Controlled Demolitions of 911


How ironic what could have saved lives from a normal fire ultimately caused the additional deaths of many First Responders as they inhaled the toxic fibers of Asbestos when the buildings fell at free fall rate surrounding the area with several feet of pulverized material of the TWIN TOWERS.

This picture is from an advertisement from Look magazine espousing the safety of the Twin Towers because ASBESTOS had been used in the construction of the buildings and as asbestos is a fire retardant it would afford plenty of time for the occupants to make their way down the tower or towers if one were ever to catch fire.

Both my parents were alive on Sept. 11, 2001 and I was still operating my business Liberty Delivery and as most busy working individuals of that time we knew something terrible was taking place and as the day progressed it only got worse. Looking back in my memory I recalled there was an attack on the twin towers  in 1993 a truck with high explosives was driven into one of the two underground parking areas and parked by what was believed to be one of the major supporting pillars of that tower. The plan according to the news was to have knocked out that supporting pillar initializing the tipping over of one tower allowing it to topple over and knock down the other tower with the belief that approximately 250,000 people would be killed. I remember the news reporter stating that the attempt failed but 7 to 10 people were killed including an unborn baby and in nearly the same breath the reporter said the only way a plan to take down the Towers would succeed would be by flying a plane into it, I thought how fucking ridiculous to have said something like that on TV.

The Twin Towers were attacked in 1993 by a band of Islamic Terrorists who had planned to blow out one of the main pillars in the North Tower have it fall over into the other Tower had hopes of killing about 250,000. The bomb went off 12:15 noon and killed 6 including a pregnant woman. It left a nearly 100 foot crater in the floor of the garage, it took

World Trade Center

Completed in 1973, the World Trade Center’s twin towers loomed over lower Manhattan at 110 stories each. Although these iconic buildings, which were the tallest in the world before being overtaken by Chicago’s Sears Tower, struggled at first to attract tenants, some 50,000 office workers eventually filled them to near capacity.

Tens of thousands of additional visitors came daily to check out the view from an observation deck or the 107th-floor restaurant, Windows on the World.

Safety concerns became apparent as early as 1975, when a disgruntled custodian set a fire in the north tower that caused millions of dollars in damages and prompted calls for the installation of a sprinkler system.

A decade or so later, the government agency that owned the World Trade Center began examining possible terrorism threats. But it ended up ignoring many of its security team’s recommendations, including that public parking be eliminated or that cars at least be randomly inspected.

Omar Abdel Rahman

In September 1992, explosives expert Ramzi Ahmed Yousef arrived in New York City on a flight from Pakistan and began planning an attack on the World Trade Center, with the alleged goal of toppling the north tower into the south tower. He received help from followers of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, a blind, Egyptian-born Muslim cleric living in Brooklyn who spoke in sermons of destroying the “edifices of capitalism.”

The plotters rented a storage locker in New Jersey, where they stockpiled urea, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and other ingredients for making bombs. They simultaneously concocted a nitroglycerin trigger at a nearby apartment and scouted out the World Trade Center’s underground parking floors.

Ryder Van

On the morning of February 26, 1993, the plotters loaded their homemade bomb, which weighed about 1,200 pounds, into a yellow Ford Econoline van they had rented from a Ryder office in New Jersey. Two of them then crossed the Hudson River into Manhattan, made their way south to the World Trade Center, entered the basement parking garage between the north tower and a hotel, parked in an illegal spot on a ramp, lit four 20-foot fuses, got into a car that had trailed them and sped off.

At 12:17 p.m. the bomb exploded, knocking out the World Trade Center’s sprinklers, generators, elevators, public address system, emergency command center and more than half of the high-voltage lines that fed electricity to the complex. The FBI later called it the “largest by weight and by damage of any improvised explosive device that we’ve seen since the inception of forensic explosive identification.” A statement that is incredulous if you believe what another bunch of Arabs were able to pull off in 8 short years from this attack.. Continue reading here