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EYEONCITRUS RADIO sponsored by EYEONCITRUS.COM is inviting the public for public comments to be submitted to their site http://eyeoncitrus.com, concerning the upcoming election. David Gregory of Citrus County is our first such contributor. This comment concerns the upcoming election for Governor of Florida, between the incumbent, Rick Scott and the main challenger Charlie Crist! If you would like to contribute, send an email stating you would and we’ll get back to you. The e-mail link down toward the bottom of the the page will get you started!

Invited Guest Commentary from David Gregory


Former Gov. Charlie Crist says current Republican Gov. Rick Scott “has no integrity” click here


Editor’s Note: Charlie has gotten this 100% correct, when you go to vote there are a total of five candidates for Governor, Charlie is our considered best choice, if you were to chose either the two independent candidates or the Libertarian you will be taking votes away from Charlie and giving Scott a chance, do not give this Corporate Controlled Scott any possibility of beating Charlie, Florida depends on it. In Citrus County there are 11,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats, it’s imperative to get out the vote. 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist responds to a question as he sits for an interview with the Florida Associated Press staff, Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, in Miami. Crist, a former Republican governor of Florida, is challenging incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Scott in the November election. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

The Associated Press

Republican-turned-Democrat former Gov. Charlie Crist said Tuesday that current Republican Gov. Rick Scott “has no integrity” and his policies are driven by “the almighty dollar.”

Crist made the remarks while discussing his campaign to seek his old job with his new party during an hour-long interview with Associated Press reporters that covered education, the environment and claims by Scott.

The gubernatorial campaign has been one of the most negative in Florida history. Crist accused Scott of running a dishonest ad in which a man says he was swindled by Crist and Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein. Crist said Rothstein was a political donor who also gave money to the Republican Party of Florida and President George W. Bush, among others.

“Once we knew what he had done, we returned it all and my opponent in this race knows that. My opponent has not returned anything he took from you and they should,” Crist said.

Scott was CEO of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain during a federal investigation into Medicaid fraud. After Scott stepped down, the company agreed to pay $1.7 billion in fines to settle the case. Scott spent millions of his own money to win office four years ago when he received less than half the votes cast.

“He won by like 1 percent after spending $75 million his company stole from all of us,” Crist said.

“I have integrity, he does not,” Crist said. “Let’s talk about education, let’s talk about the environment, let’s talk about the Everglades, let’s talk about the middle class that suffers.”

The Associated Press also invited Scott for an interview, but he declined. Rest of story, click here.

CHARLIE CRIST-letter to eyeoncitrus.com click here

English: Volusia County, FL, February 9, 2007 ...
English: Volusia County, FL, February 9, 2007 — FEMA Director David Paulison (right) and Florida Governor Charlie Crist take a helicopter tour of central Florida. Director Paulison was in Florida to check on the progress of the recovery following the recent tornadoes. Mark Wolfe/FEMA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’ve been working for Charlie Crist since October 2005 — from an R to an I to a D, I’ve stuck with him.

I don’t care what letters go after his name — I’d work for Charlie if he ran for dog catcher.

My reason for showing up every day is simple: I know who Charlie is, I’ve seen how he works, and I know that he’s what Florida needs right now. What’s your reason for fighting?

I was working in the governor’s mansion when Charlie defied his party to extend voting hours and made sure people could cast their ballots.

Even when all the Republican hotshots said it wasn’t the smart political choice, Charlie knew it would help Floridians, so he did it. He says and does what he believes is right — his moral compass points due north.

I wasn’t too surprised when I saw that of the hundreds of stories that have come in so far, many are from Republicans like me. Rick Scott might share our party affiliation, but he doesn’t seem to fight for people like us.

Charlie does. I’m proud to work for him, and I’ll be proud to vote for him this fall.

Why are you supporting him? Take a minute or two and tell your story today:




Katie Bohnett
Director of Scheduling
Charlie Crist for Governor

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CHARLIE CRIST click here..


Our strategy is pretty simple.

We’re going to do person-to-person organizing powered by grassroots supporters like you.

The office we’re opening on Saturday will be the center of this critical work in Broward County.

I want to open offices like this all across the great state of Florida — will you chip in $5 or more to help make that happen?

Have you ever met someone willing to spend a Saturday knocking on a few doors for Rick Scott?

I haven’t, either.

That’s why I’m investing a whole lot in our organizing program. The energy is out there — I see it everywhere I travel. We’ve got the right vision for Florida, and we’re going to talk to as many voters as we can to make sure everyone knows it.

Help build the biggest grassroots campaign a statewide race has ever seen.

Chip in $5 or more now:


God bless you,


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