate Monolith doesn’t support him because they currently have a favorite, controlling hold, within our elected government now and that is preferable to any free operating system where competition and free enterprise is the name of the game.

Ron Paul, Obstetrician: No Abortions, No Federal Money Ron Paul is the candidate that would bring this country back from the precipice that it is now facing, he alone can do this, he alone is the only candidate brave enough to tell Americans the facts of life, without the sugarcoating. There is no other Republican candidate running that will not cater to the elitists, corporate monolith, the same group of people who fabricated the news that led this Nation to two wars, two wars that have made millionaires into billionaires, crippled our economy and indebted us to China for the next 50 years. Americans use to be able to take the truth, I believe they still can!

The Democratic President has failed miserably in standing up to this Monolith, caving in to every confrontation that has occurred. In fact, there is no discernable difference between the Democrat and the Republican mainstream anymore, they are just simply put, different paths to the same destination, with the American people being left on the wayside of Corporate greed manipulation.

When both dogs are rabid, neither one can be saved. Save the Union, support the Constitution, end the Patriot act. Elect Ron Paul! Dave Gregory

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, defeated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Georgia businessman Herman Cain in the latest poll of likely Iowa Republican caucus goers with 13 percent of the votes for a 2nd place finish. According to the Insider Advantage poll, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pulled in 28 percent of the votes to beat Paul by 15 percentage points. Romney garnered 12 percent of the votes to earn 3rd place and Cain tied Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann with 10 percent of the votes to take 4th place.

Cain, who once led the GOP field in a number of state and national level polls, has fallen out of the top tier in the latest Iowa poll. However, Cain’s fall from the top has left the door wide open for Gingrich and Paul to solidify their support in Iowa.

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P.S.  The Republican primary is wide open, and the nomination is there for the taking.
An establishment candidate like Mitt Romney is hitting up Wall Street bankers for millions of dollars.
Send a message to the establishment by contributing to the grassroots R3VOLUTION v. RomneyCare Money Bomb so I can put a top-flight operation on the ground in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire.
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RON PAUL on House Floor

An American who hasn’t fallen prey to the Propaganda Machine and so states on the House of Representative Floor, you will not see this clip on the nationally controlled media, FREEDOM OF THE NET, our last vestige of the FREE PRESS! The whole world condition is based upon a False Flag operation, 911 was the planned catalyst for our military venture into the Middle East! The military-industrial complex scam that has cost so many lives and that has bankrupt our Nation, the collapse of the dollar is just around the corner and your life savings will be gone with the wind.