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Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement

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Rand Paul endorses Romney and Bilderberg Group

Rand Paul refused to comment when confronted by We Are Change Representatives, to the question why he has endorsed Romney, when Romney backs the Bilderberg group and the FED, and the positions that Rand Paul campaigned against when he ran for office! The rich and the powerful apparently have not only taken Romney under their wing, when, in fact, he is nearly a chartered member, but has not quite reached that plateau yet, but hopes to be if he gets elected President. His 230 million dollar net worth does not hit the mark to become a Bilderberg, but Romney is confident that the time will be short, before he does.

Bilderberg Group the rich elitists who shape world events in order to make more money from War and Corporate Theivery   EYEONCITRUS.COM

Rand Paul has not only reversed his positions from when he ran for the Senate but he has gone in complete opposition to his father, the retired Congressman, Ron Paul, who made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination for President.

Ron Paul the unsuccesful candidate for the GOP Nomination for the Presidency, he has never supported the FED, nor does he endorse Romney  EYEONCITRUS.COM

Ron Paul has not endorsed Mitt Romney and will not endorse Mitt Romney and has always been against the FED and the Bilderberg Group!

Rand Paul flips Flops on opposition to the FED and endorses Romney in opposition to his father.


The Great Svengali Predictions

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By Jeff Dolittle

Our man Svengali EYEONCITRUS.COM

Eye on Citrus Presents the Great Svengali and his predictions for the remainder of 2012. With respect to Citrus County, the few elitists who control the county will remain in power through their chosen representatives. The elitists cover both sides of the equation, by having representatives for the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, no matter which candidate wins, their bets are covered. Even though Citrus County has become a Republican stronghold, they do not take any chances on an upset occurring. These individuals have learned from a group who has been controlling events on the National scale for decades, which is of course, is the Bilderberg group with its control of the National Agenda.

The Bilderberg official website would have you believe that they came into existence in 1954. In fact, they came into existence with their first meeting in 1913. Elitist families from Europe, the rich and powerful families from the United States, gather at the Bilderberg hotel in secrecy to formulate how they could control the United States. Their answer was to control the money. In the winter of 1913 during the Christmas holidays while most of Congress had gone home for the holidays, they got their representatives to pass the Federal Reserve Act. Whereby they effectively took the authority granted to the government of the United States, through the Constitution, away from the government and placed it in the hands of a private banking cartel. We have been sliding down that slippery slope of no return every since. It is within this background that the Great Svengali predicts the remainder for the year 2012.

If President Obama doesn’t act quickly to get the United States involved in the war in Syria than he will not be here for 2013, a calamity will befall him or the nation, resulting in new leadership, which will then lead to an active, wider, involvement in the Middle East. If the Bilderberg group has more patience, than the other alternative will be, he will lose the election.

Pope Benedict XVI will not reign in 2013.

The predictions of greater interest are:

Simon Cowell will tire of Brittany Spears after one season.

What other  events are possible for the remainder of 2012, only the GODS and the Great Svengali Know!

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