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Saving John’s Cats?

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Hi hope I’ve reached sound off at the Chronicle. Here’s what I have to say, regarding T N R, trapped, neutered, and release of feral cats in Citrus County, I knew an elderly man in Inverness about 3 years ago, who had much monetarily, yet road his bicycle every day, the baskets stuffed with cat food, to feed the feral colonies.

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You could see paper plates set out in particular areas around in Inverness, either the County or was it the City of Inverness arrested him for breaking the law, against feeding feral cats.


He continue anyway, knowing that they would starve unless somebody took action. Old John died about 2 years ago, I thought that I read, Trapped, Neutered, Release, would become the practice?


Does anyone know what’s happened, or not, for saving John’s cats?  Thank you.


EyeOnCitrus Call-In Line received this call and publishing it because caller would like information, if anyone out there can respond to her question!

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