FL Gov Rick Scott pays $8.34 A MONTH HEALTH INSURANCE click here

By Horace Greely

Florida Governor Rick Scott at his deposition in the fraud case the Federal Government brought to court in the nineties!     EYEONCITRUS.COM LONE WOLF PRESENTATION

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott and his GOP buddies in Tallahassee have to pay $8.34 per month for individual Health Insurance and for family coverage, $30.00 per month. This is the man who turned down what the Federal government was offering for expanded coverage for the under and uninsured citizens of Florida, but because Rick Scott thought it was more fashionable for him and his Republican gang operating the state not to accept the funds, thousands of Floridians now have no health insurance, can’t get health insurance, are in no man’s land because of an ideological difference. This difference is sacrificing people’s health and lives.

Not only is that wrong, in of itself, it’s deplorable when you realize that this is the man, Rick Scott, that made his fortune off of exploiting the very federal government programs that he wants to eliminate and decided that Floridians did not need this avenue for their health care. This is typical of the Corporate Fascist ideology that has taken over the country. When they cannot get their way, they attempt to destroy existing programs and block new programs that might assist those who desperately need them. The Corporate Fascist party of choice is the Republican party which is lock and step in accordance to their guiding light, which is the bottom line, come damn or high water.

It is of importance to note, that Rick Scott was a member of the State of Texas bar, the state that the Bush and their Nazi connection call home. But I diverge, ultimately, the only way the citizens of the State of Florida and those of the United States will ever get their rights back, remembering the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is to vote the GOP out of all their positions in government and decimate this evil, cabal  of individuals whose only concern is their wallet. The Republican party must be thrown into the trash bin of history and only remembered as a bad taste in a free American’s mouth.




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As more and more people become aware of the greatest crime committed upon a people by it’s government, the truth keeps spreading by word of mouth and the patriots who put together exposes like this one, very short and to the point, continue in that effort. The United States and the world will never rid themselves of  the yoke of the New World Order unless the cabal of individuals responsible for this high treason are held accountable and those who continue to promote the lies of the cover-up remain free. These people, if not part of the original conspirators, are still culpable as accessories after the fact! As they continue to dismantle our Constitution to “protect us”, it is really to protect them, because without the Constitution to protect us, their dictatorial rule will lead to one phony leader after another, all promoting the Corporate Fascist State.

The Cabal of Criminals