As another election will come and go I take a step back in time to March 2010, understanding that I have omitted specific names from the audio track to protect the innocent, looking back will help to understand the role of government responsibilities being aligned with Big Corporations whose only interest is to their stockholders and most certainly not the working class citizens of this county nor nation. Corporations can be INTERNATIONAL OWNED; therefore they are an existential threat to our very way of life and the representative Democracy that should reflect the will of the people and not the bottom line for the world wide stockholders. Yet 5 years before this incident Sheriff Dawsey failed to enter the home of a known pedophile who lived across the street from the home of Jessica Lunsford, in fact the Sheriff’s office was out there twice and even though the no knock warrant was clearly defined by the Attorney General at the time: “Knock and announce” exceptions Police officers may dispense with the requirement to “knock and announce” under Florida Statute 933.09 where their peril would be increased if they demand entrance and state the purpose, or where they have a justifiable belief that destruction of evidence is being attempted” the evidence in this particular instant was the body of Jessica Lunsford, who may have been recovered alive if the proper actions had been taken in the first place. This video is a look into the mirror; do you like what you see? Join me David Gregory, a working class man who is a Republican Candidate running for property appraiser in Citrus County, Florida, you will not find thousands of dollars in my campaign account, while the other candidates have tens of thousands of dollars in theirs, reaching to 100,000 plus dollars, who do you think these candidates, if elected will be beholding to? When laws are broken with no relief, the FBI has been known to follow the money trail, where do you think it will lead? But that is for a different day, you like me are in the working class, do you want someone to represent you in Citrus County or the multi-millionaires of these mega-corporations? I need you to share my posts, get the word out and through me take back our government, it will be the first step back to the way it use to be and should be. David Gregory

Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsey and the Shock and Awe Team of 2010

Article updated thanks to the commentary on the Ocala Post, greatly appreciated the much needed clarification. When there is money involved, such as bonuses from the Federal Government, Sheriff Jeff Dawsey's office and DCF acted without paperwork to get my grandchildren and where there was no monetary incentive they failed to act in a timely … Continue reading Citrus County Sheriff Jeff Dawsey and the Shock and Awe Team of 2010


    Early Voting ended Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, in Citrus County, TODAY, NOV. 2, 2010, you have to go to your regular voting precinct, which should be noted on your voting ID card. For further assistance call the ELECTION OFFICE, 352-341-6740. CLICK HERE FOR GOOGLE VOTING MAP, just type in your address and it will … Continue reading EARLY VOTING ENDED SATURDAY