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Lies that led to WAR

In Lies that led to WAR on kp47 at 311416

by Jeff Dolittle

The brave souls that have a lifetime to look forward to, a lifetime of pain, suffering, stares, not fitting in, never to be accepted except out of pity, their torture goes on seemingly forever, after a time, they realize the lucky ones, are the ones who didn't come back.

Over a hundred years of falsehoods to take the Nation to war for so many times. Some may say that in certain instances it is necessary but they are not the ones that send and lose their love ones in these bloodbaths of greed. The video below documents all the times that our elected officials have lied to us to bring the Nation into war. In most of the cases, the bottom line was the reason. The corporate greed of the Monolith that now controls the Nation and is striving for the complete one world order that some of you may have heard about is a work in progress. Every time one of the elected stooges for this order professes their reasons for marching our kids off to war is another step taken toward achieving this goal. Watch the video below, it’s documents all those times, going back to the Spanish-American War and Remember the Maine!

February 15: USS Maine explodes

No more shall we  be the pawns of the elitists and their stooges.
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End Times for NASA

In End Times for NASA, EOC EYEONCITRUS.COM on kp59 at 301217

The Last Journey.

It’s a sad day, we as a society, a Nation, a people, have enjoy so many off shoots of the space industry, that if their benefits to us were to be removed today, we would be lost. Computers, cell phones, advances in medicines, the list is endless, so many people do not realize that most of the advances we have made in a wide field of technology and science would not have occurred if it weren’t for the catalysis of the space program. And to think, it only took 12 years of the Bush agenda of greed and deceit, continued by Obama, to do it all in! The glory days of the United States are over, until those who were responsible for the false flag operation of 911 and those who continue to perpetuate the lies, as accessories, after the fact, until these people are round up and brought to justice, the Nation, the World, will remain on the threshold of the abyss.

 reminiscence of the flyover of the E-4B otherwise known as "doomsday plane" which flew over Washington D.C. Sept 11, 2001.  See video at the bottom for DC fly over Sept 11, 2001

Our fighting heroes never thougt our Democracy would turn into a Corporate Fascist Empire.

the overcast is fitting for such a sad occassion

Goodbye, the land of the free, home of the brave.

Letter to Editor-CUTS

In Super Committee to cut Medicaid Medicare on kp16 at 301115

Editor’s Note: It is apparent from the news around the Nation that there is a great deal of greed and a blatant disregard for those who are in need, the elitists have a strangle hold on this Nation and their only concern is the bottom line. It should be noted that their wealth was not built in a vacuum, government services protected them from invading armies, unfair business practices, and created the necessary infrastructure so their enterprise would thrive and do not forget the major bail-out from the government for those who squandered their assets away, yet their hostility toward programs that have protected people over many years, in the same manner as they have been protected, are now scorned upon by them with their intent being the dismantling of such programs. They have an unfair advantage in that they have unlimited financial support from their Corporate structure to wage a one-sided campaign against these programs, while the least amongst us are at their mercy, of which, there is none.

Stand with Democratic Govs. Tell the Super Committee: Don't Touch Medicaid & Medicare. Add your name.

Cut $500 billion from Medicare. Cut $185 billion from Medicaid. Cut $100 billion from other health programs. And – even though it makes no sense – give the super-rich $670 billion in tax cuts.

That’s how congressional Republicans want the "super committee" to reach the $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts required by the debt ceiling deal last summer. The only shared sacrifice they seem to believe in is sacrifice by seniors and the poor.

It’s absolutely disgusting.

The super committee’s deadline is only eight days away. They need to know that Americans will not accept deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. We’re telling the super committee NO on deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare – and we need you to stand with us.

Click here to tell the super committee to reject deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. The deadline is eight days away and YOUR voice must be heard!

I’m against it, you’re against it, and the latest polls show that more than 80% of Americans are against it. But these Tea Party Republicans aren’t going to listen unless they start hearing from us loud and clear.

GOP governors even wrote to the super committee, urging them to cut Medicaid for our most vulnerable citizens. It’s outrageous.

If states have to take on more of the burden for Medicaid, that means deeper cuts in education and other services people rely on.

And let me repeat – they want to make the cuts while giving another handout to billionaires.

That’s why we need you to send a message to the Republicans on the super committee immediately.

Don’t let them get away with it. Click here to tell the super committee to reject deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. Hurry – the deadline is just eight days away!

Thank you,

Mark Giangreco
Democratic Governors Association


Death Of The Middle Class?

Image by Renegade98 via Flickr

by Dave Gregory

Our rights are being taken away from us, our voices are being drowned out by propaganda and the march goes on in the war on the middle class. The millionaires and billionaires are never satisfied with all the wealth they have accumulated, it’s always more, more, and more. This is off the backs of the working, middle class Americans. All they have to do is to throw out words, like socialism, deficits and all the accomplishments that the working class has achieved over the last fifty years plus is buried in the rubble of the people’s lives. The people who can no longer afford the basics of existence without a struggle, the people who wonder how their children are going to be able to enjoy any type of life without the burden of so many untold sacrifices, where does it all end? It doesn’t, unless we stand together to stop it. People, it is time to stand together and understand what is taking place in this country. It is not time to be led easily astray by the propaganda of the rich, the rich who control the media. It is not the time, to easily fall into mindless arguments that distract from the big picture. It is not the time, to ignore the facts! It is the time, to unite, as one voice, a voice that is to be reckoned with. Even if you think it is difficult to sift through all the arguments that are laid out for you, you should be able to just look at your own history and how hard it has become for you to make ends meet! Bernie Sanders‘ speech before the Senate, gives you the details, he can’t do it alone, tell your Congressmen and Senators that we are not going to take it anymore!®

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