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Christ Washing the Feet of the Apostles by Mei...
Christ Washing the Feet of the Apostles by Meister des Hausbuches, 1475 (Gemäldegalerie, Berlin). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dear Editor,


Today I read the 9/30/13 Chronicle article about the new pope: “A breath of fresh air” It was very good.


If you publish another one on “faith” you might think about that he – (besides favoring an American Ford Focus car for transportation) Pope Francis recently asked for world wide prayer for peace: in the world after President Obama wanted to bomb Syria because of the horrible chemical warfare in that country- the prayers have been answered.


The current president of Syria has agreed to remove it’s chemical weapons.
Besides that, since the worldwide prayer – history has been made with
President Obama speaking of peace with the new more moderate president
of Iran.


The part of this article by Leonard Pitts that was especially moving
was:  “Let’s consider for a moment the washing of feet. Though Francis
broke with tradition by including prisoners, women and non-Christians,
the ritual itself is an old one of the most poignant incidents in the
Bible. The book of John recounts how Jesus, in the hours before his
crucifixion, decides to teach his disciples one last lesson. he kneels
before them and washes their feet. People call this an act of humility.
if you are a Christian, that word is not nearly strong enough for the
idea of God incarnate, the Creator of Creation, the Author of
Everything, wiping dirt and camel dung from the feet of these often
dull-witted fisherman – and then telling them explicitly that He wants
them to follow. Take care of one another. Serve one another.”


As a candidate for county commissioner on the campaign trail, people
have spoken to me as if I am running for president, or on the Supreme
Court – to stop abortion, stop corruption wherever – once elected.


My answer is:  No, I Cannot Stop Corruption or the Wrong Doing In Others


– but that man who washed the feet of lowly men: CAN!


Renee Christopher-McPheeters Crystal River


CC Leonard Pitts, The Miami Herald


Thinking of Others-Letter to Editor Click Here


Sometimes it is easy to only think of ourselves.

At the BOCC Budget meeting on 6/18/13, another speaker and myself
stated that the lower income county employees, after five years without
a raise should have raises.

Today, I read that the Commissioners have agreed to give these county
workers a raise – I commend them on this decision.

Recently on television there was a minister named Rod Parsley who stated
that according to the United Nations Children’s Fund about 4 million
children are on the verge of starvation throughout the world, and that
for $18  – a child can be fed for one month.

It is even better when we think of others.

Renee Christopher-McPheeters
Crystal River

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Join the Lone Wolf as he rants N raves on Eye On Citrus Radio, Saturday Aug 11, 2011. Early voting in the Primary Election ends Aug. 11, 2012. Some races will be decided by this election because the office seekers have no opponents from an opposing party. Therefore whomever wins the primary wins the office! Renee Christopher McPheeters is the candidate we urge you to vote for, she has shown a caring and passionate concern for the people and needs to be the next Board of County Commissioner from District 1. Music from Hank Williams Jr, FreeBird, Rod Stewart and Johnny Cash. Commentary on the news of the day and historical facts, not your Momma’s radio show.

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Polls open again Tuesday Aug.14, 2012

Renee Is For The People!

Renee Christopher McPheeters-The People's candidate, you can vote today, Aug. 9, 2012 through Saturday Aug. 11, 2012 and the polls will be opened on Tuesday Aug 14, 2012   EYEONCITRUS.COM

Even though I appreciate the many times the Citrus County Chronicle has published my letters, and the political coverage they have provided me, including the Chronicle Forum, I was still not expecting the Chronicle’s endorsement.  And of course, I was not disappointed when they did not endorse me.

However, they failed to mention that in 2008, I received 46.09% of the votes from the Citizens’ of Citrus County.  Many have told me in no uncertain terms that they shall be voting for me again.  To them I say thank you for your vote of confidence.

The Chronicle Editorial Board referred to me as a "political activist" but they failed to explain why they have done so.  I want the readers to know that I am the only candidate running in District 1 that publicly opposed the Ottawa and Meadowcrest multi-million dollar BOCC giveaways while one of my opponents pushed and voted for it.  No other candidate stepped up to the plate as I did to fight for the citizens in our community.

I also publicly opposed the unconstitutional Crystal River ordinance that restricts the Flying of U.S. Flags which reached the national media including FOX News.  This was supported by  my other opponent who is a member of the Crystal River Council that voted for this flag ordinance.

I have also stood firm and spoken successfully before local governmental entities to protect children from pornography and for a 9/11/01 Memorial, the Public Service Commission and the BOCC -  specifically against Progress Energy rate hikes and for a Resolution stating just that.

My political activities are not new, nor where they undertaken because I was part of a political circle.   I participated because there was a need to push back against unwarranted government dictates.  And, I have no intention on remaining silent in support of the status quo if elected either.  Governments are instituted to protect your rights, and I promise to do that.

The Chronicle also failed to mention my political platform regarding being on  BOCC Agendas for a Conservation Land Acquisition Fund, an Ethics Commission, and for providing a Senior Homestead Exemption for seniors whose property values and earnings are below the average.  Additionally, they did not mention either that I have been against the Interlocal Centralized Sewer Agreement that both of my opponents voted for.  Regardless, of how it is presented, the project will negatively affect many seniors to the extent that many could lose their homes.

My work in the community includes the First Official 9/11/01 Memorial in Citrus County with a part from the World Trade Center and laser art of the three tragic scenes – now on display in the Citrus County School System for the education of all of the youth of our county. Also, out of concern for Children of Citrus County and outside of Citrus, I have obtained Nine Original Proclamations Against Child Pornography from two Counties, Marion and Citrus and Seven Cities.

I would also like to remind the women voters of our county that Citrus County is comprised of approximately 54% women, but we do not have comparable representation in our government.   We need to break up the "little boys club" and balance the equation.

Lastly, I want to reiterate again that contrary to what the Chronicle said, and in addition to the aforementioned information for which I have been labeled a "political activist," I do have a very serious platform. I consider myself to be a concerned citizen  motivated from the heart – because I care about the Citizens of Citrus County.  I am against unnecessary spending, borrowing and tax increases which seems to be the new norm in our county government.  We need to lower our debt, stick to a reasonable budget, and tighten our belts the same way the taxpayers of our community have been forced to do during these difficult economic times. I am for BOCC funding of the Small Business Development Center, contrary to the incumbent – who prefers hiring a lobbyist for Port Citrus instead. I support existing businesses and will work to attract others to our community to provide more jobs.

Government must set an example and not bury their heads in the sand while kicking the can down the road for others to address.  That is not proper government representation.

If you agree and believe that we must put our financial house in order, and that the people must have a voice – then I ask for your vote.  I do solemnly promise you that I will take my oath of office seriously, and to do my very best to represent all the Citizens of our County and not just a chosen few.  I think it is also important to mention that I have recently won the tea party straw poll.

My door will always remain open to all because I will never forget who elected me and who I represent. 

I respectfully request your vote.

Renee Christopher-McPheeters

Candidate For Citrus County Commissioner, District 1

For The People

Endorsement please call your friends and neighbors and urge them to vote for Renee!

Out with the old, in with the NEW, VOTE RENEE CHRISTOPHER MCPHEETERS

Letter to Editor: Renee the real deal


As the first Republican-elected commissioner on the Citrus County Board of Commissioners, in the ’70s, I feel a responsibility to weigh-in on the Aug. 14 race for Citrus County Commission, District 1.

First of all, keeping in mind the Chronicle article of Jan. 16, ”Developer, road contractor aid incumbents with campaign funds,” your readers should know Renee Christopher-McPheeters has never taken campaign donations from special interests, in this race nor in the ‘08 race in which she nearly won — with 46.09 percent of the votes!

In fact, speaking of a road, Renee is the only District 1 candidate (who) opposed the Ottawa fiasco giveaway of millions of our tax dollars before the BOCC! She also is the only candidate (who) stood for unrestricted flying of the U.S. flag before the City Council of Crystal River! As commissioner, she will vote against raising taxes!

No, Renee does not need to go a-begging for contributions from the money people — special interests, developers, lobbyists, doctors, lawyers or accountants as she has something money cannot buy and that is integrity! She founded the first official 9/11/01 Memorial in Citrus County and has received nine original government proclamations against child pornography! This is integrity at its finest!

Please know everyone can vote for Renee Christopher-McPheeters for county commissioner, District 1, no matter the party or district, as this is an open primary. Now get ready for some much needed representation on the BOCC with Renee!

David DeBusk

Please Publish Correction

Please have the following Letter to the Editor published as the 7/8 Out
the Window implies that my last name is illegitimate/fictitional and
that I have a "low name" recognition in all places except the "west
side " of Citrus County - these theories are untrue!

Thanks and have a good day!


In response to the 7/8/12 "Out the Window" article, I do take exception to the reference to myself, Rene Christopher-McPheeters, Candidate for Citrus County Commission, District 1, as "changing" my name, as "Christopher" was my last name at birth, and as having "low name recognition", being in fact, well known throughout Citrus County, this is a very unfair and biased article, and I truly feel that I deserve having my reply published! Instead, both of my opponents in this District 1, race for county commissioner, fall into your "low name" category: as on the campaign trail throughout the county, I have found that both of my opponents - the incumbent commissioner and incumbent councilman are either unknown or are known and the Citizens are "tired" of their "good old boy" cronyism. Whereas, I have stood for the Citizens not only on the "west side" issues such as the Unfair Crystal River Invalid Annexation (one opponent was for), the Unfair Interlocal Sewer Agreement (both opponents voted for) and the restriction of Flying US Flags(one opponent voted for/the other did not oppose) The publisher was correct in referring to myself as a "citizen activist" yet he failed to note that I have stood on countywide issues, as the only District 1, Citrus County Commission Candidate: Against the "Ottawa Fiasco"/Meadowcrest Multi-Million Dollar Giveaways on the Most Important BOCC Voting Days! Furthermore, many throughout Citrus County are aware of my ongoing project against child-porn: by Proclamation - receiving a Citrus BOCC Proclamation Against Child Pornography, a BOCC Resolution Against Progress Energy Rate Hikes, and also being Founder of the First Official 9/11/01 Memorial in Citrus County!

I Am A Countywide Activist Candidate For The People!


Rene Christopher-McPheeters Crystal River

Candidate Forum Crystal River FL GOP

CRYSTAL RIVER — All three showed up, engaged in lively debate and were on their best behavior.

County Commission District 1 candidates

Dennis Damato, Ron Kitchen and Renee Christopher-Mcpheeters

About 100 people crowded the American Legion Post 155 on Saturday morning to hear candidates for Citrus County Commission District 1 express their views in a campaign that is expected to draw much interest.

Incumbent Dennis Damato, seeking his third term, faces Crystal River Councilman Ron Kitchen and businesswoman Renee Christopher-McPheeters in the Republican primary. So far there are no Democrats in the race; official qualifying for the ballot is in June. If no Democrats enter the race than the primary will be it and the winner will get the office. Informed sources tell “The Eye” that Damato feels he has the election in the bag, with his huge war chest of funds and public sympathy for his medical condition.

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Letter Editor-What about us Citizens?

Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year!!


Recently a member of the Transportation Planning Organization, complained that he was "not in the loop" about "Port Citrus" a  Citrus County Commission project.


Actually, whoever in the general public, that I have spoken to – and that is many, I can truthfully say that the average Citizen does not want our tax money "In the Loop" of "Port Citrus"!! We are tired of politician’s Tax & Spend Mentality: WITHOUT THE GO-AHEAD of the Citizens!

The Citizens are definitely "Out of the Loop" on Port Citrus, just as much as they were "Out of the Loop"  on the "Ottawa Connector" , and the "Inter local Centralized Sewer Agreement", even though their taxes/finances were shoved/planned  to be "In the Loop" – "to the hilt" on all of these BOCC Projects!!!

There has been no advertised official public hearing or referendum on "Port Citrus: both are recommended or else NOT ANOTHER of the Citizen’s tax dollars should go into the "Port Citrus" $$$ Money Loop!! In fact at this point MOST Citizens want THEIR money OUT OF THE LOOP" & NO MORE IN THE LOOP!!! The BOCC is supposed to represent "WE THE PEOPLE"!

Renee Christopher-McPheeters

Citrus County

Letter to Editor-THIS IS AMERICA


As a Candidate for Citrus County Commission, District 1, Countywide for 2012, I was recently invited to a political forum along with my opposition, although I had been admonished by a representative of the sponsors that if I refused for my speech to be censored, I would be asked to leave. Along with this warning a quote was made mention of by President Ronald Reagan – that there should be no criticism of Republicans.
I am a Republican, but I am sure that President Reagan WOULD Criticize anyone – even one entitled "Republican" if that individual(s) does not "Preserve, Protect and Defend" the U.S Constitution – that includes "Freedom of Speech or of the Press"!
I must make a stand against this or any Censorship, as a Candidate for Citrus County Commission, and as President of the Ronald Reagan Republican  Assembly for the West Central Florida Region: I and my organization DO Stand for Freedom of Speech or of the Press given by our Creator and established in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution!
President Reagan REFUSED to Accept Censorship – control of what He said, as at a similar public forum at Nashua, New Hampshire, on 2/23/80, after a moderator had ordered his microphone turned off as Reagan was about to speak – he said "I am paying for this microphone" he insisted on speaking as he wished. Furthermore, if Reagan had submitted to the attempted censorship of his speech in Berlin, Germany, 6/12/87 -  he would never have said Mr. Gorbachev: "Tear Down This Wall !" If he had allowed his freedom to speak – censored: "This Wall" also known as "the Iron Curtain" Might Still Remain Intact and Freedom Vanquished!
The invitation to speak as a Candidate is appreciated, although whether or not I do attend, I shall not submit to surrendering my First Amendment Right of Free Speech!
Renee Christopher-McPheeters
President of the Ronald Reagan Republican Assembly
West Central Florida Region &
Candidate for Citrus County County Commission, District 1

I am paying for this microphone!

Nashua, New Hampshire, on 2/23/80, after a moderator had ordered his microphone turned off as Reagan was about to speak – he said "I am paying for this microphone" he insisted on speaking as he wished. Furthermore, if Reagan had submitted to the attempted censorship of his speech in Berlin, Germany, 6/12/87 -  he would never have said Mr. Gorbachev: "Tear Down This Wall !" If he had allowed his freedom to speak – censored: "This Wall" also known as "the Iron Curtain" Might Still Remain Intact and Freedom Vanquished!