Chem trails over the Nation

Here’s a picture of a Jet or Drone spraying chem trails on Dec. 23, 2012. Chem trails are a known fact, exact purposes are not clear, could this aircraft be something new?

Strange looking aircraft doing a Chem Trail   EYEONCITRUS.COM

With the amount of Chem Trails being flown overhead over most of the Nation, it would seem likely that drones of some sort would be doing this, this is a strange looking aircraft, whatever it is. Thanks to the old Marine on Youtube for posting the video.

Pay attention to the chem trail being sprayed toward end of video!


Announcing our New Native Remedies Store


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Letter to Editor-CUTS

Editor’s Note: It is apparent from the news around the Nation that there is a great deal of greed and a blatant disregard for those who are in need, the elitists have a strangle hold on this Nation and their only concern is the bottom line. It should be noted that their wealth was not built in a vacuum, government services protected them from invading armies, unfair business practices, and created the necessary infrastructure so their enterprise would thrive and do not forget the major bail-out from the government for those who squandered their assets away, yet their hostility toward programs that have protected people over many years, in the same manner as they have been protected, are now scorned upon by them with their intent being the dismantling of such programs. They have an unfair advantage in that they have unlimited financial support from their Corporate structure to wage a one-sided campaign against these programs, while the least amongst us are at their mercy, of which, there is none.

Stand with Democratic Govs. Tell the Super Committee: Don't Touch Medicaid & Medicare. Add your name.

Cut $500 billion from Medicare. Cut $185 billion from Medicaid. Cut $100 billion from other health programs. And – even though it makes no sense – give the super-rich $670 billion in tax cuts.

That’s how congressional Republicans want the "super committee" to reach the $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts required by the debt ceiling deal last summer. The only shared sacrifice they seem to believe in is sacrifice by seniors and the poor.

It’s absolutely disgusting.

The super committee’s deadline is only eight days away. They need to know that Americans will not accept deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. We’re telling the super committee NO on deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare – and we need you to stand with us.

Click here to tell the super committee to reject deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. The deadline is eight days away and YOUR voice must be heard!

I’m against it, you’re against it, and the latest polls show that more than 80% of Americans are against it. But these Tea Party Republicans aren’t going to listen unless they start hearing from us loud and clear.

GOP governors even wrote to the super committee, urging them to cut Medicaid for our most vulnerable citizens. It’s outrageous.

If states have to take on more of the burden for Medicaid, that means deeper cuts in education and other services people rely on.

And let me repeat – they want to make the cuts while giving another handout to billionaires.

That’s why we need you to send a message to the Republicans on the super committee immediately.

Don’t let them get away with it. Click here to tell the super committee to reject deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. Hurry – the deadline is just eight days away!

Thank you,

Mark Giangreco
Democratic Governors Association

Professors Teachers: Selling of the American Empire Syllabus

The road to oblivion that took us down the path leading to where we are today, as a Nation and a people, was not an ad hoc set of circumstances, it was in fact, a planned path to a specific destination. It was a plan that had been formulated over many years by a group that believed they are smarter than anybody else and in particular, smarter than our founding fathers! They still believe this even though, by all indications, our Nation and the World sit on the precipice of economy failure and world upheaval, all brought about by their manipulation and the continued propaganda that bombards the National Media outlets.

There is some good educational material here, this video, which is shown below, has additional “extras” video clips along with a teaching syllabus in a PDF formatted file. If you would like to know where to obtain it, email EYEONCITRUS for additional information.

Mother says Police Accused Her


The mother of a 10 month old baby girl, Baby Lisa, who has been missing for three days, now says that the police have accused her of somehow being involved in the disappearance. Deborah Bradley, who appeared this Friday morning on “Good Morning America” says she understands that that type of questioning is standard procedure, she and the baby father, Jeremy Irwin both did not respond to the question as to, whether or not, they have taken, or failed, a polygraph.



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Anti-Wall Street Protests Grow in New York as Other Cities Join

By Esmé E. Deprez and Alison Vekshin – Oct 6, 2011 10:26 AM ET REST OF STORY HERE

The Wall Street Investors mock the protesters by Drinking Champagne! “Off with their heads.” Roseanne Barr.

Demonstrators from New York City to San Francisco took to the streets to protest what they call a growing wealth disparity between large U.S. corporations and average citizens in the wake of the financial crisis.

Picketers marched yesterday as part of the Occupy Wall Streetmovement that began three weeks ago in Lower Manhattan and has spread across the U.S. The New York crowd was estimated at 10,000, according to Patrick Bruner, a spokesman for the effort.

Anti-Wall Street Protests Spread From New York

“There’s power in numbers, and we outnumber the people we’re trying to hold accountable,” said Henry Liedtka, a 27- year-old pharmacy worker from New Jersey who said he’s protested since Oct. 2. “We should be bailing out the American public — not corporations — by raising the minimum wage, bringing jobs back from overseas and improving labor conditions.”

Protesters criticized the government for propping up hobbled financial giants, including Citigroup Inc. (C) and Bank of America Corp. (BAC), with a $700 billion taxpayer-funded bailout in 2008, while leaving Americans to struggle with unemployment, depressed wages, soaring foreclosure rates and slashed retirement savings.

Anti-Wall Street Protests Spread From New York

“We bailed them out and they are not lending the money,” JoAnn Herr, 60, a retired sheet-metal worker from Oakland, California, said in an interview yesterday outside the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, where a march through downtown formed. “They are just holding onto it, giving themselves bigger bonuses and not paying their fair share of taxes.” CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THE STORY!


Ron Paul is our endorsement for the 2012 election. There are many issues that we don’t agree upon, yet his honesty and his steadfastness hold to his beliefs over the last thirty years is absolutely something this Nation needs and we need it in a hurry. Please pass this video, or our link, on to your friends. Ron does not have the support of the Corporate Monolith, the one that has taken over the country, he needs our help.


Defend Free Speech Online. Take Action Now.

letter to EDITOR— Senate hardliners are pushing this Internet-blocking resolution just as protesters worldwide — and here at home — are relying on the Internet to make their voices heard.

Do you want Congress

to surrender your right to speak online to a company like Comcast whose sole motive is to generate as much profit as possible?

I didn’t think so. Take action now to urge your senators to stand up for Internet freedom and reject the "resolution of disapproval."

Thanks — Josh

Defend Free Speech Online.
Take Action Now.

A handful of corporate hardliners in the Senate plans to rush through a measure that would give phone and cable companies absolute, unrestricted power over the Internet.

Called a "resolution of disapproval," this measure would destroy existing Net Neutrality protections and strip the FCC of its authority to protect Internet users — letting companies block our right to speak freely, connect with one another and share information on the Internet.1

We need just 51 votes in the Senate to stop this free speech-killing measure in its tracks. It’s time for your senators, Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio, to stand up for online freedom:

Tell Sens. Nelson and Rubio: Defend Our Internet Rights. Stop the Resolution of Disapproval.

This resolution, S.J. Resolution 6, opens the door to corporate abuse of free speech. If it passes, phone and cable giants like Comcast and Verizon will be able to restrict access to competitive video services, mobile applications and other innovative services, and no one will be able to stop them.

By rejecting this resolution we can send these corporations and their hard-line allies in Congress a strong, unambiguous message: "The Internet belongs to the people who use it. Don’t mess with our right to choose what we do online."

If we can get 51 senators on our side, we will win.

Several corporate-funded front groups and Tea Party extremists have joined forces to push this measure quickly through the Senate, before the public has a chance to respond. We must defeat this effort today before it’s too late:

Tell Your Senators: Don’t Let Corporations Take Over Our Internet.

American Internet users need an open Internet that lets us view any content, anywhere. The kind of Internet freedom we’ve enjoyed to date won’t exist if we let big phone and cable companies take a wrecking ball to Net Neutrality.

Sign this letter

and we will deliver it to your senators’ offices in Washington. Then use Facebook

and Twitter

to spread the word across your social networks.

We can defeat this resolution with a massive public response.


Josh Levy
Associate Campaign Director
Free Press Action Fund

1. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas introduced the "resolution of disapproval" earlier this year and is now promising to "push for a Senate vote this fall." See "Hutchison Slams Net Neutrality Rules," the Hill, Sept. 23, 2011: