Walk and Talk Sunday Rick Scott Eugenics

Walk and Talk with Liberty and the Great American Bulldog, Dedra Mae, this Sunday Oct 19, 2014, discussing accountability, Rick Scott, and the Buck Stop Here, or lack thereof, along with mention of Eugenics and the cleaning of the less desirable among the overall population. Prince Philips quote, he would like to be reincarnated as … Continue reading Walk and Talk Sunday Rick Scott Eugenics

EYEONCITRUS RADIO invites public commentary CLICK HERE

EYEONCITRUS RADIO sponsored by EYEONCITRUS.COM is inviting the public for public comments to be submitted to their site http://eyeoncitrus.com, concerning the upcoming election. David Gregory of Citrus County is our first such contributor. This comment concerns the upcoming election for Governor of Florida, between the incumbent, Rick Scott and the main challenger Charlie Crist! If … Continue reading EYEONCITRUS RADIO invites public commentary CLICK HERE


By Jeffery DoLittle contributor to EOC. Citrus County, FL. The TRIMS (Truth In Millage-the notice telling you what your taxes are going to be on Nov. 1st) were mailed out Friday, Aug 15, 2014, If you haven’t gotten them in the mail yet, you can go to the Citrus County Property Appraiser’s website and download … Continue reading RICK SCOTT and HOSPITAL BOARD RAISE TAXES! click here

Here we go again-letter to editor

It reminds me a bit of conditions in my home town in Arkansas, where it was said that you knew when an election was coming because politicians would start showing up in church. Gov. Rick Scott's former company, Columbia/HCA set what was then a record for a Medicare fraud settlement. And, according to Carl Hiaasen, Scott took the Fifth repeatedly during inquiries into his subsequent medical enterprises during the election.

Rick Scott’s latest outrage-Letter to Editor

Obamacare makes it possible for working Floridians who do not have employer-provided health care to acquire affordable health insurance. But Governor Rick Scott continues to block available federal funding for working Floridians without insurance. Each of us knows someone who is struggling with this devastating problem. It is up to us to stop Gov. Scott … Continue reading Rick Scott’s latest outrage-Letter to Editor


A so-called election reform bill is rapidly making its way through the Florida Legislature, which right now is in the final week of its annual lawmaking session in Tallahassee. If this bill becomes law, it would: Significantly reduce the number of early-voting days; Make voting harder for people who have recently changed their name or address, like, newlyweds or college students; and, Subject voter-registration drives to stiff legal fines, even for inadvertent mistakes.