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In Mars 3 Figure Picture on kp58 at 311314

3 FIGURES ON MARS   eyeoncitrus.comBelow is the animated picture.

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This is an animated picture of the 3 figures (statues) on Mars taken by the Curiosity rover in the Gale Crater. The animation is in the shadowing, in an effort to help those who could not see the figures in the original pictures published. If the animation doesn’t work, (however the animation is slower than most, give it time to load) click directly on the picture, it will load in another page.The center figure which has fallen over is is either lying on it’s back or face forward, has a scroll at it’s base lying on the ground, opened. Of course, this scroll is in the same form, it is a statue rendering, much like those many of us have seen in various churches.


Curiosity finds another Artifact on Mars! click here….

In Curiosity finds another Artifact on Mars! EYEONCITRUS.COM on kp25 at 301322

In examining the photos that the Mars explorer, Curiosity, has sent back, this one alone should indicate to everyone that life once existed on Mars and perhaps not too different from what  we know it to be here on earth! It is from a series of pictures taken of Gale Crater. If you click the picture directly below, you will be taken to the location of the picture on NASA’s web site.

Can you see it in the picture above?

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Lone Wolf on Mars, WHAT? click here

In Lone Wolf on EYEONCITRUS Radio, Mars on kp47 at 311305

The Lone Wolf’s rant N rave on the planet Mars and was there life there, is there life there now, what’s the definitive answered? Join the Lone Wolf as he discusses this and more, such as the new historical novel about the green mountain state of Vermont and THE STORE, cold days and hot nights, soon to be available on eoc-x-files.com.

The Store Whiting Vermont

Is there really something here or have the photos from Mars been altered???

In the history of Brandon, VT you’ll find a short piece about the quarries that were dug around that area and supposedly during one of the digs they found a live frog deep underground, very interesting.

So are the photos from Mars retouched, manipulated, or what? We are currently researching this and will keep you posted.

EOC X-FILES ONLINE click here!

In EOC X-FILES ONLINE, Mar Curiosity pictures on kp15 at 311318

Our X-FILES site is up offering a free chance to join while it is under construction! Find the unusual and strange there, along with the controversial articles not found anywhere’s else. On the front page, right now, you’ll find two pictures from Mars, which show that Mars was inhabited billions of years ago. See the remnants of an advance civilization that either destroyed itself in war or by destroying their world, perhaps a little bit of both! Click here to go to EOC X-FILES…


A child sneaker and a toy glider on MARS   EOC X-FILES    EYEONCITRUS.COM

Is it Mars or is it Brandon?

In Is it Mars or is it Brandon? on kp37 at 311225

Is is Brandon, Vermont or some other town, some other place, at some other time long ago, on Mars?

Brandon Vermont and a Town on Mars

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