Americans Psyche

By Dave Gregory

The cancer that was the George Bush and Dick Cheney’s Presidency, that bled this country dry of our resources both monetarily and of our young, took another step toward remission. This cancer that spewed forth the rants and raves of hatred that encompassed a big portion of Washington D.C. and made its way onward into the states was given a mighty dose of enlightenment by the American people. The cancer that was trying to relapse because it hadn’t been entirely eradicated failed. But it will always require preventive measures because the chances of reoccurrence is great, it is much harder to eradicate once it has taken over than it is to prevent. It requires an outspokenness of the enlighten, who had given it the foothold it needed by quiet acquiescence to its onslaught.

The GOP thought that through billions of dollars in advertising that it was going to be enough, enough to get their agenda of enslaving the people and returning them into the realm of yesteryear, when the Nation was experiencing the growing pains of a new country, which promised much to its citizens but was still in the process of achieving.

Big on promises, short on delivery, yet as the years passed and more steps were taken to fulfill those promises, there brooded an underlying evil, an evil that is always present, in many different forms. This evil waits for any given opportunity to raise its ugly head and if the opportunity does not emerge then one is created by it.

The unanswered questions of 911, the march to war based on lies (WMD’s), the Patriot Act, all of these events demonstrate an evil enterprise at work to manipulate minds and hearts. The free and rich versus the enslaved and poor blinding the masses with rhetoric of hatred resulting in disunity and bewilderment, would you even know, if the person that sat down next to you is evil? If that person spews forth hatred toward his fellow man, blaming all others for the world around him, touting freedom, but not wanting it for certain groups, conditional freedom for them, and if that person cannot examine an issue based on facts rather than emotion, then evil has entwined their soul. When this evil permeates through a large segment of society and reaches the individual who is on the precipice of rational thought and psychotic reality the results have been shown multiples of time in the news, of mass killings, shootings, and destruction, the evil reaps what it sows.

Changing of the Republican Logo EYEONCITRUS.COM

Even though evil results are apparent, it stills wants to be acknowledged. It is acknowledge when action taken by an individual who is engulfed in its cloak speaks to that fact, but it stills want to make sure that, in the end, there can be no doubt, no doubt as to who took over the world, so in the most subliminal way it demonstrates it was there and should be given the credit, when the time comes.

When Bush and Cheney took over the White House in 2000, a subtle, yet very apparent changed occurred to the logo of the Republican Party. The field of stars that surround the Elephant had pointed upward, towards the heavens, during and after Bush and Cheney, the Stars point downward to hell, Heaven versus Hell.

It is the events of those years, along with the transformation of so many into non-thinking robots spewing forth their doctrine of hate that can only make one wonder, how obvious does it have to be?

Whether you believe in the supernatural connotations, or not, the facts are obvious that Americans Psyche underwent a dramatic change with the arrival of George Bush and Company and their emergence did fundamental harm to the Nation and its citizens.

Republicans Acknowledge Responsibility for National Debt


Republicans Acknowledge the National Debt

In an historic move, at their National Convention, the GOP acknowledges that is was and is the party that is responsible for the National Debt, referring to the years of the George Bush, Cheney Administration. Citing the fact  that Bush took office when there was no National Debt and there was a surplus of over 10 billion dollars in the government coffers. It took George Bush and Cheney under six years to turn that National Surplus into a multi-trillion dollar deficit!

Clint "make my day" Eastwood talking with the American Public

The GOP feels that just because it wants to restore the same policy of George Bush, the policy that set the wheels in motion, it is no reason not to vote for them. In fact, their guest speaker, “make my day”, Clint Eastwood, who candidly, expressed the American public view of the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, in a dialogue with an empty chair that represented President Obama and the American people. In that dialogue, when the President and the American people told Clint to tell the Republican candidate to “go frack himself”, Mr. Eastwood told the President and the American public, that that was a physical impossibility.

American Public and President Obama tells Clint to tell Mitt to “GO FRACK YOURSELF”


An Onioniated Presentation by EYEONCITRUS.COM

Letter to Editor: What side are you on?

 last three times the Democrats negotiated with the Republicans, in almost
 every instance, they gave the Republicans virtually everything that
 they wanted

As a Thanksgiving deadline nears for action by the powerful congressional committee on deficit reduction, Bernie sounded an alarm over reports that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid may be cut. "The American people have been very clear. They understand how important Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are to the well-being of tens of millions of our people and they do not want to see these programs cut," Bernie said on Wednesday.

"This is a pivotal moment in American history. The rich and large corporations are doing phenomenally well while the middle class is declining and poverty is increasing. Now is the time to answer the question that the Woody Guthrie song poignantly asked, ‘Which side are you on?’ The Democrats on the Super Committee must resist Republican attempts to balance the budget on the backs of the must vulnerable people in our country. They must stand on the side of working families and the middle class. They must say NO to cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and demand that the wealthy and large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes."
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