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POPULATION Control: Are you a Guinea Pig? 

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Are you a Guinea Pig?

I keep wondering how long is it going to take, will it ever happen before it’s too late? It may be too late now, who can say for sure?

They had a plan, a plan that wasn’t on a time schedule, no completion date set, no, they just had goals, which they knew if they were met than everything would just fall into place and then it would be like taking candy from a baby.

That’s what they did, set goals, achieved them and sat back to watch their bank accounts get bigger and the people’s rights disappeared while they partied and laughed amongst themselves on how easy it had been having pulled the strings that brought about the demise of the greatest experiment ever attempted on this planet, a Democratic Republic!

Not conquered from without but rather from within, with slow, plotting nuances, changing laws, abandoning safety nets, interrupted by sudden artificial calamities, pitting one group against another, dividing steps which enabled them (the elitists) to dismantle the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, while the people shook with fear and turned upon each other, not realizing what had happen and how they’d been overthrown.

We’ve seen the results, never ending wars, unconquerable villains, terrorists’ attacks, known and unknown, and now we have their two finalists of the rig primary process, one the overwhelming choice and the second would have to do if it were to be, he won’t be that difficult to manipulate, after all, he’s a pragmatist and reality is usually seen clearly by such people!

Are you a guinea pig?

What are you really buying?

The same people that create the events to start wars, depopulate the planet, keep the war machine churning as the oil dollars flow into their accounts, the dollar devalued is no concerned to them, when you have untold wealth there is little concerned as opposed to us, who have seen our buying power dwindle as food prices increases getting less for more is the everyday ordeal that is faced. The emerging question appears; after we have experienced all these tribulations will the realization that we are also guinea pigs be understood? Perhaps watching the movie “CONSUMED” starring Danny Glover, will turn the light on, perhaps not?


Netflix has this movie (“CONSUMED” starring Danny Glover) available, if you haven’t joined Netflix, I would highly recommend it! It is one of the original companies that offered movies to the public and although others are out there now, they started it and they have their own movie and shows productions along with very reasonable rates! If you don’t want to join them and we are friends send me an email with the subject “movie” and I will invite you to a viewing;


I am not a Guinea Pig!


Dave Gregory


GOP remembering their last President at the Convention-A special moment!

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In a poignant moment during the Grand Ole Party (Republican) Convention last week, a moment of silent prayer was held at the beginning remembering the GOP last Republican President and his illustrious cabal of associates who ran the country just a mere three and half years ago! George Bush and Dick Cheney. The men who initialized the privatization of government agencies, who wanted Social Security, privatized, who deregulated the banks and Wall Street, who gave free reign to the Military-Industrial Complex (President Eisenhower’s Term) who basically set in motion all of the actions that brought about the Great Recession, Two Wars and the unquenchable thirst for more and more.

Oh, WAIT A MINUTE, NO, YOU DIDN’T MISS THAT, it never happened!!

You see, there is NO POIGNANCY in remembering the two terms of George Bush and Dick Cheney, the two men who, more than any individuals in the past 236 years (Declaration of Independence), did more to bring this Great Country to it’s knees, than anybody else, ever did!

So, it is the hope, with this grand omission, the liars and crooks that put us into the abyss, will be forgotten, along with their policies, so that the new wannabes, thieves in the night, can reinstate their policies and put the final nails in the coffin of this great land. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN!




And finally, New Rule: Republicans don’t have to accept evolution, economics, climatology, or human sexuality, but I just watched a week of their national convention, and I need them to admit the historical existence of George W. Bush.  (audience applause)

If your party can run the nation for eight years, and then have a national convention and not invite Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Karl Rove, or Tom DeLay… (audience applause) you’re not a political movement, you’re the witness protection program.

In fact, Republicans, next time, instead of holding a convention without your most recent President, your most recent Vice-President, your most recent Vice-Presidential nominee, and most of the runners-up from your most recent primary, why not just wave one of those Men in Black memory eraser wands in our face, and make us forget everything we know about you?  (audience applause)

Now, I’m sure Sarah Palin would’ve been uncomfortable at the convention — much of it was held indoors — but isn’t it traditional to invite the last nominee for VP?  Even if conceiving her was a mistake, aren’t you morally obliged to bring her to term? (wild audience applause)

Cuz if you went by what they said this week, here’s how the history of America went down.  OK, first the Founding Fathers — you know, the original teabaggers — they got the Constitution directly from Jesus.  Then the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.  And the Republican Party to this very day has never stopped fighting for the black man.

Except that Romney and Ryan are now polling at zero.  Zero percent among blacks.  They couldn’t get a black guy to vote for them if they gave him a Lincoln!  (audience applause)  And Mitt Romney may yet try that.

And then came, of course, St. Reagan, who was the innovator of the Republican Party’s greatest power, the ability to completely forget.  So I’m just asking, how can we trust Republicans with the future, when as far as I can tell from Tampa, the world ended the year Reagan left office?  Like in 1988, we all just fell into a deep sleep listening to "Pour Some Sugar on Me", and when we woke up on Monday morning, Obama and his Negro army had wrecked the joint.  (wild audience applause)

I mean, come on!  George Bush was President just 3 ½ years ago!  They talk about him like he’s some vague pop culture reference from way back, like the Snapple lady, or that rap duo who wore their pants on backwards.  He was President for two terms!  It’s like holding a Star Trek convention, and not inviting Shatner.

Because, let’s be real.  If you’re trying to sell what the Republican Party can do for you, it’s best not to remind people of what its recent fuck-ups actually did to you.  (audience applause)  Especially during hurricane season!

The past accomplishments of the team that tanked the economy, legalized torture, and made the surplus disappear, is not the best advertisement for the future, for the same reason you never hear the words, "from the director of Corky Romano…."

Common Sense

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A little knowledge is often worst than none; the wrongs that existed at the state levels of government in our history would never have been corrected by the states. One example of states failures resulted in the Civil War. The war was required in order to eliminate slavery (which would seem to contradict the Declaration of Independence). Even after the Civil War segregation continued and it required a strong centralized government to fulfill the mandate of Abraham Lincoln, which took another hundred years. Although there were millions of people who did not support slavery across the land the splintered voices could not be heard collectively and required the action of the elected government.

The Declaration of Independence which brought forth our Nation was written to protect the people from various wrongs, these wrongs are inherent in the makeup of humanity and they have occurred since the beginning of time. “All experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” The quest for the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just did not happen with the Declaration of Independence, nor with the Revolutionary War, and not even with the Civil War! It’s an endless pursuit that requires a strong, central, and honest government. The keyword is honest. Government, in of itself, is not bad, it is the people who make up the government and whether they adhere to the principles of our Constitution and laws, who make it one way or the other. The National government has had to act when the States have failed to, Social Security wasn’t taken over from the States, it did not exist, the States, could not, or did not want to, take care of the elderly and their lot was dire.

Our National government today is primarily a façade, a façade to give the appearance of a representative Democracy. However the elected officials have been bought or frightened into taking away our rights. The Republican Party jumped into bed with Corporate America a long time ago and has never gotten out. The Democrats have been a little more reluctant but they too are now in that same bed, although their underlying philosophy of putting the people first still exists, however faint it might be. It is up to the educated electorate to search through the myriad of candidates and glean the ones who actually give a damn about the people, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

However, it would be foolhardy, indeed, self-destructive to put back into power the GOP, whose policies brought on the conditions we see around us today. By manipulation and deceit they have abridged our elections, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights! It took eight years to suck the life blood out of this country, if you think it can be corrected in two years, wake up! Our views are that of an independent, yet the lesser of two evils is the Democratic Party and if we want any hope of getting out of this economic mess we are in, it will be through the combined efforts of that party, because it is apparent that the Republicans will never put together anything constructive. Their belief to continue the policies of George Bush would indicate what the outcome would be, look where we’re at, the rich continuing to get rich on the backbone of the working class.

Corporate America has control of this country and after the Supreme Court decision (Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which was handed down by the appointees of Republican administrations) allowing Corporations and the rich from around the world to dump as much money into the ad campaigns for the candidates they want. Those who control the media control the people. The truth is no longer buried yet it surfacing goes unnoticed, unnoticed by a public who has been desensitized to murder, war, transgressions and to the breakup of society. This desensitizing has occurred through the mass media with its video games of warfare, killing and maiming, and the all around projected attitude of betraying your neighbor and friends, through reality shows such as Survivor, Big Brother and all the rest of those mindless, valueless, so called, “pieces of entertainment”. The only things these games and shows accomplish are to dull the mind and promote the negativities of humanity.

Ultimately, Corporate America does not lose no matter what the outcome of any election because they have already gained such a stranglehold on the infrastructure of our Nation. All we can hope to do, through perseverance and fortitude is to slow it down from its final goal of one Corporate World where nations will no longer exist as we know them and people’s freedoms will be a nice memory. To paraphrase George Bush, Sr., a New World Order, through the auspices of the United Nations, will be here one day! And with it the corporate control of the world and all its resources.



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