Citrus County and the State of Florida primaries are CLOSED♦ F.S. 101.021

February 16, 2016 Deadline to be able to change party affilation State of Florida Citrus County  OUTTATHEBOXNEWS.COM


Citrus County Voters and all the voters who live in the State of Florida, you will not be able to cross over party lines in the Primary Elections which take place this coming March 15, 2016. However if you wish take change your party affiliation in order to vote for the individual that isn’t on your particular party platform you have very little time in which to do that! Presidential Preference Primary Book Closing – Tuesday, February 16, 2016.

Presidential Preference Primary Book Closing OUTTATHEBOXNEWS.COM

Some people think if their an independent voter you can vote for someone in either party, that’s only true in the general election, not the primaries, where you can only vote for those running within your party. Example, an independent primary voter (no party affiliation) can only vote for someone under that banner, if there is no one running as an independent, you do not vote in the primaries! The Deadline for doing something about this is February 16, 2013 only 5 days away, THIS coming Tuesday, February 16, 2016!