MURDER in Bengasi

Several sources have said that U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, the two former Navy SEAL commandos working as diplomatic security officers (mercenaries) and Sean Smith, an information management officer killed in Bengasi, Libya, were betrayed by their Libyans bodyguards and the series of events leading up to this was carried out by a Psy-Ops of the Israel Mossad and CIA operatives in their continued efforts to drag the United States into the coming Iran conflict. It has all the flavor of the Iranian-Hostage episode that was orchestrated back in 1979 to influence the Presidential election of 1980, by removing President Carter and to bring forward the election of Ronald Reagan, who’s Vice President George Bush, (former CIA Operative) was deemed to be more of a military adventurist than Carter.

FACTS FICTION in Between First Debate 2012

Paul Davidson, Tim Mullaney, Gregory Korte and Susan Davis, USA TODAY Complete story here (Photo: Michael Reynolds, Getty Images) Story Highlights Candidates spar over taxes on the wealthy and the middle class North America's energy independence and job creation debated Also a hot topic: The federal health care law's effects on Medicare 2:15AM EST October … Continue reading FACTS FICTION in Between First Debate 2012

What is going to happen to Medicare Medicaid?

by LIZ HALLORAN   Original Article here  Since GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney picked Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate, seems all we've been hearing about is Medicare and its future. No surprise, of course: Ryan is the author of the GOP budget plan that would dramatically remake how the health care … Continue reading What is going to happen to Medicare Medicaid?

Welcome to Kandahar-Letter to Editor

In the airport in Atlanta yesterday, I happened to be standing next to some American soldiers, wearing camouflage, on their way to Afghanistan. They knew the name of the province that they were going to, but they were arguing over what part of the country that province is in. One said the east. One said … Continue reading Welcome to Kandahar-Letter to Editor

"Make or break" moment for middle class and Obama

As President Obama tries to get movement from the “do-nothing” Congress the observation is made, what a shame he didn’t put this side forward much earlier in his Presidency. At this point in time, with the Republican party turnstile of mediocre candidates and no one emerging other then the same version with a different suit, … Continue reading "Make or break" moment for middle class and Obama