Lone Wolf’s Tuesday Shout Out: JFK The Real Deal!

Watch and listen to the Lone Wolf’s Shout Out of Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013.

The continued CIA operation of Mockingbird is running hard and furious with their paid Journalists and Producers perpetuating the Myth of JFK assassination, the myth that Lee Harvey Oswald did it, in it’s sustained efforts to confuse and bewilder the American Sheeple.
Yes, John had only three years, but he was the real deal, John Wayne of the movies had many fans, John F. Kennedy was the real deal in the Real World, a real American who believed in her people and stood up for the people. He donated his salary and thought it was a privileged to serve the people, if you want to get an idea of how he thought of the office, you can obtain an insight by reading a book he wrote, Profiles in Courage. In it he describes several great Americans who did not follow the norm of the day, but rather stood for what was right! That was JFK.
Unfortunately in the Real World the good guys don’t usually triumph over evil. Winners write the historic books and in most cases, it is not the good guys.



JFK, The Real Deal Shout Out Lone Wolf

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Is there really something here or have the photos from Mars been altered???

In the history of Brandon, VT you’ll find a short piece about the quarries that were dug around that area and supposedly during one of the digs they found a live frog deep underground, very interesting.

So are the photos from Mars retouched, manipulated, or what? We are currently researching this and will keep you posted.