MURDER in Bengasi

Several sources have said that U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, the two former Navy SEAL commandos working as diplomatic security officers (mercenaries) and Sean Smith, an information management officer killed in Bengasi, Libya, were betrayed by their Libyans bodyguards and the series of events leading up to this was carried out by a Psy-Ops of the Israel Mossad and CIA operatives in their continued efforts to drag the United States into the coming Iran conflict. It has all the flavor of the Iranian-Hostage episode that was orchestrated back in 1979 to influence the Presidential election of 1980, by removing President Carter and to bring forward the election of Ronald Reagan, who’s Vice President George Bush, (former CIA Operative) was deemed to be more of a military adventurist than Carter.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt WARNED of the GOP in 1936-HOLDS TRUE TODAY!!!

Their last successful attempt was in the thief of the election of 2000, when through manipulation of the election process in Florida (George Bush brother ran Florida, Jeb Bush)with George Bush and Cheney taking control of the government(there were a lot of firsts in Bush’s Presidency, the first time the exit polls at the polling stations had ever been wrong in predicting an election, the first time NORAD had ever been put in charge of a civilian-Dick Cheney, others to numerous to mention here, but the main one, the first time in the history of the world, that skyscrapers had collapsed because of fire!), along with their cabal of Neo-Cons, who set out on a path of privatization, deregulation and war, these policies led to the raping and pillaging of the wealth of our Nation on the backs of it’s citizenry. Franklin D. Roosevelt warning to the people in 1936 was needed then, as it is now!

GOP remembering their last President at the Convention-A special moment!

In a poignant moment during the Grand Ole Party (Republican) Convention last week, a moment of silent prayer was held at the beginning remembering the GOP last Republican President and his illustrious cabal of associates who ran the country just a mere three and half years ago! George Bush and Dick Cheney. The men who … Continue reading GOP remembering their last President at the Convention-A special moment!

Republicans Acknowledge Responsibility for National Debt

  In an historic move, at their National Convention, the GOP acknowledges that is was and is the party that is responsible for the National Debt, referring to the years of the George Bush, Cheney Administration. Citing the fact  that Bush took office when there was no National Debt and there was a surplus of … Continue reading Republicans Acknowledge Responsibility for National Debt