FBI: Two Agents Shot & Killed

imageTwo FBI agents were killed and three were wounded, following a shooting early Tuesday morning while serving a warrant in Sunrise, Florida,  according to the FBI. A statement released by the FBI say two wounded agents were hospitalized and are in stable condition. The third wounded agent remained on the scene. The FBI is not releasing the names of the two fallen agents. The FBI says the shooting took place around 6:00 a.m. in the area of 10100 Reflections Boulevard. “A team of law enforcement officers were there to execute a federal court-ordered search warrant in furtherance of a violent crimes against children case.” CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald reports they were serving the warrant as part of a child porn investigation. Nob Hill Road is closed in both directions from Northwest 44th Street to Oakland Park Boulevard.  Police are urging people to stay out of the area. A Miami Herald source says suspected gunman barricaded himself for several hours before he shot and killed himself. The FBI has confirmed the suspect is dead. Just before 10:30 a.m., a police motorcade escorted the fallen federal agents to the Medical Examiner’s Office.


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Bush and the multitude of Conspirators of the NWO killed JFK

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Bush and the multitude of Conspirators of the New World Order were involved in the murder of John F Kennedy with it’s legacy continuing to shape the world existence.
Join us at EYEONTERRA.COM and THELONEWOLFPARADIGM.COM as we look at the world today and what has brought it to where we stand now. One of the major acts of terrorism that went unnoticed and unlabeled at that time was the massive conspiracy used by well known participants to remove JFK from office and any possible future promise his Presidency would have left for the masses. How the untold number of lives lost in the past and those that will be lost to the future because this remorseful act was left unpunished with the guilty participants and their heirs continuing their legacy of lies, deception and trickery.

An early instant of the New World Order act of Terrorism to rid earth of sovereign nations and the ultimate control of humanity.

A continued review of Francis Robert Connolly part 2 Join our forum by clicking here

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Multiple Vehicle Accident HWY 44 East of Crystal River FL


Approximately at 1:30 P.M Wednesday, March 18, 2015 there was a multiple vehicle accident on hwy 44 in the east bound land around the area of the Greek Orthodox Church and the Crystal Oaks entrance to 44. It appear 4 vehicles were involved with the worst damage being incurred by a later model pickup that had it’s roof crushed down to the side of the truck bed, the Medical Examiner wagon was there, further information will be provided as it becomes available.

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Update: Lehman Strickland 67  of Inverness was killed and his wife Sandra was airlifted to Bayonet Point with serious injuries.

    Multiple Vehicle Accident HWY 44 east of Crystal River FL Wednesday March 18 2015

HIT AND RUN Homosassa



Doreen T Ashley Left for Dead Hit and Run Homosassa FL   EYEONCITRUS.COM


A 54-year-old woman was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver Monday night in Citrus County, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

According to troopers, Doreen T. Ashley of Homosassa was walking on the outside of West Rosedale Drive near Enright Terrace at an undetermined time. She was struck by an unknown vehicle whose driver fled the scene without rendering aid or reporting the crash.

Ashley died at the scene, and her body was discovered by Citrus County sheriff’s deputies.

FHP says 54-year-old Doreen Ashley was walking along the outside portion of eastbound West Rosedale Drive when she was hit by the car.

She was left for dead. Citrus County Sheriff’s deputies discovered her body New Year’s Eve.

FHP is asking anyone with information to call Corporal Parnell at 352-796-6767.

Car accident takes life of local resident, Teri Hill


Teri Hill was killed in a vehicle accident last night. She worked at Cody’s Roadhouse and lived in Crystal River, FL. More to follow….

A pickup struck a power pole and overturned early today in Citrus County, ejecting and killing the passenger and leaving the driver in critical condition, troopers said.

Teri Lynn Dennis, 29, of Homosassa, died at the scene, Sgt. Steve Gaskins, spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol, said in a news release.

The driver, James M. Newton, 39, of Crystal River, was taken to Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

Neither driver nor passenger were wearing seat belts.