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Three judges in Denmark watched in “astonishment” last week as they saw the collapse for the first time of World Trade Center Building 7, the third collapsed building in the September 11th attacks.

We got the opportunity, for once, to present a video of World Trade Centre 7 collapsing, in court,   … at that time I recognised a state of astonishment among the three judges…. I understand, as usual, that none of them had heard or seen the collapse of Building 7 before.”

The exchange came as part of an appeal in the Eastern High Court in Copenhagen to a libel suit which was dismissed by a lower court. Niels Harrit sued over comments by Journalist Søren K. Villemoes calling him a “crackpot” over Harrit’s description of the building’s collapse.

The legal consideration at issue is whether the Weekendavisen journalist’s statement was libellous, comparing Niels Harrit with creationists and holocaust deniers, but the presentation of evidence against collapse from fire is a key point. The video of the collapse was looped and shown 3 times during the case.

Harrit also highlighted to the judges the fact that the Building 7 collapse was not part of the official 9/11 Commission report. He mentioned that the judges wanted to clearly understand his statements and he explained that the official investigation did not include analysis of the Building 7 collapse but part of a separate investigation years later. Continue reading at WTF

Humanity Struggles against the Elitists

By Dave Gregory

MANUFACTURED FEAR                            EYEONCITRUS.COM

After 911 Bush and Company hurriedly passed the over two thousand page law called the Patriot Act which fundamentally abridged our Constitutional rights whenever those in power choose to utilize it. This document of over 2000 pages was brought into being within two weeks which can only lead one to wonder how long in advance had this instrument been prepared? Unfortunately when President Obama came to power there was no movement toward revoking this unconstitutional bit of legislation. In fact, he strengthened the provisions of it and there it is, just sitting for the opportune moment to implement. There are many who believe it is just a continuation of the march toward Totalitarianism via the Nazi-Socialist state reminiscence of the Hitler regime in Germany. For those unfamiliar with the Nazi-Socialist state, this is where the corporate enterprises of a country receive benefits from the government at the expense of the people. And it is not surprising that there would be this suspicion, for those who know, after the Second World War the Allies immediately began to harvest the best of the German inventors and scientists in all fields. Russia gave them no choice, help us or be sent to Siberia. The United States, on the other hand, offered them all the amenities this country had to offer and with that these Nazi who had committed some of the most atrocious acts to humanity known to man in the twentieth century were assimilated into the everyday life of America!

That could have been the end of it, but it was not, like a cancer that starts with a few cells, these Nazi conspirators continued with what Hitler had begun in Germany, working on the inside, as was Hitler’s Modus Operandi, silently and softly, waiting for the moment, when the final takeover would occur. As Hitler orchestrated the Reichstag burning and blamed it on the Communist, Bush and company had their 911 and blamed it on the terrorists of the world. Hitler marched off across Europe and Africa and the American Empire marched off to the Middle East.

The Nazis that came over were productive, they spread their philosophy to those whose only agenda would be greed and power, and there were many that fell into that mold. Evil begets Evil.

The stage was set, the theme promoted, big government for the people was bad, when it related to health, welfare and justice. Privatize, get government out of the picture, un-regulate the Corporate Monolith and let it have its dominion over the earth along with the military-industrial complex, it method of obtaining the riches of the world. It’s march across the globe, in search of much needed natural resources no longer available in the United States, resources that would fill the coffers of the elitists with billions and billions.

With hate and fear mongering being the backdrop for their adventures the human paradigm changed, it regressed, rather than marching into the 21st century with a enlightenment of understanding and cooperation, which would of led to the betterment of mankind, just the opposite has occurred. And with this, despair has attached itself to certain segments of society, a despair that cannot see any hope, any justice. It is this despair that leads to the moment of madness that has manifested itself across the Nation and world.

The rich and powerful that have done so many misdeeds that have cost the Nation and the World so much, not only in terms of money, but the humanity that has been lost and forever changed, they always escape justice, always are immune to the law. Even though their wrongs have resulted in so much pain and suffering, the only thing they get for all of this is the American taxpayer, the middle class, bailing them out to began the cycle once again. When will justice actually be blind and the guilty be punished?

The earth has suffered irreparable damage because of these people; they have squandered our birthright, our destiny, and mother earths.


A well put together video, it’s worthwhile, the truth must be preserved for humanity.

Well put together video on how our government manipulates events to manipulate us.


The Republicans have knowingly halted progress in this country in an attempt to make people angry at President Obama. They have put pressure on the American People to try and force us to vote their way so they can then do more damage once they are in power. Purposely hurting people in an effort to force them to do what you want is the DEFINITION OF TERRORISM. I REFUSE to give in to the Republican's TERROR.

The GOP has gotten away with terrorism in allowing and orchestrating the events of 911. With such success they have built upon that framework for terrorism so that any opposition or differing points of view are chastised and ridiculed. As each day that passes they become more embolden and suggest the most repugnant ideas that Americans have ever had to experience and ARE are now too timid and afraid to raise their voices of opposition against. The dismantling of our Constitution, via The Patriot Act, because of the excuse of 911 is just one of the many brazen steps that they have taken to gain complete control of our Republic. More and more know the truth, become one of them, by spreading the word with the numbers grow and with each new epiphany we will be that much closer to regaining our Nation, our Country.

NORAD  North American Aerospace Defense Command

An Op-Ed Contributor to the New York Times published yesterday, Sept 10, 2012, this article, The Deafness Before the Storm by Kurt Eichenwald. Mr. Eichenwald shows how the Bush administration ignored the warnings of an imminent al-Qaeda attack! The reason, the al-Qaeda attack was to be the perfect cover for their intention of bringing down the Twin Towers and building 7. Dick Cheney had been put in charge of Norad, the first time that position was ever held by a non-military individual. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I am not going to outline all the volumes of evidence here, but I will ask just a couple of common sense questions. The REAL al-Qaeda terrorists and the other terrorists with their different affiliations, we’ve seen how well they accomplish their goals, in fact, a real terrorist (they are all terrorists, domestic or foreign)  set off a bomb in one of the twin towers in 1993, the story is here, the explosives were made with chemical fertilizer, although there was about five floors damaged, the tower did not fall. Then you have the bumbling terrorists with the bombs in the underwear, shoes and the like. This is the type of expertise people from that part of the world possess. They live in caves, antiquated houses, electricity is a luxury, do you really think that these people are capable of orchestrating an elaborate attack such as occurred on the Twin Towers? The second questioned is, how many times can you clap your hands together in ten seconds? The approximate length of time it took the Towers to free fall to the ground. Unless you can clap them together 110 times in ten seconds you can’t prove anything else other than a controlled demolition brought down the towers. It’s the law of physics.

Our, wait, no it’s NOT our government, it’s their government, would have you believe the most preposterous of all claims.

God Bless all the innocents who have died and may the real culprits of this terrible deed, one day, be punished.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory In Under 5 Minutes

Watch the video to see where she fits in??

As more and more people become aware of the greatest crime committed upon a people by it’s government, the truth keeps spreading by word of mouth and the patriots who put together exposes like this one, very short and to the point, continue in that effort. The United States and the world will never rid themselves of  the yoke of the New World Order unless the cabal of individuals responsible for this high treason are held accountable and those who continue to promote the lies of the cover-up remain free. These people, if not part of the original conspirators, are still culpable as accessories after the fact! As they continue to dismantle our Constitution to “protect us”, it is really to protect them, because without the Constitution to protect us, their dictatorial rule will lead to one phony leader after another, all promoting the Corporate Fascist State.

The Cabal of Criminals

Keep Pentagon Spending on the Table-Dear Editor

FCNL: Friends Committee on National Legislation, A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest FCNL: Friends Committee on National Legislation, A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest

The recession is, according to the official arbiters of such things, officially over. Can you tell?

Millions of people are still unemployed, and nearly every state and county in the country is struggling to fund health care, education, community safety, and even routine things like road maintenance.  The recession may be over on Wall Street, but it’s not over where we live.

New rules adopted by the House last week could have a long-lasting effect on our government’s ability to open the road to economic prosperity for millions of people who didn’t get a bailout. These rules allow Congress to increase the deficit by approving more tax cuts without having to consider their impact on the deficit. They also allow the chair of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Paul Ryan (WI), to bypass the usual bipartisan consultation and decide by himself how much, and in what areas, the House will recommend that the U.S. government spend the public’s money.

Ryan and other House leaders want to reduce federal spending only by cutting what’s called “domestic, non-security discretionary” spending. In other words, no cuts for the Pentagon. Federal spending currently supports many sectors of our economy, including agriculture, transportation, commerce, and programs that serve the most vulnerable people right now. Economists across the political spectrum agree that government investment in people during a recession is essential to recovery.

Meanwhile, the House leadership’s proposal exempts the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security from cuts, despite the many experts who agree that substantial military spending cuts are both possible and desirable.


Take Action

The new House rules have changed the focus of the congressional debate from how to cut the deficit to how to cut federal spending for investing in our people and our future. House leaders have promised to hold votes each week on spending cuts. Please contact your representative to urge her or him to put Pentagon spending on the table when spending cuts are consideredas recommended by the bipartisan National Commission on the Deficit.



Read our reflections on the new House rules and their potential consequences: “House Frames the Issues:  Even More Guns, Even Less Butter.” 

Last week, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates made headlines when he told members of Congress about his plan to cut programs from the military budget totaling $100 billion between 2012 and 2016. Cutting programs is not the same as cutting spending.  In fact, these “program cuts” would lead to a budget increase for the Pentagon in FY 2012. Find out how in this blog post from FCNL’s Ruth Flower.

Finally, get FCNL’s ten reasons why U.S. military spending should be cut to curb the federal deficit.

Cut Pentagon spending, not public well-being

War is not the answer.