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Exclusive page: The Ron Kitchen Chronicles

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With voters contacting EyeOnCitrus.Com with various complaints and concerns regarding the incumbent Ron Kitchen and what they see as possible ill advised moves as he and the other commissioners steer the county’s future! We have put up a dedicated page for the process of revelation: The Ron Kitchen Chronicl

The last home that Ron Kitchen Sr. his wife, and Ron Kitchen Jr. and his first wife, owned was at 220 SE 2nd Place, Crystal River, FL220 SE 2ND PL last place Ron Kitchen owned


WINN DIXIE in Meadowcrest slated to closed June 18 2014

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Unofficially, the recently refurbished Winn Dixie located off HWY 44 in Crystal River FL known as the Meadowcrest location is slated to close June 18 2014.

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Car accident takes life of local resident, Teri Hill

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Teri Hill was killed in a vehicle accident last night. She worked at Cody’s Roadhouse and lived in Crystal River, FL. More to follow….

A pickup struck a power pole and overturned early today in Citrus County, ejecting and killing the passenger and leaving the driver in critical condition, troopers said.

Teri Lynn Dennis, 29, of Homosassa, died at the scene, Sgt. Steve Gaskins, spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol, said in a news release.

The driver, James M. Newton, 39, of Crystal River, was taken to Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

Neither driver nor passenger were wearing seat belts.

Breaking News-Crystal River Man Hunt


Sheriff’s Deputies are currently searching for a parole who absconded probation from Illinois with at least two grand theft auto charges and he ran from them this morning around 3 A.M.

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Daniel Ray Hills

Daniel Ray Hills, Jr., is wanted in connection with at least two local grand theft auto charges, in addition to  fleeing and eluding police. He is known in Illinois as being a violent sexual offender.

He was last seen in a swampy area of Crystal River near NE 11th Street about 3 A.M. today. Last seen with a white tank top and blue jeans, possible jean shorts.

UPDATE: 1:36 P.M. the suspect was captured in a apartment complex, for further details, check the local news link at the top of the page.

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