remember not to say anything about how we are now going to have access to their accounts!!

They’ll never find out until it’s too late……



The local (Citrus County) and state wide hospitals that are own by Governor Rick Scott (Florida) corporation HCA are now committing fraud when handling payments from patients. A treated individual is asked to furnish a payment of some sort for the services they are about to receive. If you give them your credit or debit card as the method of payment there is no mention nor written notice that you are agreeing in the eyes of HCA to have a recurring payment set up to automatically remove payments from your account (if debit card) or charge to your account (if credit card) on a monthly basis or whenever they deem a payment necessary! In other words, unauthorized future payments.


There is no easy recourse to stop this fraud other than turning over your old card to the institution where you got it and having a new card reissued, this requires a visit to the bank, in the case of a debit card, time consuming and inconvenient, with a credit card all the hierarchical red tape you have to go through explaining and obtaining another card. The best course of action, pay cash or get a money order, steps not easily taken when being treated in an emergency situation. Patient BEWARE.

Gov. Rick Scott and Republican Death Panels

The Republican Party, along with the Republican Governor of Florida have effectively created a death panel for anyone who is poor and lives in Florida. For those who use to receive help with their prescription medications, it’ gone! Below is an example of the letter that has been going out to Citrus Citizens who had been getting help, without this help, they will no longer be able to get life saving prescriptions. Guess what? the website they mention in the letter doesn’t actually help you get medications, it simple gives you some web addresses where you may be able to get Corporate America to help you with your scripts, that is of course, after you have crossed all their T’s and dotted all their i’s, fat chance. And this is suppose to be done by the poor and indigent, who certainly have computers and access, too. All happening while they are without their health meds, wonder how many are going to die and suffer?