Senators Lieberman and Coburn WAR ON SENIORS/LETTERS

Last week, Senators Lieberman and Coburn introduced a new front in the war on senior citizens: unprecedented cuts to the Medicare program that raise the eligibility age to 67 and force seniors to pay more for prescription drugs.

We’re fighting back by expanding our campaign to protect Social Security to include Medicare and other social safety net programs — and refusing to support to ANY politician in favor of cutting these programs. Will you join us?

Sign our pledge to protect the social safety net and refuse to support ANY politician in favor of making cuts.

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Thanks so much of your support of our campaign so far. We won’t rest until cuts to Social Security, Medicare and other critical safety net programs are off the table.

Deepest thanks,

Brian Sonenstein
Digital Strategy Director

PS: You can read more about Lieberman/Coburn in the email I sent to supporters last week, copied below.

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From: Brian Sonenstein, (

Lieberman is ginning up "bipartisan support" for cutting Medicare.

Pledge to unconditionally oppose cuts to the social safety net.

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