Welcome to Kandahar-Letter to Editor

In the airport in Atlanta yesterday, I happened to be standing next to some American soldiers, wearing camouflage, on their way to Afghanistan. They knew the name of the province that they were going to, but they were arguing over what part of the country that province is in. One said the east. One said … Continue reading Welcome to Kandahar-Letter to Editor

Dear Editor: Did They Die in Vain?

FORWARD By EYESONCITRUS The United States is now considered a third world country in terms of labor, that is why the world's auto maker's build their plants here, to save their labor costs because their countries offer a livable wage to their workers, while ours continue to suffer. A Nation only prospers when all segments of society … Continue reading Dear Editor: Did They Die in Vain?

Fighting Foreclosure Fraud

Dear EYE ON CITRUS Stop the banks from taking our homes!  Sign my letter telling law enforcement officials: It's time for handcuffsDear EYE ON CITRUS, The banks have gone wild. Over the last three months, I've been bombarded with stories of banks committing foreclosure fraud to take people's homes. Foreclosure fraud happens when a bank … Continue reading Fighting Foreclosure Fraud