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Scum Bucket Bush

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This scum bucket George Bush once again appeared at the White House, with his beady little eyes looking back and forth with amazement, wondering when, if ever the truth will be discovered about his misdeeds as president of the United States. Arm in arm with his accessory after the fact, Pres. Barack Obama, the continuation of the lies will persist on into the future. Bush along with his cabal of criminals are wanted in many countries around the world for their crimes against humanity, in fact, he and his cohorts would be arrested if they set foot in any one of these countries. Yet here in the United States he is still treated as some type of hero, unimaginable.Accessory After the Fact, Obama, and the #1 Criminal of the 21st Century, George Bush

Total Absorption

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Biographer David Maraniss reveals personal details of the president’s life in an excerpt published inVanity Fair from his upcoming biography on President Barack Obama that will be entitled Barack Obama:The Story. To tease the book Maraniss revealed, “When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘Intercepted!’ and took an extra hit.” He also writes that Obama’s buddies who called themselves the “Choom Gang” didn’t mind him messing up the rotation. The Huffington Post has the story:

The meticulous biographer David Maraniss revealed Barack Obama’s early girlfriends in an excerpt published in Vanity Fair of his forthcoming biography, and now the internet is seizing uponnew details of the president smoking marijuana with his buddies at the Punahou School in Hawaii.

Politico’s Playbook teased the following excerpt from “Barack Obama: The Story,” which will be published in June but is already viewable on Google Books. “When a joint was making the rounds, he often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted ‘Intercepted!’ and took an extra hit,” Maraniss writes. But Obama’s buddies, who called themselves the “Choom Gang,” didn’t mind him messing up the rotation. (After all, this was Hawaii.)

That’s not all. Maraniss writes that Obama was known for starting a trend called “TA,” short for “total absorption.”


End Times for NASA

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The Last Journey.

It’s a sad day, we as a society, a Nation, a people, have enjoy so many off shoots of the space industry, that if their benefits to us were to be removed today, we would be lost. Computers, cell phones, advances in medicines, the list is endless, so many people do not realize that most of the advances we have made in a wide field of technology and science would not have occurred if it weren’t for the catalysis of the space program. And to think, it only took 12 years of the Bush agenda of greed and deceit, continued by Obama, to do it all in! The glory days of the United States are over, until those who were responsible for the false flag operation of 911 and those who continue to perpetuate the lies, as accessories, after the fact, until these people are round up and brought to justice, the Nation, the World, will remain on the threshold of the abyss.

 reminiscence of the flyover of the E-4B otherwise known as "doomsday plane" which flew over Washington D.C. Sept 11, 2001.  See video at the bottom for DC fly over Sept 11, 2001

Our fighting heroes never thougt our Democracy would turn into a Corporate Fascist Empire.

the overcast is fitting for such a sad occassion

Goodbye, the land of the free, home of the brave.

Gas Prices and the Big GOP Lie

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This is one of many examples where private industry rips off the public. Companies have always taken advantage of the government when they sell their products to the government, the hundred dollar hammer, the five hundred dollar toilet seat and that list goes on. The idea that privatization is the answer is ludicrous, your giving the keys to the hen house to the people who want to sell you the hundred dollar egg. Not only is big oil making record profits but they are subsidized by the government. They use our tax dollars for grabbing up the world reserves of oil through military adventurism; sacrificing our sons and daughters in the process, while Wall Street speculators get more of our money by betting how high the prices will go. The obvious solution is to Nationalize BIG OIL. Of course, the propaganda machine which has been spewing forth the demonizing mantra of such words for decades would have to be overcome, don’t forget who owns these news organizations, the big Corporate Monolith, which includes Big Oil and the other industries associated with them. It is to the vital interest of the American people and the Nation to Nationalize Big Oil Now. Dave



To hear the Republican presidential candidates tell it, President Obama is doing all he can — shy of changing the price signs at your local Mobil station — to raise the cost of gasoline. Last week Mitt Romney told Fox News that Obama “has done everything in his power to make it harder for us to get oil and natural gas in this country, driving up the price of those commodities in the case of gasoline.” Rick Santorum last month warned that gas — now at $3.84 a gallon on average — would hit $5 a gallon under Obama, and that the President “has done everything possible to shut down energy production.” Newt Gingrich — he of the promised $2.50-a-gallon gas — has called on Obama to fire Energy Secretary Steven Chu over comments he made years ago about the need for American gas prices to be higher. “If he doesn’t,” Gingrich said, “then the American people will know the President is still committed to his radical ideology, which wants to artificially raise the cost of energy.”

I’m not positive, but I suspect that for Obama — like most Presidents — any ideology, radical or otherwise, takes a backseat come campaign season to the primary objective: getting re-elected. And no President who wants to remain President is going to be happy with gas prices that are scraping $4 a gallon, which is why over the past couple of weeks just about the only thing Obama seems to want to talk about is energy prices — and everything his government is doing to reduce them. Hence the unusual spectacle of seeing a Democratic President — and one who came into office on fire for clean energy — boasting that domestic oil production had risen for three straight years under his Administration. “When gas prices go up, it hurts everybody,” Obama said in a speech last month. “High gas prices are like a tax straight out of your paycheck.”

It’s that same de facto tax that explains why politicians rush to blame each other when gas starts getting expensive. But is Obama really “fully responsible for what the American public is paying for gasoline,” as the Republican Senator John Barrasso said last week?

The short answer is no — and pretty much so is the long answer. First things first: the price of gasoline is overwhelmingly dictated by the global price of crude oil. It’s true that local conditions in individual countries can make a difference. Some East Coast refineries have shut down operations, for example, because they are locked into long-term sales contracts with distributors, making it impossible for them to pass on the higher price they’re paying for oil, and thus cutting into their profit margins. This has further raised the price of gasoline, especially in big cities like Boston and Washington. (If you think you’ve got it bad, it costs $4.14 a gallon to fill up where I work in midtown Manhattan.) That’s a problem that comes from the oil industry and needs to be resolved by the oil industry, not the President, and it’s likely a temporary one anyway as refiners adjust to higher prices and reroute gasoline from the Gulf Coast.

No, gas is expensive because oil is expensive — and oil is expensive for reasons that the U.S. did not cause and can’t unilaterally fix. American oil consumption is actually down from its peak of 20.8 million barrels a day in 2005 to a little under 19 million barrels a day last year. A lot of that is the lingering economic malaise, which depresses business and consumption and therefore driving; unemployed people, in other words, don’t commute. Americans drove just under 8.1 billion miles in 2010, less than the 8.26 billion we drove in 2006.

Obama certainly doesn’t want to take responsibility for the recession, but he may well want to claim some credit for another factor behind declining oil demand: more efficient vehicles. Ten years ago, cars and trucks averaged 24.7 m.p.g. By 2011, that figure rose to 29.6 m.p.g. — and new deals brokered by the Obama Administration with the automakers to raise fuel-efficiency standards to as high as 55 m.p.g. by 2025 could take an even bigger bite out of demand while also giving American drivers more resilience against high gas prices. After all, doubling the fuel efficiency of your vehicle is equivalent to cutting the price of gas in half.

That would be smart to do because it’s quite possible that — barring another major global economic slowdown — oil will remain relatively expensive for the foreseeable future. Right now much of the recent price spike is due to tensions with Iran, a major oil producer. War with Iran is a real possibility, albeit an uncertain one, and if the missiles were to fly, we could easily see a price spike of $50 a barrel or more. So traders and major oil consumers are stockpiling crude now as a hedge against that very situation, which in turn drives the price up now by artificially inflating demand. I can’t see how that’s an incumbent President’s fault. What’s more, it’s the Republicans themselves who are leaning on Obama to take a harder line against Iran, a move that would likely only raise the possibility of war and the attendant crude catastrophe. Rest of story HERE…..

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