End Times for NASA

The Last Journey.

It’s a sad day, we as a society, a Nation, a people, have enjoy so many off shoots of the space industry, that if their benefits to us were to be removed today, we would be lost. Computers, cell phones, advances in medicines, the list is endless, so many people do not realize that most of the advances we have made in a wide field of technology and science would not have occurred if it weren’t for the catalysis of the space program. And to think, it only took 12 years of the Bush agenda of greed and deceit, continued by Obama, to do it all in! The glory days of the United States are over, until those who were responsible for the false flag operation of 911 and those who continue to perpetuate the lies, as accessories, after the fact, until these people are round up and brought to justice, the Nation, the World, will remain on the threshold of the abyss.

 reminiscence of the flyover of the E-4B otherwise known as "doomsday plane" which flew over Washington D.C. Sept 11, 2001.  See video at the bottom for DC fly over Sept 11, 2001

Our fighting heroes never thougt our Democracy would turn into a Corporate Fascist Empire.

the overcast is fitting for such a sad occassion

Goodbye, the land of the free, home of the brave.