DICK’S Moving EOC’s first entry into the Good Bad and Ugly Businesses of Citrus County

Dick’s Moving of Homosassa FL (Citrus County) begins our list of an “UGLY” business in Citrus County with a disrespectful staff that upon learning your on a tight schedule begins to slow down and when ask to pick up the pace they became insulting and abusive especially to the elderly. Seniors should avoid this business resulting in EOC UGLY classification and this business should be avoided.. All reviews originally published on EOC will be archived to the EOC “Good Bad and Ugly” Business page for Citrus County.


Surprised smile DICK’S Moving, Inc. Homosassa, FL

The Good Bad and Ugly

In 1936, the last public display of capital punishment took place, and prisoner Rainey Bethea was subjected to a public hanging. Afterward, laws were passed that said all capital punishments should take place in private.
In 1936, the last public display of capital punishment took place, and prisoner Rainey Bethea was subjected to a public hanging. Afterward, laws were passed that said all capital punishments should take place in private.

This announcement will soon be removed however each new business that enters The Good Bad Ugly page will have an article here and then will be found on the page GBU located wtih the other pages under the Citrus County Courthouse above!, the good bad and ugly and it will be devoted to letting citizens know about businesses that are good bad and ugly. So if you have a business that you’ve dealt with and were treated badly or good, let us know! There are plenty of good operations out there and they need to be given credit. And then there are the others. Details, details and more details, send them to us while still fresh in your mind! ALSO ANY news events or anything you think the public has the right to know while it’s fresh in your mind!  Clicking the the E-MAIL US NOW! below will open a new window with your default email account, if you don’t want to wait for that, the email address is:  eyesoncitrus@gmail.com and you must use the subject line with goodbadugly in it as it is here!





‘Her crazy’: Florida woman goes on rampage after storeowner won’t exchange dollar bills for her jar of coins

This past Monday, a woman became furious with a storeowner when he declined to exchange dollar bills for her jar of coins. Surveillance video shows the woman aggressively pointing at the owner of the A Plus Food Mart in Mt. Dora, Florida before knocking items off the counter, the outburst only got worse from there.

The woman is seen here knocking items off the store counter.

The owner, who was not named, says that he tried explaining to the woman, also unnamed, that he didn’t have time to sort through her jar of change. She got frustrated and knocked items off his counter. He followed her outside his business and says the angry woman was screaming racial slurs and threatening to kill him. But that isn’t the worst thing that she did.

This is the moment when the woman allegedly hit the seven-year-old child.

Danya Bennett was sitting outside the A Plus Food Mart at the time with her daughter, seven-year-old Kami. Kami told News 13, “We was just sitting here minding our own business and he told us to call the police,” and, “Her crazy.” Ms. Bennett told the station, “[The storeowner’s] saying she tore up my store, call 911, something’s wrong with her.” When the woman took a swinging punch at the owner, she missed and hit someone else. Little Kami says, “When she was trying to swing at him she hit me.” That’s right, the woman allegedly hit a seven-year-old.

News 13 writes that Kami has a bruise on her face and that she said she’s suffering from nightmares. Her mother told the station, “I’d like to see justice served, its aggravated assault and I’d like to see her behind bars.” Mt. Dora Police say they are reviewing the case and that the investigation remains open.

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Think it’s time for a change YET? Guest Editorial Claude Strass CLICK HERE

Think it's time for a change YET? Business as usual=no industry=no jobs=despair=crystal meth=crime=murder  EYEONCITRUS.COM

Drive down 19 and look at all the vacant strip malls, empty buildings, and for sale signs and homeless people walking around or people begging on the street corners. The Crystal River Mall is almost empty. Drive down our side streets and all you will see is holes and patches in need for repair and resurfacing, vacant homes and for sale signs that are old and rusted. There are so many business that have closed their doors leaving people without jobs.

Look at how much more gasoline costs here compared to surrounding counties because of taxes, How much your real estate tax rates have increased, New fees, New MSTU’s, increased health care costs while the quality of services has decreased. The problems with the garbage dump, Pan Scraper, excess county cars, poor county legal advise, failed EDC, neglected fire equipment the used up county reserved funds, poor and out of control budgeting with only excuses why we can not cut spending, letters from the state with concern of our counties financial condition, and the list goes on.

What do we read in the chronicle our commissioner are doing: moving monuments, proposing an increase from 3% bed tax to 5% because Rebeca Bays does not know how to collect $200,000 in unpaid taxes, Brad Thrope wants to see our jail sold so the commissioners have more money to spend on pet projects. J.J. Kenny’s number one project for the county is build a new dog and cat building. Damato wants Port Citrus (for what no one knows). The Sheriff wants to be chief dog catcher and run the fire department, but wants nothing to do with the jail. Meek wants to get his fingers in the Citrus Memorial Hospital funds from the sale. The county wants to continue to boss Inverness and Crystal River who seem to be doing very well on their own, thank you! Have all these people lost their marbles. Why is our newspaper not covering the issues and only doing photo ops for the politicians for no nothing pet projects. The Chairman is so smooth calling our largest business in the county thugs, talking about our retires taking a dirt nap, and telling smokers to give up some of their smokes to pay for his new fees.. Is this a real leader to look up to? Scott Adams wants to reduce spending and install zero base budgeting to enable fiscal responsibility and reduce the peoples taxes, but the Fab Four stop every one of his proposals. Is Scott really Crazy. God please help us…

Open letter to the Chronicle management. I just got done reading your managements commentary in the Sunday newspaper telling the people to tone down there criticism of the government officials of the county. Let me remind the newspaper that most of the commentary is centered around the broken promises of our elected officials. When these employees of the people ran for election they made many promises and have broken almost all of them for the exception of Scott Adams. Since then these same politicians that lied to us have reduced the peoples ability to voice their opinions at the County Commission Meetings. We now know that the paper is also not printing the peoples concerns and asking the people to stop sending in their comments if they do not agree with the fab four and the county administrator. Their is a new media for those who want to get the word out call goundhog on the Internet and growing fast to get the real peoples concerns in front of the public for positive change.