This is perhaps the biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans

When Democrats took control of Congress after the 2006 elections, one of the first laws they passed was a three-step increase in the federal minimum wage from $5.15 an hour to $7.25 an hour. Before then, under Republican control of the House of Representatives, the minimum wage had been frozen for a decade.Last week, a group of more than 100 House Democrats introduced legislation that would once again increase the federal minimum wage in three steps from $7.25 to $9.80. Further, the Democratic bill ties the minimum wage to inflation, so low-income workers will no longer see their purchasing power decline every time Republicans have a majority in the House.This bill would improve the take home pay of 28 million low-income Americans, and help stimulate the economy for everyone else. There are few, if any, other laws that could so quickly make a positive difference in the lives of so many low-income Americans. However, it has no chance of passing into law as long as John Boehner and the tea party are in charge.

This is one of the clearest reasons why we need Democrats to control the House of Representatives, and for Nancy Pelosi to become Speaker Pelosi once more. To accomplish that goal, at Daily Kos, we are working to elect nine strong progressives who are running in districts Democrats must win in order to retake the majority.

Please, help increase wages for 28 million low-income Americans by chipping in $1 for each of the nine progressive Democrats listed on the Speaker Pelosi Project page on Act Blue.

Keep fighting,
Laura Clawson
Labor Editor, Daily Kos

Today Is the Day …from Michael Moore LETTER

Today Is the Day …from Michael Moore

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010


This letter contains (almost) no criticisms of how the Democrats have brought this day of reckoning upon themselves. That — and where to go from here — will be the subject of tomorrow’s letter.

Today, we have one job and one job only: Stop the return of the bigger criminal class, the Party of War, the people who (with a few Democratic enablers) manufactured the very mess we are in.

There is good news this morning: The final ABC/Washington Post poll shows that, among registered voters, people still say they prefer the Democrats over the Republicans by 5 percentage points. It’s only when the pollsters ask “likely voters” who they want that the Republicans come out ahead by a few points.

So it’s clear the majority of voters want the Dems, but the prediction is the Republicans will win because Dem voters are going to stay home.

So, our mission is simple: MAKE SURE NO ONE WE KNOW STAYS HOME TODAY. Here’s what I am going to do right now and what I’m asking the millions of you reading this to join me in doing:

1. Email, call and/or text every non-Republican in your personal address book and remind them to vote Democratic today. If they (rightfully) complain that the Dems have been disappointing, tell them they’re right, then ask them to watch this editorial

by Rachel Maddow last night where she correctly lists the dozen or so things this Democratic congress did right — the types of things we’ll never see from the Republicans if they take over (equal pay for women act, taking student loans out of the greedy hands of the banks, funding for our first bullet trains, boosting veterans benefits after Bush refused to for 8 years, etc.).

2. Post a general reminder to vote (and who to vote for) on your facebook page and tweet it to your Twitter followers.

3. If you have the time, go down to a local candidate’s HQ or the local Democratic Party office and offer to make calls or give people rides to the polls.

4. Think local. No matter where you are in America, there’s someone on the ballot today in your town who deserves your vote. Guaranteed. If you’re in Wisconsin and you’re pissed at Harry Reid for letting Joe Lieberman derail the public option on health care, don’t let that stop you from getting everyone you know to go vote for Russ Feingold. In Florida and furious at the way the Obama administration coddled Wall Street? All the more reason to call every single person you know in the Orlando area to go vote for Alan Grayson. In California and mad about the total Democratic failure on global warming? You can still change the world for the better by showing up with all your friends to vote for Prop 19 to legalize personal use of marijuana (and stop the record numbers of people we put in prison who don’t belong there).

5. Explain to anyone who’s given up and doesn’t want to vote today that Obama was handed a terrible mess that he didn’t create. He may now understand he’s moved too slow and compromised too much on the big stuff that needed to get done (after all, Goldman Sachs was his #1 private contributor in the 2008 election). But in the last couple months he’s made some good moves — booting some generals, dumping economic advisor/wrecker Larry Summers, and hiring new people like consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren. Things are very bad right now. But they can get MUCH worse. War with Iran? A genuine worldwide Second Great Depression? A Republican Congress will spend every second trying to make it happen.

6. Finally, we must let the Democratic politicians know that our vote comes with one big condition: If they do not straighten up, get a spine and do what we expect of them, we will find alternate candidates to run against them in 2012. And we mean it. Go vote today

, but also sign this petition that I’ll deliver to every elected Democrat — the “I’m Voting Democratic But I Will Work to Defeat You Next Time if You Don’t Do Your Job” petition, aka “The Democrats on Probation” petition. Let’s publicly put them on notice that we’ll give them just two more years to start doing the things we elected them to do. If they move one more inch to the “center” or to the right, they will never get our vote again. And we mean business.

Bill Maher said, “We have a center-right party and a crazy party. Over the last 30 years, the Democrats have moved to the right, and the Republicans have moved into a mental hospital.” That about sums it up. But he also said, “Sure, I’m mad at the Democrats. I’m also mad at my cell phone company. But I don’t throw away my cell phone cause I’m mad and then rub dog shit on my teeth.” We all know this isn’t the best situation to be in. So consider this one last reason to get out and vote:

There are good people the country has never heard of who are running today all across America, most of them for the first time. Somewhere in this great land right now, the woman who will cast the deciding vote in the Senate for single payer in 2016 is running for mayor of your city in her first big race. Somewhere else, the person who will become the first female president of the United States in 2020 is running for the state house for the first time. Their careers will be over and that future will never be if you don’t show up today. Go to

, find out who’s great and running where you live, and then show up to vote for them. You may help light the spark that will save our sorry ass somewhere down the road. Don’t just hold your nose today as you go in the booth — go ignite a future revolution. The only thing that makes the corporate honchos happier than paying no taxes is making sure as few people vote as possible. They think they’ve bought this election.

Go prove them wrong.

Michael Moore

Do-nothing Congress? Not by a long shot

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WASHINGTON – The public panned it. Republicans obstructed it. Many Democrats fled from it. Even so, the session of Congress now drawing to a close was the most productive in nearly half a century.

Not since the explosive years of the civil rights movement and the hard-fought debut of government-supported health care for the elderly and poor have so many big things – love them or hate them – been done so quickly.

Gridlock? It may feel that way. But that’s not the story of the 111th Congress – not the story that history will remember.

Democrats are dearly hoping history won’t repeat itself. In 1966, after Democrats created Medicare and Medicaid and passed civil rights laws, they got hammered in the election, losing 48 seats in the House and four in the Senate. They maintained their majorities in both at the time, but an identical result next month would turn the House over to Republicans.


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A major announcement

Roosevelt Signs The Social Security Act: Presi...

Dear Eye On Citrus

Rand Paul, the Tea Party leader running against me for Senate in Kentucky, thinks Social Security is unconstitutional. Other Republicans across the nation are also campaigning on privatization and Social Security cuts.

With a Tea Party deep on the fringe, the way for Democrats to win in 2010 is to have a spine — and go on offense.

That’s why today, I am proud to announce with my friends at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee that over 200 congressional candidates and members of Congress are promising to oppose any cuts to Social Security.

We’re saying no privatization, no raising the retirement age, no messing with the best program for seniors and workers in American history — and no mincing words about it.

Can you show your support for Democrats who stand on principle and go “on offense” by signing a statement of support for today’s big move by 200 candidates? Click here.

We’ll make sure the political insiders and the media take notice of where the grassroots want Democratic leaders to be.

The PCCC has done a great job working with me and other Democratic candidates to go on offense on Social Security — and I’ve been taking the Social Security fight directly to Rand Paul in debates, speeches, and media events.

The 200 others include:

  • Senate candidates Scott McAdams (AK), Roxanne Conlin (IA), Lee Fisher (OH), Alexi Giannoulias (IL), Kendrick Meek (FL), Paul Hodes (NH), Elaine Marshall (NC), and others
  • House candidates Ann McLane Kuster (NH), Joe Garcia (FL), Bill Hedrick (CA), Rob Miller (SC), Julia Lassa (WI), Manan Trivedi (PA), Ed Potosnak (NJ), Michael Oliverio (WV), and others
  • Members of Congress Raul Grijalva (AZ), Mary Jo Kilroy (OH), Alan Grayson (FL), Michael Acuri (NY), Carol Shea-Porter (NH), Ed Potosnak (NJ), Bill Owens (NY), John Boccieri (OH), and others
  • The full list is at

As Rachel Maddow would say, “This is what it looks like when Democrats go on offense.”

Can you support Democrats who stand on principle and go “on offense” by signing a statement of support for today’s big move by 200 candidates? Click here.

Then, please pass this email to your friends who want bold Democrats. Thanks for being a bold progressive.

Jack Conway

Letter to the Editor: Frustrated Bernie Sanders

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont
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I’m an independent. So why am I writing on behalf of Democrats? Because we’re only 28 days out, and polls show close races in at least 15 states. The GOP only needs to win 10 to take the majority. And their candidates are the most reactionary I’ve ever seen.

Yes, it’s easy to get frustrated at the pace of progress in Washington, and I share the concerns of many progressives that the Democrats have not been as bold and aggressive as they should be. But, if those of us who want to move our nation forward don’t act immediately, winnable races will be lost.

There’s not a moment to waste. Click here to make an immediate donation of $5 or more to the DSCC. It’s less than a month until the midterm elections, and if the DSCC fails to raise $989,309 by midnight Saturday, races that should be won might slip away. Every seat matters when Senate control hangs in the balance.

If Democrats lose the Senate, everything we believe in – health care for all, full employment, transforming our energy system, preserving social security, a fair and progressive tax structure – will be set back. Nothing can justify sitting by and letting that happen.

Look, I’ve had my differences with Democrats in the past, but we set them aside to work together to move our country forward. That won’t happen if Democrats lose the Senate. The obstruction we’re seeing today will look like child’s play. The Republican agenda – such as it is – is to stop at nothing to destroy President Obama and win back the White House in 2012.

They’re getting powerful help. GOP-aligned groups including Karl Rove‘s American Crossroads plan to spend $400 million – a record-breaking amount – to elect Republicans. These shady groups funded by oil billionaires and secret donors are relentlessly attacking Democrats. Candidates who stand up to corporate influence risk their voices being drowned out.

In these last 28 days, it all comes down to funding for the education, outreach and extensive grassroots mobilization we need to win and to defend my Democratic friends like Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold and Patty Murray. It’s what the DSCC does best, but it can’t do it without your help.

Click here to make an immediate donation of $5 or more to the DSCC. It’s 28 days until the midterm elections, and the DSCC must raise $989,309 by midnight Saturday to keep pace with the Republicans.

Republicans are counting on us to sit on our hands, but this is no time to opt out. It’s time to seize the moment, win in November and move this country forward. Thank you for your help.


Sen. Bernie Sanders

Senate GOP blocks bill that would promote less outsourcing

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Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, September 28, 2010; 12:34 PM

Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked a Democratic plan to encourage companies to bring jobs back from overseas, as a united GOP caucus voted against a motion to debate the measure on the Senate floor.

The motion failed 53 to 45.

The legislation would have raised taxes on corporations that shift operations overseas, costing U.S. jobs. It also would have awarded companies that bring jobs back from abroad by offering a two-year hiatus from payroll taxes for those positions.

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