David Carpenter’s A1 Locksmith enters Good Bad and Ugly Business of Citrus County FL

David Carpenter’s A1 Locksmith does not fall into the Ugly category but certainly does into the Bad and doesn’t have real far to go to be an official Ugly Business here in Citrus County!

He started my van with the electronic key and fob and acted like the fob would be reprogram and had to leave it was raining and said the fob should be reprogramed when the rain stopped I went out and discovered the key fob was not reprogrammed and called him. He said it would cost me another $35.00 service charge to have him come back out for the key fob even though he said it was programed or I could come out to his place and he would fix it. Went out to his place and long story short everything costed $120.00 with key fob not program, glad he got the van started not happy with the cost or his attitude of being correct but could not program the fob. It was clear he did not have the means or knowledge to reprogram the key fob. The business van has no discernable markings indicating the business, it’s a big white Nissan Van.

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