Support the Movement Occupy Wall Street

It happened, it wasn’t that secretive, in some cases, it made the news, and it happened over decades. The events and the manipulations of events that led to the deregulation of Corporate America and the Wall Street Bankers, leading to the absolute subjugation of our government and in turn the people, to their whims, and … Continue reading Support the Movement Occupy Wall Street

A Thief in the Night/Letter to the Editor

Just as lawmakers were preparing to leave Washington last week, a group of seven Republicans quietly filed a bill in the House.  Their proposal would effectively end Social Security as we know it. More specifically, it would have Americans opt out of traditional Social Security and put money into private accounts at risk in the … Continue reading A Thief in the Night/Letter to the Editor


When President Eisenhower gave his farewell address in 1960 he warned the citizenry and future Presidents about the military-industrial complex and their influence. This group has been controlling everything since the end of his term, he saw and knew what they did, and his warnings were not heeded by JFK, who they murdered, and the … Continue reading LIBERTY IN PERIL