David Gregory Plaintiff vs Susan Gill Defendant Case #2020CA332 UPDATE July 18, 2020

Mr. Gregory had to respond to a Court Order as to why this case should not be dismissed and had 10 days to do it in, he did so, the Order was issued on July 6, 2020 and Mr. Gregory had his response submitted to the court on July 15, 2020. DOWNLOAD THE RESPONSE HERE, it will open in a new window and you can save it to your computer! There are two Sworn Affidavits DOWNLOAD 1 HERE, it will open in a new window and save to your computer. DOWNLOAD 2 HERE, and it will open in a new window and you cans save to your computer. For those who do not like to  download we’ve added the pages of the REPLY as IMAGES scroll down EyeOnCitrus.Com main page shows 3 columns of stories to open the individual story, click on the HEADLINE at the TOP of each column. Continue reading “David Gregory Plaintiff vs Susan Gill Defendant Case #2020CA332 UPDATE July 18, 2020”



Below you’ll find the location and times for early voting in Citrus County this year, 2014

Early voting runs from October 23 – November 1, 2014 at the following locations and schedules are listed.

The early voting takes place in the following towns and cities, Beverly Hills, Crystal River, Homosassa and Inverness.

A Sample ballot is available for download, PLEASE MAKE NOTE THAT THE COMMISSIONERS RACES MIGHT NOT BE IN THE DISTRICT WHERE YOU LIVE, so that is a variable that might not be on

your ballot.     

click the following links to download .pdf files of the sample ballot




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PG 2

PG 3

Early Voting Locations Time and Place 2014   EYEONCITRUS.COM

If you don’t know where your Precinct Location

is to vote on the

REGULAR ELECTION DAY, Nov. 4, 2014. click the link below…



Chronicle Sept 7 2014 Guest Column Commissioner Joe Meek-Claude Strass Letter to Editor click here


“Time to come together and improve community” That was the headline for the guest column by Commissioner Joe Meek in today’s Chronicle (7 September). Is this the same Commissioner Meek who stormed out of a BOCC meeting some months ago when Commissioner Adams was going to speak? Was this a way to come together to improve the community? In this guest column, Commissioner Meek states one of his focused efforts as “working to find ways to reduce government spending”. Where did Commissioner Meek vote in the additional six cent gas tax a few years ago? On the multi-million dollar Ottawa Road extension? imageOn the multi-million dollar Taj Mahal building in Meadowcrest? On the fire tax? On how many taxes disguised as some kind of MSBU? On putting the new one percent sales tax on the ballot? On the…………well, you get the idea. I cannot remember Commissioner Meek voting NO on any legislation that involved raising existing taxes or implementing new ones. But now, he says, he will focus on ways to cut government spending. In the unforgettable words of Vice President Joe Biden – “The leopard cannot change its stripes”. Those in government positions must stand on their record and Commissioner Meek’s record has been consistently tax and spend. Now that the handwriting is on the wall that voters in Citrus County are sick of watching empire building on their backs, Commissioner Meek is going to do a 180 and “find ways to reduce government spending….”. If you believe this, can I interest you in a bridge I am selling in Brooklyn? Let’s bring this into focus. Commissioners are paid $56,000 per year or thereabouts. That is a lot of money, but let’s put it into perspective. That is more than a thousand dollars PER WEEK for a part time job. One might wonder if this “new” Commissioner Meek is engaged in damage control to save his job in the 2016 election. We might even see him voting against some tax increases in the next two years to put on a good front, possibly hoping that voters will forget his six years of tax and spend so he can keep his job – and his grand a week paycheck. After all is said and done, one must wonder what is going on in the mind of the lone remaining tax and spend commissioner, Dennis Damato. The BOCC that was once a 4 to 1 stronghold for tax and spend could possibly become a board of 3 to 1 against raising taxes while one commissioner merely goes where the winds and the polls blow him

Claude Strass




By Jeffery DoLittle contributor to EOC.

Citrus County, FL. The TRIMS (Truth In Millage-the notice telling you what your taxes are going to be on Nov. 1st) were mailed out Friday, Aug 15, 2014, If you haven’t gotten them in the mail yet, you can go to the Citrus County Property Appraiser’s website and download them in your home. Grab hold of the arms of your chair, taxes will be going up if this budget goes through, as is, and the Taxing Authority raising it’s millage rate to an unbelievable level is the HOSPITAL BOARD. The uninformed electorate needs to understand that HCA is Rick Scott’s Company HCA, the man that spent 73 million of his own money in the first election to become Florida’s Governor anticipates spending more for this upcoming election and wants a return on his investment by taking over all the hospitals in Citrus County along with any others he can get his hands on in the state.  Could this possible be why there is such a dramatic increase in the Hospital Boards Taxes (refer to you TRIM NOTICE) that you recently got in the mail? Continue reading for the rest of the story!


Continue reading “RICK SCOTT and HOSPITAL BOARD RAISE TAXES! click here”

Join the Lone Wolf rant N rave Eye On Citrus Radio Sat Aug 11, 2012

Join the Lone Wolf as he rants N raves on Eye On Citrus Radio, Saturday Aug 11, 2011. Early voting in the Primary Election ends Aug. 11, 2012. Some races will be decided by this election because the office seekers have no opponents from an opposing party. Therefore whomever wins the primary wins the office! Renee Christopher McPheeters is the candidate we urge you to vote for, she has shown a caring and passionate concern for the people and needs to be the next Board of County Commissioner from District 1. Music from Hank Williams Jr, FreeBird, Rod Stewart and Johnny Cash. Commentary on the news of the day and historical facts, not your Momma’s radio show.

Click here to listen to the Lone Wolf     EYEONCITRUS.COM

On Saturday, Aug. 11, 2011 click here to go to our call in show page and participate in the broadcast that starts at 6:30 P.M. EST. Listeners call-in phone number is (646) 915-8597

Click here for the call-in show with the Lone Wolf on Blogtalk Radio, Saturday Aug 11, 2011 at 6:30 P.M.  CALL IN NUMBER IS 646-915-8597


Polls open again Tuesday Aug.14, 2012

Renee Is For The People!

Renee Christopher McPheeters-The People's candidate, you can vote today, Aug. 9, 2012 through Saturday Aug. 11, 2012 and the polls will be opened on Tuesday Aug 14, 2012   EYEONCITRUS.COM

Even though I appreciate the many times the Citrus County Chronicle has published my letters, and the political coverage they have provided me, including the Chronicle Forum, I was still not expecting the Chronicle’s endorsement.  And of course, I was not disappointed when they did not endorse me.

However, they failed to mention that in 2008, I received 46.09% of the votes from the Citizens’ of Citrus County.  Many have told me in no uncertain terms that they shall be voting for me again.  To them I say thank you for your vote of confidence.

The Chronicle Editorial Board referred to me as a "political activist" but they failed to explain why they have done so.  I want the readers to know that I am the only candidate running in District 1 that publicly opposed the Ottawa and Meadowcrest multi-million dollar BOCC giveaways while one of my opponents pushed and voted for it.  No other candidate stepped up to the plate as I did to fight for the citizens in our community.

I also publicly opposed the unconstitutional Crystal River ordinance that restricts the Flying of U.S. Flags which reached the national media including FOX News.  This was supported by  my other opponent who is a member of the Crystal River Council that voted for this flag ordinance.

I have also stood firm and spoken successfully before local governmental entities to protect children from pornography and for a 9/11/01 Memorial, the Public Service Commission and the BOCC -  specifically against Progress Energy rate hikes and for a Resolution stating just that.

My political activities are not new, nor where they undertaken because I was part of a political circle.   I participated because there was a need to push back against unwarranted government dictates.  And, I have no intention on remaining silent in support of the status quo if elected either.  Governments are instituted to protect your rights, and I promise to do that.

The Chronicle also failed to mention my political platform regarding being on  BOCC Agendas for a Conservation Land Acquisition Fund, an Ethics Commission, and for providing a Senior Homestead Exemption for seniors whose property values and earnings are below the average.  Additionally, they did not mention either that I have been against the Interlocal Centralized Sewer Agreement that both of my opponents voted for.  Regardless, of how it is presented, the project will negatively affect many seniors to the extent that many could lose their homes.

My work in the community includes the First Official 9/11/01 Memorial in Citrus County with a part from the World Trade Center and laser art of the three tragic scenes – now on display in the Citrus County School System for the education of all of the youth of our county. Also, out of concern for Children of Citrus County and outside of Citrus, I have obtained Nine Original Proclamations Against Child Pornography from two Counties, Marion and Citrus and Seven Cities.

I would also like to remind the women voters of our county that Citrus County is comprised of approximately 54% women, but we do not have comparable representation in our government.   We need to break up the "little boys club" and balance the equation.

Lastly, I want to reiterate again that contrary to what the Chronicle said, and in addition to the aforementioned information for which I have been labeled a "political activist," I do have a very serious platform. I consider myself to be a concerned citizen  motivated from the heart – because I care about the Citizens of Citrus County.  I am against unnecessary spending, borrowing and tax increases which seems to be the new norm in our county government.  We need to lower our debt, stick to a reasonable budget, and tighten our belts the same way the taxpayers of our community have been forced to do during these difficult economic times. I am for BOCC funding of the Small Business Development Center, contrary to the incumbent – who prefers hiring a lobbyist for Port Citrus instead. I support existing businesses and will work to attract others to our community to provide more jobs.

Government must set an example and not bury their heads in the sand while kicking the can down the road for others to address.  That is not proper government representation.

If you agree and believe that we must put our financial house in order, and that the people must have a voice – then I ask for your vote.  I do solemnly promise you that I will take my oath of office seriously, and to do my very best to represent all the Citizens of our County and not just a chosen few.  I think it is also important to mention that I have recently won the tea party straw poll.

My door will always remain open to all because I will never forget who elected me and who I represent. 

I respectfully request your vote.

Renee Christopher-McPheeters

Candidate For Citrus County Commissioner, District 1

For The People

Endorsement please call your friends and neighbors and urge them to vote for Renee!

Out with the old, in with the NEW, VOTE RENEE CHRISTOPHER MCPHEETERS

Informant info NABS 23 NARK DEAD

Crystal River

Jamie Seeger - killed in early-morning shooting. EYEONCITRUS.COM

Jamie Seeger – killed in early-morning shooting. Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seeger moved to Citrus County in 1999 and graduated from the Citrus County School District and later from the Withlacoochee Technical Institute, where she studied corrections.

During her career, she worked for Corrections Corporation of America at the Lecanto Detention Facility. Most recently, Wendy Moore, her mother, said, she worked as a federal corrections officer in Sumter County. However, it has been several years since she worked at the federal facility, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office.

Seeger is the mother of a 10-month-old boy and a 4-year-old girl who are being raised by their father, his parents and Moore. Seeger and her husband were married in 2008 and have recently separated according to her mother.

Jamie Seeger, who authorities said died Wednesday from multiple gunshot wounds, had been paid to give sheriff’s detectives information on drug dealers and was in fear for her safety. Miss Moore and Mr. Seeger’s attorney, Bill Grant, stated.

Grant said he is seeking information from the sheriff’s office, state attorney and Citrus County Clerk’s Office he said would shed light on Seeger’s relationship with detectives and circumstances of her death.

“We believe her death is a direct relation to her working with the sheriff’s department,” Grant said.

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Gail Tierney says they have no leads or suspects, and she refuses to say whether Jamie was working undercover for the sheriffs office.

The body of Jamie Seeger was found in this car, a Chrysler Crossfire, around 3 A.M. on July 25, 2012, a shooting victim, in Crystal River, Floirda   EYEONCITRUS.COM

Seeger, 27, was discovered in her Chrysler Crossfire about 3 a.m. Wednesday near the intersection of North Reynolds Avenue and West Cyrus Street, about a mile and a half east of Crystal River.

Detectives said Seeger was in the driver’s seat and dead of gunshot wounds.

Jamie Seeger’s name was listed as a witness in several recent drug arrest court cases. Moore said one or two of these defendants visited Seeger, though Grant did not know details of those conversations.

Moore said her daughter told sheriff’s detectives she was in fear for her safety.

Eric Seeger, who was separated from his wife, knew Jamie was being paid by the sheriff’s office to provide information, She assisted in the arrests of 23 people on drug charges. Grant said.

Grant said he planned to seek records from the sheriff’s office, including any confidential-informant contracts it had with Jamie Seeger. He said he would also request receipts that showed payments to Seeger from the sheriff’s office. Jamie Seeger maiden name was Jamie Gamble. Her body was cremated today, July 30, 2012. Rest of the story HERE

Please Publish Correction

Please have the following Letter to the Editor published as the 7/8 Out
the Window implies that my last name is illegitimate/fictitional and
that I have a "low name" recognition in all places except the "west
side " of Citrus County - these theories are untrue!

Thanks and have a good day!


In response to the 7/8/12 "Out the Window" article, I do take exception to the reference to myself, Rene Christopher-McPheeters, Candidate for Citrus County Commission, District 1, as "changing" my name, as "Christopher" was my last name at birth, and as having "low name recognition", being in fact, well known throughout Citrus County, this is a very unfair and biased article, and I truly feel that I deserve having my reply published! Instead, both of my opponents in this District 1, race for county commissioner, fall into your "low name" category: as on the campaign trail throughout the county, I have found that both of my opponents - the incumbent commissioner and incumbent councilman are either unknown or are known and the Citizens are "tired" of their "good old boy" cronyism. Whereas, I have stood for the Citizens not only on the "west side" issues such as the Unfair Crystal River Invalid Annexation (one opponent was for), the Unfair Interlocal Sewer Agreement (both opponents voted for) and the restriction of Flying US Flags(one opponent voted for/the other did not oppose) The publisher was correct in referring to myself as a "citizen activist" yet he failed to note that I have stood on countywide issues, as the only District 1, Citrus County Commission Candidate: Against the "Ottawa Fiasco"/Meadowcrest Multi-Million Dollar Giveaways on the Most Important BOCC Voting Days! Furthermore, many throughout Citrus County are aware of my ongoing project against child-porn: by Proclamation - receiving a Citrus BOCC Proclamation Against Child Pornography, a BOCC Resolution Against Progress Energy Rate Hikes, and also being Founder of the First Official 9/11/01 Memorial in Citrus County!

I Am A Countywide Activist Candidate For The People!


Rene Christopher-McPheeters Crystal River