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Capitol on Lockdown-reported shots fired?

In BREAKING NEWS, Capitol on Lockdown-reported shots fired?, EYEONCITRUS.COM on kp36 at 311303

By Michael O’Brien, NBC News rest of story here

The United States Capitol was placed on lockdown mid-Thursday afternoon following reports of shots fired in the vicinity of the chamber.

The reports of gunshots were unconfirmed. The House recessed shortly after indications of gunshots. The Senate went into a quorum call — that is, dispensed momentarily with its official business — shortly thereafter.

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill tweeted: Shots fired outside the Capitol. We are in temporary lock down.

Colorado Rep. Jared Polis tweeted: There had been some short of shooting here at the capital, we r on lockdown awaiting more info

Congress has been locked for the past week and a half in a contentious debate over funding the government, a disagreement in which contributed to a government shutdown that came to pass at the end of Monday. MORE HERE

UPDATE: Breaking news

According to law enforcement sources, the incident may have started when someone tried to ram the gate at the White House before fleeing to the Capitol.

A female gunman is reportedly dead on the scene and the lockdown has been lifted.

Breaking News: Reports of Suspicious Vehicle Palm Beach Courthouse

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Reports are coming out of West Palm Beach, Florida, that a vehicle was found parked close to the courthouse, the vehicle had derogatory remarks about the courthouse written on it, as a result, a bomb sniffing dog was deployed and the results were positive. The courthouse and nearby offices were ordered to evacuate while the Bomb squad was on it’s way.



Initial reports state a near 6.0 earthquake hit Virginia and the D.C. area with shockwaves being felt as far away as Boston, Buffalo, Carolinas, and as far west as Michigan! Buildings have been evacuated, airports temporarily closed and nuke plants in the zone have been automatically shut down.

Dougherty Gang caught in Colorado

In Dougherty Gang caught in Colorado, EYE ON CITRUS, EYEONCITRUS.COM on kp33 at 311110

Lee Dougherty age 29The three siblings known as the Dougherty Gang, Ryan (21), Dylan (26) and Lee (29) Dougherty were captured near Walsenburg, Colo. The end came as a result of a car chase after they were spotted in an outdoors store buying some type, of what is believed to be camping equipment. There is speculation that the trio had thoughts of hiding out in the wilderness in the surrounding area.


The female, Lee, was believed to have been shot in the leg.


Dougherty Gang

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