Malaysian Flight 370 and Air Traffic Control audio released tampered with.. click here

The recently released audio recording of the communication between Malaysian Flight 370 and Air Traffic Control has been determined to have been edited, for what reasons, remains unclear at this point. The NSA has refused requests for the release of all its information on this missing aircraft under the Freedom of Information Act per executive order. Sources, as yet to be confirmed, have stated that a U.S. operation is under way in Yeman with the possibility that it may have to do with this missing aircraft. Listen to the tampered audio recording in the YouTube video below!

Click here for the analysis of the tampered audio recording……

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Audio Book Chapter 1 Jesse Ventura’s 63 Documents Government Doesn’t Want You to Read…

Click here to listen to Chapter 1 of Jesse Ventura's book 63 Documents the Government dosesn't want you to read!

Here is the Audio Chapter 1 of Jesse Ventura’s newest book, 63 documents the government doesn’t want you to read. Details obtained from the documents released by the Freedom of Information Act. These documents were released in 1997, over forty years from the occurrence of these law breaking activities that emerged with the birth of the C.I.A. Documents that reveal the crimes committed by the CIA against humanity. The documents speak for themselves. It is no wonder that the propaganda machine of the shadow government has never made any mentioned of this material, to do so, would reveal the circumvention of the law that the federal government has taken against the people of the world and the  people of the Nation. And of course their lack of revelation can only be viewed as being that of an accomplice after the fact and therefore being subject to the same punishments as the law would allow for those responsible for treason against the United States. Be sure to do your research and the Eye On Citrus Book Store has the materials for your studies.