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Walk and Talk with Liberty and the Great American Bulldog, Dedra Mae, this Sunday Oct 19, 2014, discussing accountability, Rick Scott, and the Buck Stop Here, or lack thereof, along with mention of Eugenics and the cleaning of the less desirable among the overall population.
Prince Philips quote, he would like to be reincarnated as a virus to help in depopulating the world. The globalist elitist agenda to depopulate through war, chem trails (geo-engineering), GMO, vaccines and fluoridation, the tools by which they are achieving these goals.


EYEONCITRUS RADIO invites public commentary CLICK HERE


EYEONCITRUS RADIO sponsored by EYEONCITRUS.COM is inviting the public for public comments to be submitted to their site http://eyeoncitrus.com, concerning the upcoming election. David Gregory of Citrus County is our first such contributor. This comment concerns the upcoming election for Governor of Florida, between the incumbent, Rick Scott and the main challenger Charlie Crist! If you would like to contribute, send an email stating you would and we’ll get back to you. The e-mail link down toward the bottom of the the page will get you started!

Invited Guest Commentary from David Gregory


Former Gov. Charlie Crist says current Republican Gov. Rick Scott “has no integrity” click here


Editor’s Note: Charlie has gotten this 100% correct, when you go to vote there are a total of five candidates for Governor, Charlie is our considered best choice, if you were to chose either the two independent candidates or the Libertarian you will be taking votes away from Charlie and giving Scott a chance, do not give this Corporate Controlled Scott any possibility of beating Charlie, Florida depends on it. In Citrus County there are 11,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats, it’s imperative to get out the vote. 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist responds to a question as he sits for an interview with the Florida Associated Press staff, Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, in Miami. Crist, a former Republican governor of Florida, is challenging incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Scott in the November election. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

The Associated Press

Republican-turned-Democrat former Gov. Charlie Crist said Tuesday that current Republican Gov. Rick Scott “has no integrity” and his policies are driven by “the almighty dollar.”

Crist made the remarks while discussing his campaign to seek his old job with his new party during an hour-long interview with Associated Press reporters that covered education, the environment and claims by Scott.

The gubernatorial campaign has been one of the most negative in Florida history. Crist accused Scott of running a dishonest ad in which a man says he was swindled by Crist and Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein. Crist said Rothstein was a political donor who also gave money to the Republican Party of Florida and President George W. Bush, among others.

“Once we knew what he had done, we returned it all and my opponent in this race knows that. My opponent has not returned anything he took from you and they should,” Crist said.

Scott was CEO of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain during a federal investigation into Medicaid fraud. After Scott stepped down, the company agreed to pay $1.7 billion in fines to settle the case. Scott spent millions of his own money to win office four years ago when he received less than half the votes cast.

“He won by like 1 percent after spending $75 million his company stole from all of us,” Crist said.

“I have integrity, he does not,” Crist said. “Let’s talk about education, let’s talk about the environment, let’s talk about the Everglades, let’s talk about the middle class that suffers.”

The Associated Press also invited Scott for an interview, but he declined. Rest of story, click here.




By Jeffery DoLittle contributor to EOC.

Citrus County, FL. The TRIMS (Truth In Millage-the notice telling you what your taxes are going to be on Nov. 1st) were mailed out Friday, Aug 15, 2014, If you haven’t gotten them in the mail yet, you can go to the Citrus County Property Appraiser’s website and download them in your home. Grab hold of the arms of your chair, taxes will be going up if this budget goes through, as is, and the Taxing Authority raising it’s millage rate to an unbelievable level is the HOSPITAL BOARD. The uninformed electorate needs to understand that HCA is Rick Scott’s Company HCA, the man that spent 73 million of his own money in the first election to become Florida’s Governor anticipates spending more for this upcoming election and wants a return on his investment by taking over all the hospitals in Citrus County along with any others he can get his hands on in the state.  Could this possible be why there is such a dramatic increase in the Hospital Boards Taxes (refer to you TRIM NOTICE) that you recently got in the mail? Continue reading for the rest of the story!


Continue reading “RICK SCOTT and HOSPITAL BOARD RAISE TAXES! click here”

Here we go again-letter to editor


Shortly before departing for the frozen north in the wake of winter storm Titan, I read several pronouncements from our political leadership.

State Sen. Charlie Dean announced himself an environmentalist one day. I don’t recall any mention on his part of occasions when he had used his not-inconsiderable influence to save natural resources from someone planning to destroy them to make a fast buck. Perhaps I missed it.

The second day he offered a mild implied criticism of Duke Energy, which, as we all know, continues to collect hundreds of millions but has done nothing but destroy a nuclear plant and blow smoke about others. His comments were muted by the admission that since they had won their case against the tax assessor, perhaps there was nothing we could do.

The next day Sen. Dean said some nice things about the environment. But I didn’t stick around to see what smoke he would blow next.

The leader of the Party of the Plutocracy has begun saying nice things about the environment, discounting automobile registration, and even returning a fraction of what he has taken from public employees.

It reminds me a bit of conditions in my home town in Arkansas, where it was said that you knew when an election was coming because politicians would start showing up in church.

Gov. Rick Scott‘s former company, Columbia/HCA  set what was then a record for a Medicare fraud settlement. And, according to Carl Hiaasen, Scott took the Fifth repeatedly during inquiries into his subsequent medical enterprises during the election.

Obviously, those of you who voted for Scott were determined not to have an honest person in as governor, and you were able to avoid that situation.

When Scott took office, his first inspiration of genius was to get rid of Florida’s award-winning and economically successful state park system.

With no support from fellow Republicans, he eventually compromised by privatizing the concession stands. Then he set out to have a fire sale on all the state property not nailed down. And in a down market, as well.

By the same token, the public utilities of this state have been given a license to steal. The legislature in 2006 authorized them to overcharge customers on the pretense of investing in clean energy. To be fair, while it was a bad deal at best, Florida Power seems to have used some of the free money to build a gas powered plant. The customers who were thus forced to invest get no stocks or bonds. But at least Florida Power has added electrical capacity. Progress/Duke has blown smoke about nuclear plants in Levy County, destroyed Crystal River 3, and is now beginning to blow smoke about a gas powered plant. But they are collecting over a billion dollars and actually destroyed capacity.

More recently, much has been made of the flood of lobbyists and political contributions on their way to Tallahassee from the utilities.

One reason given is to make sure the Republicans don’t allow consumer advocates to make the utilities include a line in each monthly bill telling the victims how much has been stolen from them that month. I’m surprised they bothered. Surely the Republican Party doesn’t want its victims to be reminded of the damage they have done to them monthly. And for that reason alone, they should block the truth without extra payments from their corporate employers.

Frankly, as far as I am concerned, any Duke customers who vote Republican deserve what they get. But the rest of us deserve better.

Pat Condray


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Our strategy is pretty simple.

We’re going to do person-to-person organizing powered by grassroots supporters like you.

The office we’re opening on Saturday will be the center of this critical work in Broward County.

I want to open offices like this all across the great state of Florida — will you chip in $5 or more to help make that happen?

Have you ever met someone willing to spend a Saturday knocking on a few doors for Rick Scott?

I haven’t, either.

That’s why I’m investing a whole lot in our organizing program. The energy is out there — I see it everywhere I travel. We’ve got the right vision for Florida, and we’re going to talk to as many voters as we can to make sure everyone knows it.

Help build the biggest grassroots campaign a statewide race has ever seen.

Chip in $5 or more now:


God bless you,


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FL Gov Rick Scott pays $8.34 A MONTH HEALTH INSURANCE click here

By Horace Greely

Florida Governor Rick Scott at his deposition in the fraud case the Federal Government brought to court in the nineties!     EYEONCITRUS.COM LONE WOLF PRESENTATION

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott and his GOP buddies in Tallahassee have to pay $8.34 per month for individual Health Insurance and for family coverage, $30.00 per month. This is the man who turned down what the Federal government was offering for expanded coverage for the under and uninsured citizens of Florida, but because Rick Scott thought it was more fashionable for him and his Republican gang operating the state not to accept the funds, thousands of Floridians now have no health insurance, can’t get health insurance, are in no man’s land because of an ideological difference. This difference is sacrificing people’s health and lives.

Not only is that wrong, in of itself, it’s deplorable when you realize that this is the man, Rick Scott, that made his fortune off of exploiting the very federal government programs that he wants to eliminate and decided that Floridians did not need this avenue for their health care. This is typical of the Corporate Fascist ideology that has taken over the country. When they cannot get their way, they attempt to destroy existing programs and block new programs that might assist those who desperately need them. The Corporate Fascist party of choice is the Republican party which is lock and step in accordance to their guiding light, which is the bottom line, come damn or high water.

It is of importance to note, that Rick Scott was a member of the State of Texas bar, the state that the Bush and their Nazi connection call home. But I diverge, ultimately, the only way the citizens of the State of Florida and those of the United States will ever get their rights back, remembering the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is to vote the GOP out of all their positions in government and decimate this evil, cabal  of individuals whose only concern is their wallet. The Republican party must be thrown into the trash bin of history and only remembered as a bad taste in a free American’s mouth.




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Rick Scott’s latest outrage-Letter to Editor

Uninsured Florida children are needlessly suffering

Obamacare makes it possible for working Floridians who do not have employer-provided health care to acquire affordable health insurance.

But Governor Rick Scott continues to block available federal funding for working Floridians without insurance. Each of us knows someone who is struggling with this devastating problem. It is up to us to stop Gov. Scott from withholding health care from those who need it most.

That’s why I created a petition on SignOn.org to Florida’s governor, Rick Scott, which says:

Governor Rick Scott: Stop blocking federal funds to cover the working uninsured through Obamacare. Currently our state ranks 49th out of 50 for the highest percentage of working people without health insurance. That’s disgraceful. We won’t rest until you have heard the voice of the people affected by your stubborn refusal to help the citizens of Florida. You know there are millions of struggling and suffering Floridians. Do you care?Tell Florida Governor Rick Scott: Stop blocking federal funds to cover the working uninsured through Obamacare!

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


Beverly Whipple Beverley Whipple Inverness, FL


Click here to visit Senator Bill Nelson's website

Here’s a link to a column I wrote for the St. Petersburg Times; please take a minute to read it over, because it’s about an issue that should be important to everyone who believes in the principle of one-person, one-vote.

A so-called election reform bill is rapidly making its way through the Florida Legislature, which right now is in the final week of its annual lawmaking session in Tallahassee. If this bill becomes law, it would:

  • Significantly reduce the number of early-voting days;
  • Make voting harder for people who have recently changed their name or address, like, newlyweds or college students; and,
  • Subject voter-registration drives to stiff legal fines, even for inadvertent mistakes.

This is not a partisan issue, and I’m just one of many people and groups that strongly oppose this measure.
The Orlando Sentinel has said “it amounts to … ripping apart election laws” and “weakening democracy.”
The Tampa Tribune has said “this bill isn’t fooling anybody. It’s not about clean elections.”
Florida Today has called it an “assault on the most cherished of American rights.”
The Palm Beach Post has asked that we stop this “assault on all voters.”
But the state Legislature seems poised to pass it. One thing you could still do is
e-mail Gov. Rick Scott and ask him to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. 

As The St. Petersburg Times has said: “Floridians of all political stripes should not stand for it.”

Gov. Scott’s heartless move

Gov. Scott’s budget proposals have been nothing short of devastating, including massive cuts to public schools, health care, and environmental protection. But Scott’s most heartless budget cut came last week. He ordered an immediate 15% cut to care for Floridians with disabilities…on the same day he posed for photos at a Special Olympics event. 1
Send a message to your legislators right now – restore lost funding to the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) in the next budget.disabled-callout.jpg

This is an emergency. Since 2003, legislators have cut and capped various portions of funding for the disabled despite a rising number of Floridians needing care. Today, an unprecedented 19,000-disabled Floridians are on a waiting list and can’t get access to the care they need. The situation has become so dire that aclass action lawsuit was recently filed against Gov. Scott.2
The result of consistent budget cuts and greater need for care has caused APD to run a deficit. Instead of working to shore up funding for some of Florida’s most needy, Gov. Scott chose to simply slash their budget by an amount care providers have said “may break our backs.”3
This isn’t leadership – it’s a gutless retreat from responsibility.
Florida’s disabled deserve better than this. Write your legislators and urge them to restore lost funding to health care for disabled Floridians.

The debate in Tallahassee over how best to balance our budget has wrongly centered on numbers, statistics, and the size of government, instead of the people government is supposed to serve. For many legislators, their goal has become providing corporate campaign contributors with yet another tax giveaway, instead of providing adequate care to Floridians with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, andautism.
Tell your legislators to get their priorities straight and demand they restore funding for health care to disabled Floridians.

We have an obligation to speak for those who often can’t speak for themselves. Thanks for all you’re doing to provide a voice for Floridians who need it the most.
For progress,
Mark, Ray, and the rest of the Progress Florida team