Behavioral Conditioning IS Brain Washing

By Dave Gregory

This is an intro to a paper I am writing on behavioral conditioning with a video that sums it up very well, indeed!

Of course today, the need to hold down and administer this type of conditioning is not needed. It is supplied by the National (propaganda) media) EYEONCITRUS.COM

How is it possible that so many people fail to appreciate ideas and policies that would actually benefit them? How is it possible that individuals don’t realize when they are being manipulated and taken advantage of for the benefit of others? There are some who make reference to the fact that they believe that this is a result of the dummying down of Americans which is too simple of a term to describe the elaborate, multi-faceted process that is taking place. A process which has led to zombie like behavior of a vast segment of society, I personally know of individuals who have benefited from programs that have help them and the poor, yet they criticize the same program and call for its revocation. Clearly, in the final analysis, this makes absolutely no sense and indicates a strong example of Pavlovian behavioral conditioning.

The methods that achieve this type of result are prevalent in today’s society via numerous outlets. Public education modification is fundamental in obtaining the behavior that is desired. After all, we all send our children to school to learn and become a contributing asset to our family and society. But do we get more than we bargain for?

The educational system modification to promote the whole as the most important unit rather than the individual leaves society with little, if any, chance for the individual to exceed beyond the expectations of the whole. Without this individual attention to round out his character and personality, the nurturing of the individual, is left to the expanse of media events which become the controlling factors in the development of traits and mores. As this continues from generation to generation the process becomes more instilled until ultimately the ability to objectively analyze a problem, coming up with a logical, objective, conclusion, is never to be attained. It is important to understand that this, initially, is a natural occurrence in any given society, but as the decades past, the elite became more adept and proficient beyond the realm of expertise, so much so, that this manipulation is subversive and detrimental to our very existence, ethnocentrism is the normal product of a society, but the elite have turn it into a self-serving mechanism in which they lay out the agenda to attain their goals.

As our offspring are educated to conform to elitist’s view of the whole, as a rabble rousing, behavioral condition group, with a clear lacking in any ability for critical thinking, the mold is set for mob reactionary behavior, easily ignited at some media instilled key words that are thrown out for consumption. The mob of fifty to several hundred in number has now been expanded into the millions, with mob leaders emerging in different geological locations across the Nation.

Behavioral conditionings, in tune with a particular ideology, make critical analysis of a problem impossible. In most cases it is to such an extent that people end up supporting positions that are detrimental to their well being, or as my grandfather use to say, “cutting off your nose to spite your face”. One of their main tactics in this whole process is to divide and conquer. By that I refer to the fact that it is much easier to control a population that is diverse, whereby, enabling "blame the other guy game" for the poor state that we live in, “it’s the blacks, the Mexicans, the poor, the aged”, a variable cornucopia of excuses, rather to allow the actual culprits or the puppet masters, to be revealed. The initial fundamental mechanism that is used in this process is the educational system that has been expanded to include all forms of media outlets, along with typical broadcasts shows.

What’s missing here isn’t smarts, its "critical thinking". The ability to look at an issue and make a judgment on how it will affect you and your family, removing all the propaganda, looking at the black and white, looking at an issue objectively rather than subjectively.

"Rights"! Okay, you don’t hear many conversations about rights anymore. People are caught up in the everyday business of survival in this economy. Gas prices out of sight, groceries, out of site, everything priced, out of sight. The only people talking rights are the elitists, those who have plenty of money, make money hand over fist; they talk about rights, a lot, “THEIR” rights, not anybody else’s, especially the middle class and poor. And they are real good at clouding the issues for you, the everyday people. You see they own everything that we utilize, newspapers, TV, cable, broadcasts companies, movie companies, you name it, they own it. It’s not any wonder that they can get into your mind, with all the advertising that hits the average person every day and with that advertising, all the hidden, subliminal messages that you are not even aware of!

We have regressed to the mining town of long-ago, where the owners control everything about a person’s life. Once again, we must pay the owners of the town for the things that we buy the homes that we live in. In every aspect of our daily sustenance, the owners are providers, giving as much as they see fit, demanding the same. The town has grown from a small immediate area to the size of the whole nation. Whereas the workers of long-ago were not subject to the brain washing techniques of today, they realized that they were being taken advantage of, the smaller group realizes early on their status and the harm being done to them. Today, however, it’s different and through the process of behavioral conditioning, as mentioned before, we have come to accept this as good for us.

Governments came about to protect us from military threats and ultimately from these types of threats. It is this controlling influence that threatens the very existence of our freedoms, freedoms that we take for granted every day.