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Mount of the Rock
UFO over the Jerusalem, the last space port as reported by the tablets of the Sumerians.

By Greg Giles
One of the oldest civilizations on Earth the Sumerian’s, 30,000 year old tablets were found buried in the desert near Baghdad from an underground structure estimated to be over 6000 years old, by two Muslims digging a well around the same time that Israel became a nation again. All bible stories are found within these writings and one set of tablets which state the author is our Lord and these texts will be buried until the appropriate time when they will be revealed.

Below a portion of a Sumerian Tablet show a UFO either, descending or ascending from a mother ship!

Sumerian Tablets show UFO'S descending from mothership   eyeoncitrus.com








Sumerian had knowledge of the Solar System before modern man made their discoveries!
The video below tells how the Earth and the Moon were created according to the Sumerians.


See how the Earth and the Moon were created according to the Sumerians.












Above is a video showing a UFO over Jerusalem on Jan 28 2011

Many stories which include the trial of cane, the Garden of Eden, the expulsion of man from the garden and also other stories like why the asteroid belt is there and even what the face on Mars represents and who built it. It states the Tower of Babel was a star-gate and it was destroyed by atomic weapons, which left green glass in the desert for thousands of years, which no one knew of the glasses origin until it was matched with the green glass from our atomic testing grounds in New Mexico, creating evidence to these tablets statements. It also has the creation of man and the creation of Neanderthal man, in great detail of who, what when, where and why, with plenty of history preceding these events. It tells the story of Noah’s ark and that a cedar box full of the Earths DNA was loaded on board and that the whole community helped build it and all were welcomed to board it and many did. They say that God brought an angel in to navigate the vessel and that all Angels stayed in Virmanas hovering over the planet and weeping in sorrow, then after the flood an account was given of many other humans and Nephlim around the world did survived. It has the story of Gilgamesh’s search for immortality, how he found it and then lost it, along with his clone Enkidu and who created Enkidu and the purpose he was created and how the two defeated the dragon and how he tore the leg off of God’s mechanical Minotaur, which was guarding the Labyrinth of the landing area of the Angels virmanas, which Enkidu then by trial, paid for with his life. It tells that the van Allen radiation belt is around Earth to keep in the Fallen Angels and that the fallen angels were brought to Earth for a wedding and stole the weapons of evil and held hostage the Earth, till they were allowed to stay, now how would ancient Sumerians know these facts in such detail or even if we had such a belt around the Earth? We’ve only known this for a few hundred years; these tablets have been buried for thousands of years.

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