Letter to Editor-Mae Yates

My name is Mae Yates, and in March I celebrated my 90th birthday. I remember a time before Social Security and Medicare.  As a child growing up in the Great Depression, I know first-hand how these programs changed the lives of millions of Americans for the better. But Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want to … Continue reading Letter to Editor-Mae Yates

Seniors are already benefiting from the Affordable Care Act

Seniors and their caregivers should be watching closely as the Supreme Court hears arguments regarding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, the health reform law and other aspects of health care provisions affecting seniors under the act. At stake are major new benefits for people enrolled in Medicare that shouldn't be overlooked during the … Continue reading Seniors are already benefiting from the Affordable Care Act

The Raw Deal?

"A Big Deal." That's what the White House has been fighting for the past few weeks in negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. It was a search for a "compromise." And so yesterday, President Obama applauded the gang of six "compromise" based on, as he explains, "shared sacrifice and everybody ... giving up something." The … Continue reading The Raw Deal?

Phase out Medicare and Social Security?

    Image by bobster855 via Flickr Some truly frightening Republicans are poised to take over the House—and maybe even the Senate. We can't let that happen. Can you take 20 minutes to call MoveOn members and ask them to volunteer for the key campaigns that will determine control of Congress? Click here to sign … Continue reading Phase out Medicare and Social Security?