DNC setup of Bernie Sanders

Remember that Wasserman Schultz was National Co-Chair of Hillary's 2008 Presidential campaign against Barack Obama and has been a loyal Clinonista. Her actions throughout the campaign have made it clear that she's misusing her position as party chair to serve as a campaign operative for Clinton and not a representative of the entire party “Two … Continue reading DNC setup of Bernie Sanders

Saving American Democracy Amendment

  Washington has been bought by the Corporate Monolith. The individuals on the Hill know NO allegiance to the people. Their only allegiance is to the Corporate Monolith which controls all their actions. The American Democracy may be too late to save. The one, last attempt, to stop the downfall of our Nation and the … Continue reading Saving American Democracy Amendment

Letter to Editor: Bernie Sanders

I want to alert you to a very important issue which needs your immediate response. As we speak, members of the so-called “Super Committee” are proposing a plan that would call for major cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Please join me in doing everything we can to defeat this terrible idea. In negotiation … Continue reading Letter to Editor: Bernie Sanders

Made in America

The National Museum of American History opened a gift shop this week that sells only American-made merchandise. The change came "thanks to a determined senator," Diane Sawyer said on ABC World News. It all started when Bernie went shopping for gifts for his grandchildren and saw that small busts of U.S. presidents were made in … Continue reading Made in America

Bernie to Make Major Budget Address

"Don't yield, Mr. President," Bernie said after congressional Republicans walked out of budget talks on Thursday. Bernie announced plans for a major speech on Monday. A member of the Senate Budget Committee, he says at least half the reduction in red ink must come from new revenue from the wealthiest Americans and the most profitable … Continue reading Bernie to Make Major Budget Address