3 FIGURES ON MARS   eyeoncitrus.comBelow is the animated picture.

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This is an animated picture of the 3 figures (statues) on Mars taken by the Curiosity rover in the Gale Crater. The animation is in the shadowing, in an effort to help those who could not see the figures in the original pictures published. If the animation doesn’t work, (however the animation is slower than most, give it time to load) click directly on the picture, it will load in another page.The center figure which has fallen over is is either lying on it’s back or face forward, has a scroll at it’s base lying on the ground, opened. Of course, this scroll is in the same form, it is a statue rendering, much like those many of us have seen in various churches.

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A child sneaker and a toy glider on MARS   EOC X-FILES    EYEONCITRUS.COM