Our call-in line received this important call last night

Our phone in line received the following call last night………..

Hi, I am a 65 year old widow I was shopping at Walmart on Saturday, the third, I just wanted to let the public know, there appeared to be a male bothering me, trying to get into my car as I was putting my groceries in and he had white gloves on he was about 30 years old, it was very, very scary, it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I was parked in aisle 7, it was the most frightening thing I’ve ever been through in my life, I just wanted to let you know that and I had called the police and told them about it and I hope they picked him up, bye.

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‘Her crazy’: Florida woman goes on rampage after storeowner won’t exchange dollar bills for her jar of coins

This past Monday, a woman became furious with a storeowner when he declined to exchange dollar bills for her jar of coins. Surveillance video shows the woman aggressively pointing at the owner of the A Plus Food Mart in Mt. Dora, Florida before knocking items off the counter, the outburst only got worse from there.

The woman is seen here knocking items off the store counter.

The owner, who was not named, says that he tried explaining to the woman, also unnamed, that he didn’t have time to sort through her jar of change. She got frustrated and knocked items off his counter. He followed her outside his business and says the angry woman was screaming racial slurs and threatening to kill him. But that isn’t the worst thing that she did.

This is the moment when the woman allegedly hit the seven-year-old child.

Danya Bennett was sitting outside the A Plus Food Mart at the time with her daughter, seven-year-old Kami. Kami told News 13, “We was just sitting here minding our own business and he told us to call the police,” and, “Her crazy.” Ms. Bennett told the station, “[The storeowner’s] saying she tore up my store, call 911, something’s wrong with her.” When the woman took a swinging punch at the owner, she missed and hit someone else. Little Kami says, “When she was trying to swing at him she hit me.” That’s right, the woman allegedly hit a seven-year-old.

News 13 writes that Kami has a bruise on her face and that she said she’s suffering from nightmares. Her mother told the station, “I’d like to see justice served, its aggravated assault and I’d like to see her behind bars.” Mt. Dora Police say they are reviewing the case and that the investigation remains open.

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