Good News: Depart of Justice suit to stop FLORIDA’S Ric Scott’s Election laws reformat

Rick Scott, Liar Extraordinaire EYEONCITRUS.COM

It would appear that Rick Scott’s attempt to manipulate Florida election laws through his office and the Republican legislature may be foiled by the United States Dept of Justice. With Rick Scott’s approval rating ranging between a low of 28% to a high of 38%, he and his cohorts have revamp the election laws in respect to early voting, limiting the voting hours and the length of time that early voting would be opened. Studies have shown that the working people, which tend to be Democrats and not the elitist retirees, who tend to be Republicans, tend to vote during the early voting season more than on the regular election day. As in his corporate days of manipulation of facts in order to defraud the U.S. government, Scott attempts to get his cabal of lowlifes together in order to change the election law because he certainly has no chance of winning reelection if it were not done.

On Friday, the United States Department of Justice announced it will seek a trial regarding Florida’s elections law overhaul, passed last year by the state Legislature.

The law has drawn harsh criticism from civil rights and advocacy groups and led to multiple legal challenges.

The Associated Press reported this weekend:

"The Justice Department is opposing changes in Florida voting procedures and says it wants a trial in the dispute, a move that could impact the state’s August primary elections.

In court papers filed late Friday night, Florida officials say they strongly oppose having a trial and noted that the federal court hearing the case in the District of Columbia wants sufficient time to issue a decision before the August primaries. The state is seeking court approval for changes that shorten the time for voter registration groups turning in registration forms to 48 hours and that narrow the time frame for early voting to 10 days before election day.

Florida says the court in Washington can decide the case on the basis of information already submitted in the lawsuit."

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