Letter to Editor-Congressional Panel to investigate Florida!

Late yesterday, I received word that a congressional panel has agreed to my request to investigate new voting restrictions passed earlier this year by Florida’s Legislature. Florida’s law cut early voting days and limited voter registration drives, among other changes. Some believe its passage was part of a broader voter-suppression effort in more than a dozen states that passed voting limits this year.
Sen. Dick Durbin, the Illinois lawmaker in charge of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee, said in a letter to me yesterday he’ll hold an investigative field hearing in Florida, in part, because Florida’s new law “will almost certainly disenfranchise a wide swath of the state’s young, minority, senior, disabled, rural, and low income voters.”
“In a democracy as vibrant as ours,” Sen. Durbin wrote, “there is perhaps no right that is so sacred or fundamental than the right to vote. I am deeply troubled by the disenfranchising impact of these recently passed state voting laws.”
You can
click here to read his letter and my letter requesting the investigation.
I’ll be sure to let you know when and where the hearing will be. Thanks for your interest in this issue.

Senator-Letter to Editor-Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate

How would you feel about turning over to your guaranteed Social Security savings to Wall Street?

You probably wouldn’t feel too good about it. Not too many Americans do.

That’s why Republicans have tried to keep their latest plan to privatize Social Security quiet — and that’s why our public petition to oppose the Republican plan has been gaining so much steam.

We’re joining together to bring some unwanted attention to the Social Security privatization plan Republicans have quietly introduced in the House, but we need support from Americans like you to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere.

Sign our public petition opposing House Republicans’ Social Security privatization plan now.

We should work within the current structures of vital programs like Social Security and Medicare to ensure both remain intact for those who pay into them during their working years, not turning them over to profit-above-all-else interests. Let’s join together to make sure this happens.

Thanks for staying engaged,
Bill Nelson

A Thief in the Night/Letter to the Editor

Bill Nelson for U.S. Senate

Just as lawmakers were preparing to leave Washington last week, a group of seven Republicans quietly filed a bill in the House.  Their proposal

would effectively end Social Security as we know it.

More specifically, it would have Americans opt out of traditional Social Security and put money into private accounts at risk in the stock market.

Well, I’m betting enough people don’t want to stake their retirement future on Wall Street — especially not after the hardships they’ve experienced during the recession with declining IRA’s.

To make sure the Republican plan doesn’t succeed, we have to bring them some unwanted attention.

Click here to sign my public petition opposing House Republicans’ Social Security privatization plan now.

Unfortunately, Social Security isn’t the only promise Republicans are trying to break.  The House recently passed the so-called Ryan budget

that puts Medicare under a private HMO system.

While we all should agree on the need to reduce the government’s debt, I believe privatizing these two programs isn’t the answer.  Instead, we should be working within the current structures of these vital programs to ensure both remain intact for those who pay into them during their working years.

This is why I’m turning to you for help. Please join me in fighting back against those who want to hand over Social Security to profit-above-all-else interests.

Sign my petition against the Republican plan to privatize Social Security today.

Thanks for being engaged,
Bill Nelson


Click here to visit Senator Bill Nelson's website

Here’s a link to a column I wrote for the St. Petersburg Times; please take a minute to read it over, because it’s about an issue that should be important to everyone who believes in the principle of one-person, one-vote.

A so-called election reform bill is rapidly making its way through the Florida Legislature, which right now is in the final week of its annual lawmaking session in Tallahassee. If this bill becomes law, it would:

  • Significantly reduce the number of early-voting days;
  • Make voting harder for people who have recently changed their name or address, like, newlyweds or college students; and,
  • Subject voter-registration drives to stiff legal fines, even for inadvertent mistakes.

This is not a partisan issue, and I’m just one of many people and groups that strongly oppose this measure.
The Orlando Sentinel has said “it amounts to … ripping apart election laws” and “weakening democracy.”
The Tampa Tribune has said “this bill isn’t fooling anybody. It’s not about clean elections.”
Florida Today has called it an “assault on the most cherished of American rights.”
The Palm Beach Post has asked that we stop this “assault on all voters.”
But the state Legislature seems poised to pass it. One thing you could still do is
e-mail Gov. Rick Scott and ask him to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. 

As The St. Petersburg Times has said: “Floridians of all political stripes should not stand for it.”