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Nuclear Disarmament: A Solution Not Being Offered

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Iran’s decision to stop complying with parts of a landmark nuclear deal, and North Korea’s new round of missile tests have the world talking about the possibility of nuclear war again.

In light of the devastation these weapons cause, it defies logic that such a war is ever a possibility. Yet the “Doomsday Clock” of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists stands at two minutes to midnight, indicating that the risk of a nuclear confrontation right now is extremely high. How did we get here and why has the world collectively not found a solution to this threat?

Most governments recognize that certain kinds of weapons are so dangerous that simply possessing them creates an imminent danger to the safety and security of the planet.

Almost every country, including the United States, has signed onto the Biological Weapons Convention, banning the development, production, and stockpiling of such weapons. The same is true with the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Why then does the United States, as well as other nuclear-armed states like Russia and China, not also take a similar posture towards nuclear weapons?

America’s policy seems to be “nuclear weapons don’t kill people, people kill people.”

Certainly those in power do not fail to recognize these weapons’ awesome power and potential for destruction. They’ve only grown more deadly over the decades. When the US dropped the first atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, killing 220,000 people, they delivered approximately 15 and 21 kilotons of energy respectively. Today’s modern weapons are an order of magnitude more powerful.

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The largest energy-yielding bomb ever exploded was the Russian “Tsar Bomba” with a 50 megaton detonation in 1961 — 2,000 times more powerful than the first atom bombs, with a fireball eight miles in diameter.

To get a sense of what one of these weapons can do, you can check out this interactive app that uses Google Maps to demonstrate the radius of destruction, estimated fatalities, and radioactive fallout for various types of nuclear weapons.


Predicted surface of a W-39, US H-bomb if detonated in Washington, DC.Photo credit: Nukemap

But perhaps even more dangerous than the increased yields are the sophisticated new methods of delivery. Consider the MIRV — short for “multiple independently-targetable reentry vehicle.” MIRVs are essentially smaller warheads packed inside the main warhead of a ballistic missile.

The idea is that when the missile descends on the target, the MIRV warhead will open and release all the smaller, harder to defend against warheads toward different targets — either spread wide to hit multiple cities and military bases, or concentrated on a single area for maximum damage.

Under the Obama administration, the US removed the last MIRV missile from its arsenal in 2014, while Russia unveiled its new “Satan 2” MIRV missiles in 2016. The latter weapon was also demonstrated in a visual animation during a recent talk by Vladimir Putin. The MIRVs were shown falling on President Donald Trump’s favorite getaway destination — Mar-a-Lago.

MIRV, Peacekeeper, missile

Photo credit: US Air Force / Wikimedia

Or consider the ballistic missile submarines that crawl silently along the ocean floor — undetected by either friend and foe. The US Navy currently has 14 of these subs deployed.

Or the B-52 nuclear bombers that were for decades in a 24/7 flight pattern headed toward targets in Russia, only to turn away before reaching their fail-safe distance. More than one apocalyptic novel or movie has been written around something going haywire with these deterrence systems.

If a nuclear exchange between rival powers were to occur, not only would millions of lives likely be lost, but the very existence of life on this planet could be in jeopardy because of the effects of nuclear winter.

Add to that nightmare scenario the consideration that humanity has already come to the brink of annihilation more than once — as shown by several accidental incidents.

This is not to say that no progress has been made. In 1963 the US and Russia — the two countries with by far the most nuclear weapons — signed the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, and both countries have abided by that agreement to never again test detonate a nuclear weapon above ground. (Russia has also signed and ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, banning underground detonations as well. The United States has signed, but not ratified the treaty.)

The US and Russia are also signatories to the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). The treaty, ratified in 1970, bans the sale or transfer of nuclear weapons and technology, with the eventual goal of disarmament, preserving the right for peaceful use of nuclear power.

Both countries have signed other incremental treaties over the decades that have helped significantly reduce the number of warheads and deliverability systems, including the recent New Start treaty, signed in 2010.

In early 1960s, the United States nuclear arsenal was at its peak, with over 30,000 weapons, while the Soviet Union had over 40,000 in 1986. Today, both countries have approximately 7,000 each.

 Nuclear Stockpiles

Photo credit: The Arms Control Association

While this downtrend is certainly praiseworthy, both countries still have more than enough weapons to blow up the entire world. Recent posturings by both nations, and calls for “modernization” of nuclear arsenals are causing great concern among peace activists.

Doomsday Clock

Current reading, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock.Photo credit: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists / Wikimedia

While the NPT signers have agreed to work towards disarmament, a majority of countries have not been satisfied with the current state of affairs and slow progress. On July 7, 2017, 122 countries voted to approve the text of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons — the first treaty completely banning the use, possession, and development of nuclear weapons. As of today, 57 countries have signed on to the treaty.

Noticeably absent signatories are all currently nuclear-armed countries.

The below video further explains the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and is followed by a video of former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley explaining why the US does not agree with the treaty.


More Evidence That Consolidated Global Power Is Wielded by Tiny Elite click here

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By Staff Report – April 17, 2014

US financial showdown with Russia is more dangerous than it looks, for both sides … The United States has constructed a financial neutron bomb. For the past 12 years an elite cell at the US Treasury has been sharpening the tools of economic warfare, designing ways to bring almost any country to its knees without firing a shot. The strategy relies on hegemonic control over the global banking system, buttressed by a network of allies and the reluctant acquiescence of neutral states. Let us call this the Manhattan Project of the early 21st century. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: How fortunate that the US can place sanctions anywhere in the world. What foresight.

Free-Market Analysis: Gradually and continually (we humbly observe) our theses are confirmed by others. The Anglo-American axis indeed controls the world – China, too.

We find this startling admission in a recent article posted at the UK Telegraph.

And, yes, we’ve reported on it in our own way, proposing that the top elites in any society have more in common with each other than the vast majority of citizens they keep (a distant) company with. Read More Here……

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IBM employee Phillip Wood, one of the many pawns in the high stake game of Israel and U.S. Black operations in commandeering Malaysian flight 370 to retrieve military equipment stolen from Afghanistan and on it's way to China    EYEONCITRUS.COM

The Malaysian flight 370 has the world wondering how in this day and age could something like this happen. Of course the answer is, “it couldn’t”. It couldn’t in the same manner that 911 could never have happened, just not possible. (Note: what is meant is that the official version could never have happened the way the propaganda machine sets forth.) So that leaves the obvious conclusion, that this was another false flag operation whose ultimate goal may never be truly known, but strong overtures toward it being an Israel  and United States black operation because of what was stolen by the Taliban during our withdrawing from that military adventure (that the U.S. would have invaded this country after it so successfully brought down the Soviet Union during their ten years of occupation of that “no man’s land” is beyond credulity, but I diverge) in Afghanistan.

Could the missing passenger jet have landed at Diego Gracia, TOP SECRET U.S. BASE IN INDIAN OCEAN   EYEONCITRUS.COM

The most plausible explanation why Israel and the U.S. would do this lies in this scenario, the items that were stolen from the U.S. military in Afghanistan were nothing less, than a complete working control system that the U.S. uses to wage drone warfare around the world!  That is how they fly these drones into areas that no ordinary aircraft could successful traverse. This “priceless” equipment getting into the wrong hands could effectively hamper the world domination of the United States acting as the leader in the NEW WORLD ORDER MOVEMENT.

The was two to three American agents abroad the plane and probably at least two Israel agents, remember the supposedly stolen passports of two Iranians, that’s kind of like shopping two for one, getting their stolen electronics back and possible setting up the Iranians if things led in that direction.

The belief that the United States wouldn’t go after the civilian aircraft, this belief by the parties involved in trying to get the electronics for the drone flights, did not take into account all the civilian the United States sacrificed in the 911 false flag operation.

Interspersed throughout are the different articles that back up this story…




Phillip Woods girlfriend is interviewed by CNN in the video below:

Malaysian Passenger plane 370 accompanied by military jets.

Girlfriend says authorities covering up something!


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Ron Paul Defeats Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney and Herman Cain

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In what would be another giant step forward for Ron Paul, Republican candidate for President, in that, he defeated Mitt Romney and Herman Cain in the Iowa Republican caucus coming in second, is certainly a giant step forward that will get little, if no coverage, from the national media. A media that is controlled by the corporate monolith which has filters on what is acceptable and what is not. The logical assumption, you would think, is that the corporate monolith would love Ron Paul because he most certainly would remove many government hindrances to big business, if he were to be elected. But you see, the opposite is true, the Corporate Monolith doesn’t support him because they currently have a favorite, controlling hold, within our elected government now and that is preferable to any free operating system where competition and free enterprise is the name of the game.

Ron Paul, Obstetrician: No Abortions, No Federal Money Ron Paul is the candidate that would bring this country back from the precipice that it is now facing, he alone can do this, he alone is the only candidate brave enough to tell Americans the facts of life, without the sugarcoating. There is no other Republican candidate running that will not cater to the elitists, corporate monolith, the same group of people who fabricated the news that led this Nation to two wars, two wars that have made millionaires into billionaires, crippled our economy and indebted us to China for the next 50 years. Americans use to be able to take the truth, I believe they still can!

The Democratic President has failed miserably in standing up to this Monolith, caving in to every confrontation that has occurred. In fact, there is no discernable difference between the Democrat and the Republican mainstream anymore, they are just simply put, different paths to the same destination, with the American people being left on the wayside of Corporate greed manipulation.

When both dogs are rabid, neither one can be saved. Save the Union, support the Constitution, end the Patriot act. Elect Ron Paul! Dave Gregory

Texas Congressman Ron Paul, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, defeated former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Georgia businessman Herman Cain in the latest poll of likely Iowa Republican caucus goers with 13 percent of the votes for a 2nd place finish. According to the Insider Advantage poll, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich pulled in 28 percent of the votes to beat Paul by 15 percentage points. Romney garnered 12 percent of the votes to earn 3rd place and Cain tied Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann with 10 percent of the votes to take 4th place.

Cain, who once led the GOP field in a number of state and national level polls, has fallen out of the top tier in the latest Iowa poll. However, Cain’s fall from the top has left the door wide open for Gingrich and Paul to solidify their support in Iowa.

Read more: http://www.thestatecolumn.com/texas/ron-paul-defeats-romney-cain-in-iowa-poll-grabs-2nd-place/#ixzz1fC2hsrSa

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