Checkers Closes Crystal River


In another sign of the times, the local, Checkers, in Crystal River, FL has closed. The signs have all been taken down and there are areas tape shut. Earlier this year, the Sonic Restaurant, across the street from Checkers closed down and the snowball effect continues. As it turns out, the Checkers in Inverness, is presently closed, although, this hasn’t been confirmed to be permanent or not.

VETERAN DAY PARADE Inverness Florida 2010

It’s was a beautiful day for the Veteran’s Parade in Inverness on Thursday, November 11, 2010. The sun was shining and the people were smiling as they honor all the brave men and women who now serve our country and for all those who have so valiantly served in the past! Although only a portion of the parade was successfully recorded, we hope you enjoy what we have and will have any video problems corrected for any future postings.